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Hentai's terrific, isn't it? That's why I discovered yet another hot archive of Japanese porn that you're going to fall in love with from the get-go. I like to think so. It's called Luscious and, put simply, this place is jammed in a matter of minutes with Hentai joy that will blow your mind and your load. You will pick from a large variety of both real-life fucking flicks and drawn pornography at (, and they both dive through some of the nastiest, most twisted fetishes you can picture. It doesn't matter if you're up for some good old-fashioned queer strap-on sex, or if in only a few episodes you would like to see a skinny, wimpy anime protagonist fucking his way through all his female classmates and teachers. has both actual and fictional covered porn, and I have to admit it's one of the most amazing sites that dive into both categories since they typically excel at one but suck balls at the other when a XXX domain attempts to offer both real and drawn content. This is one of the only XXX websites that will reach both ends of the porn continuum perfectly, so you can be confident that when treating yourself to a fap on this domain, you can get the best of both worlds.

Hope page and first impressions

You'll be picking handfuls of spicy hentai, thrown at you from all directions, from the homepage onwards. Thanks to Luscious, getting down to business with some of the best hentai around is made so quick - let me describe a bit more! Luscious also enjoys archiving content from specialist Hentai magazines and other media rather than only looking at original hentai. Hell, there is a League of Legends Tristana archive here as well as Final Fantasy and Metal Gear Solid characters. Be sure to click the 'Manga' icon at the top of the page if you're only searching for full-length Hentai comics. This will take you through all the original Hentai releases created by high-quality Japanese artists, most of which are also translated into English for your convenience, which is pretty dope.

Nice organization and cool community

If I'm being honest, when you enter, your greatest challenge will be where you meet. There is a whole lot going on on this platform and they populate most of it in feed type on the main page. This is where the new luscious porn activity can be checked out and where posts from the individuals and communities you follow can also be found. It's a cool little neat setup that guarantees that after your last visit you don't miss out on seeing the freshest smut posted on lusciousness. They have also done a great job of arranging the web as a whole. All is divided into very well marked regions that are impossible to ignore. If you want juicy, tasty Hentai movies, go to the video section to find thousands of them. This segment includes daily porn and hentai porn, but just a heads up. Go straight to the hentai series name, if the above is what you're interested in, and you'll be treated to over 1,500 videos of nothing but the finest of drawn porn. To make this one of the most popular groups on lusciousness, an average of 3 to 4 new videos are added every day.

Fantastic library with thousands of albums

If your luscious porn trip ended with you frantically typing into google the words "hentai manga luscious," I have to say whoa, good luck finding my guy. I don't know what luscious hentai manga entails, but I do know that a great library of manga porn has a luscious net. I say to make searching as painless as possible, they also go as far as to divide it into 15 distinct categories. There are a lot of albums in each group, some also have thousands of albums! And although most of these categories have members in the five figures, some proudly boast of a membership count in the six figures, like the general Hentai party! Surely there's something unique about all these people, wouldn't you agree? By joining each human group, you can get on this fun wagon, too. However, to do so you need to first build an account. It does not cost a thing to file.

Luscious Artists

Allow me to draw your attention to the segment called luscious artists after you get your fill of all the awesomeness that the manga section has to offer. Under the pictures page, you will find it. This is where, in my humble view, the original magic takes place. The dancers are obviously very creative and greedy for their 15 minutes because in this corner they are pumping out some pretty good stuff. If you want their original luscious hentai porn, this should be one of the first groups you join. It's fun to watch certain musicians taking you through their artistic phase, and it is certainly worth the end product, of course.

Active threads

There are hundreds of different active threads, with thousands being added on a regular basis, and there are users who are active every hour, so you should be confident that even though you are the world's loneliest porn addict, you can get a chance to socialize with real people. You can chat about practically whatever you like here, and in no time, you'll actually get plenty of replies, regardless of whether you're dreaming about your beloved hentai or running a forum about furry porn role-playing.


There is a whole portion of them if GIFs are your thing, just tread carefully here because the Hentai GIFs are dropped into a whole pile of non-Hentai GIFs, which is a little distracting, but that's what it is. Before you find what you want and love, browse through them all. All in all, this platform offers hot hentai porn that reaches just the right place to drink. If you're after his drawn porn, this destination sure won't disappoint you!

What We Like At Luscious:
+ Fantastic library
+ Community
+ Great search and filtering option
What We Don't Like At Luscious:
- Must register to see videos
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