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The lesson of Passion is an adult gaming platform that features hundreds of adult games in the free and paid Western format. In all manner of fantasy and real-life scenarios, these games usually feature 3D CGI art of buxom bitches getting their fuck on. There are several types of games you can find here, including fantasy, RPG, dating sims, and more. Flash is used in these sports. Don't worry, as long as it's modified, one of the browsers will work just fine. But don't imagine they're easy games with a little browser. Any fully featured games that can run hundreds of megabytes are featured in Lesson of Passion. I'm talking about hours of gaming, with paid content, at least.

First impressions and what to expect

Seducing the Throne, the City of Love, Tale of Didi and Trip to Paradise are titles created by the team at Lessons of Passion. The overwhelming selection of titles is pretty impressive and you can click on all the titles on the homepage to read a little more about them. At Lesson of Love, the top of the crop is undoubtedly the point and click adventure titles. Although fucking and sucking the whole way, you're going to be digging into some serious drama like crime, stealing, and all kinds of other shit. In order to whet your appetite, there are some hundred free games here. These games' content and variety don't equal their premium adult games (called Lesson of Passion Gold), but if you want to fork out some dough, you can get a decent idea. Personally, I was only given a couple of hours of fapping and jacking by the free gamers. There's also a blog from Lesson of Passion that provides you with screenshots of upcoming titles. Curiously, the blog doesn't have explanations or even text that I felt was strange. I suppose people really want to get the action straight, the storyline be damned!

Website navigation and design

You'll see a fun scrolling banner at the top of their featured games when you first visit the platform. In premium titles like Serbian Casino, Much Ado Over Nothing, and Cam Girl Confessions, you'll see that they feature some hot 3D bitches. Below the primary flag, there is a mini gallery of premium titles. You will typically be dumped into another platform for premium games that are devoted to only that game. This is a hint that you should either shut the app and try again if you don't have a premium membership. A gallery of the most recent game updates is below. There are all free games that, while premium games are mixed in, you can play straight from your browser. Before you click on it, you won't know if the game is premium or free to play, so just keep trying as you run into premium titles.

Not too good for mobile

It's not that convenient for mobile devices. I wasn't able to get the games going on my phone. How it works on macOS or other platforms can't be said for sure. You can download games for paid games, but I don't think you can play games straight from your computer.

Free game and registration

To be sent to the game player, click on a game. You might have to enable Flash, but it will come with any upgraded browser. You'll see the ratings, number of views, and comments along with the game. A popular site is Lesson of Passion, so you're sure to get some good ratings and comments. You'll see a lot of people complaining that it's too short for free games. The real deep games are under premium, so you're going to have to pay to play the gems sadly. You will see a login feature as well as a link to the blog at the top of the page. I thought the blog, personally, was a fucking mess. These are just a few random screenshots of upcoming games, but they have little other information. Registering for the Lesson of Passion, by the way, is really fucking easy. You don't need verification of the email and all the bullshit. Just type the username and password you want, and for instant action, you'll get logged in immediately.

More on the games

Lesson of Passion has some cool games that are original. I'm a massive supporter of level adventure games, and Lesson of Passion has a lot of them. I like that the Lesson of Passion focuses on the drama of real life. This is really typical of porn games in the west. It's not like magic or fantasy shit, but rather things like fucking your coworkers, cheating on your wife, etc. A smash hit among the LOP gold members is Serbian Casino. This passionate story follows a married couple on a dangerous spree of gambling that sees them getting involved with the mafia and that never ends well for anyone at all, as we all know. Threats, hostages and plenty of dirty sex are there. There are 9 possible endings to this specific title and 46 sex animations with 30 frames each.


It's awesome that a fantastic engine is used by Lesson of Passion to render all the action and the animation is as close to life as it gets for porn games. From Lesson of Passion, you can get hundreds of hours of fap action, and best of all, there is just one single blanket membership that unlocks all the games. Premium membership, known as the Passion Gold Lesson, will cost you $20 a month, or $90 a year. These games are not going to be seen anywhere else but here, and that's a good thing! I'm sold that this is a great adult games venue. You should definitely go ahead and check this website out.

What We Like At LopGold:
+ Nice site design
+ Lots of free games
What We Don't Like At LopGold:
- Adds
- Not too good for mobile
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