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We all know that feeling when we watch a movie or a TV series and we fall in love with an actress. It doesn't even need to be a famous actress. She just has to be hot. However, there are billions of people who would stand in line to fuck some of the world's hottest celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Margot Robbie, or Selena Gomez. They are hot, sexy, and simply out of your reach. Celebrities usually date other celebrities so if you don't own a Hollywood company, bad luck my friend! Either way, no one can stop you from imagining sex with them and that is your right. Also, to make things better, there are people on the internet who recognize this need and they do everything they can to create fake celebrity sex tapes. This category of porn is called Deep Fakes, and today we are showing you one of the top deep fake porn sites – MrDeepFakes. Let's go on this journey together in the land of fake celebrity porn.

So, How Does This Work Actually?

MrDeepFakes is a porn site that will show you many thousands of videos with the best celebrities getting plowed. You want to watch Margot Robbie getting fucked hard – no problem! Busty Scarlett Johansson rammed from behind? Not a fucking problem! You want to see four huge black cocks bukkaking on the face of Selena Gomez – this site has it for you! MrDeepFakes is there to suit all of your needs when it comes to crazy celebrity sex. But, how is this done actually?

Well, the answer to that question is simple – technology. The movies on this and every other deep fake site are made with a top-notch face swap technology. Namely, the faces of the celebrities are taken, cut out, and put on the faces of the porn stars in different porn scenarios. But they are not just placed there to just stay still – that would be creepy and no one would like it. The technology like this allows the creators of fake celebrity porn to make it ultra-realistic. Therefore, the face of Gal Gadot will fit perfectly on a porn star in the suit of Wonder Woman.

What Celebrities Can I Watch Here?

When it comes to the range and the diversity of the models at your disposal, you are in for a big treat. Currently, MrDeepFakes has a huge database of celebrities from all areas of life. So long, we have mentioned only the actresses, but there are also singers like Ariana Grande, Jennifer Lopez and many others. There is a huge number of worldly famous girls not only from the USA but from the rest of the world as well. Russian beauties will make you squeeze one out and there are a lot of Indian girls who are less known in the rest of the world. However, the Indian guys will definitely cherish the fact that they can watch them here.

Categories Of MrDeepFakes Are Numerous

If we are going to talk about the style and the options on this site, we have to start with its logo. Donald Trump takes the logo of and it is no joke. His blonde hair and pout lips are visible when he takes off his mask. This is another one of his attempts to make America great again with so many fake porn. We love that and we salute Donald Trump! Keep investing in porn!

All jokes aside, this site has a lot of options that can make your stay here a lot more pleasant. First of all, you have a number of ways to explore the site. You can use the popular search button and type in the name of your favorite celebrity to wank off to her. If she is famous, this site will definitely have it. If she is less known, chances are you will find a couple of videos of her as well. This site has the whole celebrity scene of the world covered.

If you don't like the search option, you have other ways of exploring MrDeepFakes. You can search the videos through filters and through different options. You have the newest videos, the top-rated ones, and the most viewed. You can also go to the Models page and check your celebrities there. Along with the deep fake movies, you will learn about every individual celebrity. The site's models tab has personal info on every celebrity and that is one enormous plus!

Photos and Forum Spice Things Up

If you like porn photography, you are in luck. MrDeepFakes has a photo section that will show you the best fake celebrity sex photos. However, these types of pictures are way older than the videos. The technology has allowed us to start making these videos just recently but the pictures of fake celebrity sex have been an integral part of the porn scene since the dawn of internet. So, in the picture section of the site, you will find many great pictures.

Also, like any other deep fake porn site, this one also has a live and busy community. You can enter the community of the site and forum. If you become a member of the site for free, you can post your comments, post your own movies or pictures, and enjoy the bustling dilemmas of the forum section. There, you can interact with other users about your favorite fake videos or about anything else that comes to your mind. Community and forum are the most important part of every deep fake site and MrDeepFakes does it perfectly.


Seeing your favorite celebrity having sex has never been easier. All you have to do is to visit MrDeepFakes, search for your celebrity crush, and watch her have sex with big throbbing cocks. The movies on this site are professionally made and they will show you the best fake scenes of blowjobs, POV sex, and hardcore sex scenes. Give this site a chance and finally watch your favorite celebrities have sex like never before.

What We Like At Mrdeepfakes:
+ Good user experience
+ Numerous celebrities
+ Great and responsive site design
What We Don't Like At Mrdeepfakes:
- Nothing found yet
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