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Reading is not for porn lovers. Or is it? Well, there are two schools of thought. The first one says that porn is all about motion pictures, i.e. videos. They say that you cannot enjoy porn if you don’t watch a video right in front of you. The second school goes on to say that porn is not only about videos and that people can enjoy pictures and comics as well. Well, you choose which school you would like to go to. Today, we will pay a visit to the latter school and show you a porn site that will show you no pictures in motion, only pictures being still. The name of the site we are reviewing today is My Hentai Gallery. Let’s dive into it and see if the second school of thought had a point or not.

A Huge Database Of Porn Comics Is Waiting For You

My Hentai Gallery doesn’t really reveal what it is about at first glance. That is if you only look at its name. Hentai, like everyone knows, includes animated movies where characters from fantasy worlds and parody shows get fucked. Well, this site has no videos but it has a shit load of porn comics. Right now, there are thousands of porn comics, parodies, and amateur works on My Hentai Gallery and it is safe to say that it will be enough for everyone who enjoys this type of porn. Why did we say “amateur works”? Well, simply because the artwork on this site is not always top-notch. They include everything that is a comic, animated and has sex in it. It doesn’t matter if the artwork is done really sloppily or by a real amateur.

This doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing. If My Hentai Gallery only accepted the great artwork, its content would be far smaller than now. Still, even the amateur works can sometimes be very innovative and show amazing ideas. For example, there is a comic where Vegeta from Dragon Ball changed his gender and has huge boobs. He is there, still cranky, in his tight blue uniform, with huge titties. I mean, where else can you find artwork like that. This site will serve you a lot of parodies to the world’s most famous animes, video games, and shows. So, there is no reason why you shouldn’t dive into this amazing database of hentai comics.

The Site Looks And Feels Perfectly

Dark background! Finally! To be honest, I haven’t seen many porn comic sites with a bright background. Maybe this is a thing. The comics have a lot of dialogue and bright light, so let’s create a contrast and make the background black. I LIKE IT! When you visit My Hentai Gallery for the first time, everything will be crystal clear to you. I love sites like this. There is no surprise factor; no scratching your head and wondering what the hell does that button do! This site is super smooth and serves you everything you need right there on the homepage.

The comics are listed in big previews on the main page and the corner of every comic holds the number of the pages that you can expect inside. That is neat because some people are not into comics that have over 25 pages. Right from the beginning, you will see the rampant and diverse style of comics on this site. You will see classic Japanese comics, Western-style comics, and many amateur works right there on the main page. You can browse them as much as you like and there is a search option at the top. The search bar is divided into two parts. On the left, you can search tags, and on the right, you can search comics. Pretty neat and useful.

When it comes to tags, this site has an abundance of them, just like you would expect from a porn comics site. There is a category drop-down menu where you can see the Most Popular comics and all the other popular categories. You will see a lot of them that are customary to hentai and comics such as bestiality, hairy, incest, superheroes, and tentacles. Of course, there are many more but these are the cream of the crop.

Read Comics One Page At A Time

Again, we can separate people into two schools. The first one is the one that doesn’t care about the style of comic reading, and the second one is the one that loves to read comics in a line reading. Well, My Hentai Gallery might disappoint many people because you can read the comics one page at a time. Then, you have to click on the next page and do the shit all over again. This will piss off many people in the second school, but it is better than not to be on this site at all. The comics also don’t have a ZIP or PDF download option. You can save one picture at a time if you want to save the comics on your hard disk.

Still, My Hentai Gallery has some cool options nevertheless. You have a discussion field at the bottom of every comic. There, you will find a ton of comments that are very amusing and imaginative. You can order a comic book. For example, if you loved the big-breasted Vegeta, you can ask the artist to do the version of Goku or Krillin. So, you can instigate the continuation of your favourite comics.

Download The Android App

My Hentai Gallery has a special android app that allows you to read comics on your smartphone. So far, there are no words about the iOS version of the application but you can see how the Android one works. It makes things a lot easier and you will enjoy reading comics like that.


If you are keen on reading comics that include hentai, doujins, tentacle rape, hard-fuck, bestiality, and a lot of other styles, visit My Hentai Gallery today. You will find one of the biggest collections of hentai comics on it completely for free.

What We Like At Myhentaigallery:
+ Big and quality thumbs
+ Responsive site
What We Don't Like At Myhentaigallery:
- Where is download option
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