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Being a porn fan and enjoying just one kind and one genre of porn doesn’t cut it. If you consider yourself to be a porn worshipper or at least someone who loves this earthly joy, you have to give a chance to every form and genre of porn. To some people, this is unacceptable. They love porn videos and nothing else does the trick for them. However, once they tread over the line of some other porn form, they rarely go back to loving only one singular kind of porn. If you love videos, you may have never thought about reading a porn novel or a sex story on the internet. Hell, you probably didn’t even know they existed. Who reads today, to be honest? This is a digital age, why would you lose time dwelling on the written word when you can get the best shit straight with your eyes. However, if you give a chance to the porn stories and literature, you will get surprised as to how powerful the human imagination is. The people who love porn stories know what I am talking about. Today, we are taking a look at one of the best sex stories websites - Lush Stories. Let’s see how words can change your life.

What Is Lush Stories All About?

This site calls itself “sex stories and erotica focused adult social network”. We are here to see if this is really true. You already know that many porn sites boast with their huge numbers on the main pages. Lush Stories does the same thing. However, other than many sites that don’t have a great pedigree for that, this site has the full right to brag about its work. It is a huge place with a lot of members, stories, and blog posts. At the time of this review, Lush Stories had 512,471 members, 2,755 online at the moment, 76 in chat rooms. They have published 61,057 stories, shared 471,480 images, made 228,609 blog posts, and written 3,658,986 forum posts. As you can see, these numbers are worth bragging about, not some shit that other smaller sites do.

This site is here to show you the best of the best sex stories, written erotica, and to make your brain work and imagine the sex scenes. We live in times when the written word is being neglected every day and it is scarce that someone loves to read that much. However, if your big passions are reading and porn, why don’t you connect those two together. You will enjoy a huge collection of pornographic novels, episodes, and chapters on Lush Stories. New articles and chapters are added every day and you will never run out of the material to read. Let’s see how a site this vast has optimized its user-interface and additional options.

Lush Stories Works Perfectly Well

When you enter the homepage for the first time, Lush Stories will seem like every other porn forum site. Except that it is not. What would usually be forum threads are switched with the newest articles from the porn publishers. Right below the text that shows us the incredible numbers of this site, there is a thumbnail that keeps changing and showing you what you can expect. You can choose between office stories, seduction sex, upload of pictures, wife lovers sex stories, sexy audio stories, fetish sex stories, personal profiles, and a whole other plethora of sex stories genres. This place will definitely give you what you came for and you will never regret visiting it. It can be seen that the people behind Lush Stories have put a lot of effort into the site because the attention to detail is amazing.

Below this thumbnail slideshow, you can see the latest porn stories and chapters that have been updated. While we were doing this review, there were three new chapter updates which means that you will never run dry on this site. Also, you can choose between, Stories, Poems, Quick Reads, and All. That’s right, there are poems about sex here as well. I mean, hats down to whoever thinks them up and to those people who know how to appreciate them.

Lush Stories Gives You A Bunch Of Options

The stuff we just explained is just a small portion of what this site has to offer. On the left, going from top to bottom, you can choose between audio stories, competitions, editor’s picks, and other categories. Also, the complete list of categories is listed on the left. There is virtually anything you would like to read about. However, the extreme and illegal stuff like bestiality and rape are not present. Also, there is no category for furry beings and furry sex. So, fantasy sex stories on Lush Stories are less present than other real categories.

On the right side of the website, you can find some other additional options. Starting from the search option which is always a welcome help on such porn sites, you can see the top lists of the best writers on Lush Stories, also the top stories that were being read that month. You can see the list of popular tags that other people love to see and that is the place where you can find something that will keep you coming back. Some tags are “accidental penetration”, “forced feminization”, “humiliated and spanked in public”, or “wife gone black”. As you can see, this is just the tip of an iceberg that is Lush Stories.


In a couple of hours that we spent on this site, we couldn’t find anything remotely bad about it. There are no ads, no spam, and nothing to make your stay unpleasant. Lush Stories is a place where fantasy becomes reality. You will be able to read an incredible number of stories, novels, chapters, poems, and limericks. This is a special place to become involved in this porn genre and sex stories will have become your next favourite porn obsession.

What We Like At Lushstories:
+ Active community
+ Updates are regular
+ more than 62K stories
What We Don't Like At Lushstories:
- Rules for published content
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