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Love SFM, CGI, 3D animated porn and FUTA? NaughtyMachinima is not your typical pornographic website-I was exposed to some pretty nasty R34 sex acts as soon as I landed on the home page that impressed me as far as porn goes, but there is one thing this website had that made it totally unique: all its content was made from video games! Some incredibly horny animation experts, who take the most popular game characters and make them sodomize each other in all kinds of nasty ways, piece together every single video on here.

Hope page and first impressions

You will instantly be hit with a design that is very similar to almost all porn tubes on the market these days when venturing over to Naughty Machinima's homepage. You have a standard header link arrangement at the top of the page and then, below that a display of some videos in various block sections on the site. The first one shows videos currently being watched, but you'll find the most recent uploads to the platform if you scroll down a little. Actually, for the most part, that's it for the homepage, so I guess I'll take a look at a few of the links here before I go forward and sample some of the content. We all know that smut is the biggest point of sale, but when deciding whether or not a tube site devoted to videos from XXX games is worth recommending, a reviewer like me has to consider all things.

Videos and galleries

Here on Naughty Machinima, we have the usual video region that we'll discuss in more depth later, but the header also has a link to a section of images. Side note: I find it curious that while this is usually used in the sense of photography, they use the term 'photo'... meaning real shots taken with a camera. I think 'videos' is perhaps the best title of choice because the website is devoted to produced entertainment. Anyhow, this page has a few galleries that, among other 3D rendered snaps, tend to display screenshots from games. Examples include this forest fucking werewolf and werebear, as well as a hot choice between Overwatch's Widowmaker with or without a penis between her legs. I like not getting cocks with my girls, but this uploader offers you the alternative!

The categories

When I visited the Naughty Machinima category archive, I was delighted to see that there is a range of common niches available for punters to pick from here. You also have specialized labels to experience stuff like tentacles and machines alongside the classic, vanilla tags such as masturbation and BDSM. Notice that this page defaults to video categories, but if you only want the videos, you can flip it over to galleries using the drop-down box at the end. I will say that Naughty Machinima actually has somewhere near 10,000 uploads for you to enjoy, based on the content count on the category archive. Is it the largest place on the earth for tubes? Far from it but I would wager that few sites would have the figures to contend when it comes to movies solely based on video game sex scenes and made 3D porn.

Some Features on Naughty Machinima 

There is not anything else to write about on the website, so I might as well cover all the bases so that when visiting this video game porn tube, you truly know what you're in for. Basically, the group tab shows you all of the website's accounts, as well as a list of the most famous people who posted smut to the forum. You should also go to the signup page to get an account: if you want to become a member, lots of advantages await you! It's completely free and if you have any to share, I guess the best selling points are the freedom to make comments, subscribe to other users and even upload your own videos. All in all, I have to admit that I'm pretty impressed by what Naughty Machinima has to deliver so far: my only hope is that the material is right and they've got enough to put a smile on my face here in the smut department.

The Content

First of all, let's talk about the kind of things more people would be asking for, I think: rendered 3D scenes starring their favourite sexy characters from different video games. This clip of Lara Croft taking a huge dick in her tight pussy will be a fine example of this-the dude also plays with her dainty feet while balls deep inside her snatch! We have this very unusual upload straight from the top lane, too: Riven gets dicked hard by Nasus. Oh and don't worry if you're more of an Overwatch guy: a total of 900 uploads are generated by searching for that keyword, quite the number if you ask me. So yes, plenty of 3D models featuring the hottest game characters that are frequently fetishized, so what are you actually going to see at Naughty Machinima apart from that? I had to dig a little to find various kinds of things, but I think I did a pretty good job of finding other fun uploads that you may like to jerk your little ding dong to.


All things considering, I agree this is a pretty decent place. I mean, by any stretch of the imagination, it's not a perfect tube location, but the fact that it's in such a special niche means it has very little competition that I'm struggling to think of alternatives. The interface could be slightly changed and there are lots of double-uploaded images, but I hope video game porn fans overall would enjoy the XXX clips they see here at Naughty Machinima. It's a nice place to explore to try at the very least-no expense and no account criteria make it a pretty easy place to browse around for a few minutes before determining if it's the hub for you.

What We Like At Naughtymachinima:
+ Nice clean basic design
+ Good search option
+ Lots of porn characters
What We Don't Like At Naughtymachinima:
- Categories
- Quality of the content
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