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Are you getting bored with regular porn? No matter if you are watching amateur sites, free porn tubes, premium paysites, they are all based on the same premises - the models record some of their action and you watch that later! So, all you can do is to watch and fap! There is no way you can participate in that kind of porn, right? So, what can you do to prevent porn from getting boring? Well, you need to mix things up! First of all, if you choose only one niche, or only one site, or only one type of site, you will get bored more quickly! Having that in mind, you have to mix everything up: niches, type of sites, type of action... For example, try watching some amateur scenes, then a premium scene, then some free tube content, etc... you get the point! But, the best way of mixing things up and preventing the porn from being boring is to put some juice... And what's better than live cam sites? The sites where you can actually participate and organize the action! Back at the beginning of the millennia, these sites were a huge breakthrough, and even today, they manage to gather a lot of followers each day! How? Well, the premise of the cam site is just awesome: login, find the model you like, and tell her what to do! What else can you ask for from the porn site... You have figured out that I will be talking about one cam site today, and you will be stunned when you see what I have on the menu! This amazing place is called Live Jasmin, and it is one of the best Live Cam sites in the world! Intrigued? Stick around for more details:

What is LiveJasmin and what does it offer?

Live Jasmin is a webcam model adult website where performances can be watched by customers and fans. The models come from all over the world and provide nudity and/or conversation shows with visitors. Of course, you have to be 18 or more to engage in its contents. I saw one sentence on the site, saying: "WORLD's HOTTEST Sex Cam Site Waiting Just For YOU! Visit". I must admit that I was tempted by this quote and as you will see later in the post, this place reached all my expectations!

Unlike porn, which can be viewed by anybody at any age as long as they have internet access, this type of site was created for adults only. I really have to say one awful fact, and I know most of you will agree with me on this one: just because children and young teens are able to access and watch porn, does not mean they should be watching it, right?. That's why I really appreciate the policy of LiveJasmin, you can not access it without a document proving your age! But if you are 18 or older this type of site is perfectly fine for you.

How Does LiveJasmin Work?

It's really simple! You have probably had fun on cam sites before, right? So, at LiveJasmin, women, men, and couples sign up to the site to become webcam performers. If they are alone or they are together as a couple, whoever signs up for LiveJasmine is able to perform in shows that they carry out either in their home or place of broadcasting. On the performer side of things, they flesh out a profile and list their abilities and interests so they can be searched by potential fans in the future. Considering those who watch the cams themselves, they have the ability to watch for free, with areas of the site limited only for paying customers.

You will have to pay in credits!

Even though you will be using real money on LiveJasmin, it is converted into digital currency known as Credits. They are what allows paying members to participate in activities that are not available for free members. The difference between free and paid members is big and includes a lot of things, such as private shows from your favorite models, tipping performers, or unlocking content that has been hidden and necessitates a purchase to be seen. An example of restricted content that needs a credit transaction to view is nude albums of a performer. The credits models ‘earn' is what they cash out to generate an income. The price of credits is almost similar to the worth of a dollar. So you can buy 27.99 credits for $30.99, 67.99 credits for $ 70.99, 97.99 credits for $100.99, and 157.99 credits for $160.99! Also, each of these offers gives you some free credits! 

The Profiles on LiveJasmin are lit!

The most crucial component of each model is profiles! I can easily say that the profiles are the lifeblood of LiveJasmin. The profile page can be considered as a virtual office for performers, where important information is shared with fans and visitors. Besides the typical, age, gender, and interests listed, this is where the talent can leave locked content that will give them more credits, which will, in turn, fill their bank account.

So if you find a performer that you really like, you are free to go back and purchase all of the content that they have on their profile.

Another essential part of LiveJasmin is the number of online models!

These guys have such a large database of members, so large that they are guaranteed that at any time of a day, you can find more than 2000 models online! Don't let this number scare you! You can browse through them very easily, using all the awesome tools this place poses! 

Final thoughts about LiveJasmin!

Well, if you are into live cam sites, or if you just want to try it for the first time, I can not remember of a place better for that than LiveJasmin! It is mega-popular, has a lot of top-class cam models, and you can do whatever you want in their private shows! Visit this place now and have fun! 

Here's an alternative review of LiveJasmin from Paul the sex cam pervert.
What We Like At Live Jasmin:
+ Stunning web design
+ Sexiest girls I have ever seen
+ Chose from 19 languages
+ Categories
What We Don't Like At Live Jasmin:
- Free users are quite limited
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