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Hello, my dear porn freaks... Today, I have something really special for you! It is a porn site, but a porn site you have probably never visited before! And the type that you have probably forgotten existing! I will not be talking about standard pornsites today, where you enter the site address, find the video or the image, and start fapping! No! This review has nothing to do with these sites! Yeah, I know, you are eager to hear what the heck I will be talking about! So, with no further ado, I give you MCStories! Ring a bell now? Yeah, having this said, I am aware of the fact that you have finally figured out what the hell I was talking about in the previous sentences! This is an erotic story site, and I can tell: it's awesome! Stick with me and let's get detailed about this cool place:

What is MCStories and what can you get there:

MCStories is a porn story site that’s filled with nothing but sex stories from all over the world. It’s all completely free to use and there are never any limits on the number of stories that you can read in a single day. Everything is written by independent authors here. That means you can find stories that you’ve never come across anywhere else. They don’t have to pull any punches when it comes to the action because no one has to worry about making any money. It’s all done for fun and everyone on the site loves the concept of erotic stories as a part of the porn industry! 

One of the most interesting categories on MCStories is humiliation:

The Humiliation category on MCStories should be your very first stop here. It’s filled with the most hardcore mind control that you can find nowhere else! You can see men and women being taken over and used for every kind of purpose imaginable. You can read about things like a woman joining a pole dancing class for feminists only to be turned into a prostitute who works for orgasms. There are also stories about women being controlled by their doctors or wives being controlled but their husbands. They touch on every kind of niche that has anything to do with mind control, and they do it in such a cool way, that you will read one story after another, all day long! 

MCStories is really easy to use and works pretty well!

As I mentioned above, this site offers a lot of erotic stories site, and it works well! You shouldn’t have any problems with it at all. It’s effortless to use, and it will work on any kind of system that you might have. There are no ads at all, so you don’t have to worry about closing anything out or being redirected anywhere, which is probably the best feature on MCStories if you ask me! This is a huge plus really, I mean, you all know how annoying ads and popups can be! Everything is organized well so you can make your way around quickly. There’s also a forum that you can use to talk to the other people on the site who love the stories. It’s a great site for anyone who loves to read about porn for free. 

Do you know what that MC stands for in the MCStories?

Can you even guess? Well, it's a bit odd, but this kind of porn action has a lot of followers in the world! I'm talking about Mind Control (MC), and MCStories, aka The Erotic Mind-Control Stories, can be considered as an archive of such content! I have to admit that I love a well-constructed XXX website that features thousands of video and image-based pornography that can keep even the horniest, loneliest people momentarily happy for life. We have all seen some of the nastiest X-rated videos on the internet, which anyone can access and jack off to with just a few mouse clicks. However, when it comes to porn consumerism, there’s one class of horny porn connoisseurs that stand out among their peers due to their uncommon way of porn consumption, which demands reading and heavy use of the imagination. Of course, I’m talking about the humble consumers of written pornography. There are plenty of people out there who get off on reading erotic stories filled with all kinds of graphic scenes and whatnot, and MCStories is definitely one of the few big sites which contain a whole bunch of that stuff for the world to see and enjoy. If you’ve ever been a fan of erotic stories and have the patience to read in order to get turned on as opposed to the millions of people who simply watch porn videos, then this website is definitely for you. As mentioned above, isn’t just a website with a large database of generalized erotic stories – all of its content is made up of stories based on some form of mind-control aka erotic hypnosis stories. The point of this kind of XXX literature (which is written mostly by amateurs) is to build up a world made up of everyday people in regular, lifetime situations, with some mind-control sex included. For example, imagine a young secretary getting sprayed by a mind-control perfume made by her boss, resulting in her wanting his sperm inside her pussy and mouth which leads to some very detailed-written sex.

Final thoughts about MCStories:

This place is a perfect escape from regular porn, which can be boring sometimes, right? We all need that oasis of peace, and if you are the fun of the written word, and the fun of mind-control porn, I really can not think of a better place for you than MCSTories! Visit them today, check these phenomenal stories, and who knows, maybe your story will be something that people will read from now on, you never know! Once again, everything is totally free, so knock yourself out!

What We Like At Mcstories:
+ Kinky categories
+ Updates
What We Don't Like At Mcstories:
- OMG, what about the site design
- Search bar is where???
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