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First of all, I want to let you know that this page is completely open. You don't have a single thing to pay for, which is a big bonus. It's something that I want to see on my porn tab. Who still pays for today's porn? Yeah, it's clear a lot of people are always doing this, so let's be truthful, back in the day, you had to pay this or that way for any little bit of pornography. You had to pay for your DVD, you had to pay for your magazine and that kind of crap, and that's not the case these days since you can get a lot of awesome free HD porn because you know where to look!

First website impressions

In fact, is a great place to start, seeing that the design of the page is very simple, the page doesn't ask for money or anything like that, but boy oh boy, there are tons of advertisements in here, and this may be a little problem for some of us, but this is perfectly understandable, seeing that these little pages (It's quite obvious that isn't so well known, is it?) I need to live off These commercials, however, are not generally as aggressive as they are here. A small ad pops up in the corner of the website for these other pages, and you can hardly see it, which is perfect. Nobody really thinks about it. These little advertisements, in fact, are kinda cute. In fact, the advertisements I get to see on are so irritating that in this review they merit a segment of their own. A little bit, I'm going to consider devoting a whole segment to these ads, since I don't want to kick this thing off with any bad shit that nobody wants to write about. Again, let's head back to the positive side of and, when the time is right, let's concentrate on that. I say, let's not spoil the mood right now, it's going to be pretty darn bad.

The absolutely free and fresh content and categories

There is a lot of juicy material on this website, as I've said, and it's all totally online, which is a wonderful thing. Really, if it wasn't for the advertisements that show up anytime you click on a certain video, the porn here would be pretty addictive. These commercials, however, are not so troublesome as they can easily be closed with a single key. On this list, there are some more constant advertisements that I'm going to talk about a little later because they certainly deserve more than a short, vague reference. There are plenty of types for you to pick from on this website, and I would say they're pretty decent if you're not that much of a pervert. Most of these are pretty god darn easy, but if you're the sort of guy that wants sex that's a little more... serious, you certainly won't be too entertained on Let's call it. Intense. Intense. You have categories that are all about girls riding dicks, some about girls licking dicks, some about girls picking up their asses, and so forth, and so on. There are several categories here that are almost just about getting the ladies their way, but there's nothing too intense here anyway. Pussy feeding and all that is what I'm talking about, but there are no categories that are about femdom or gentle femdom or anything of the sort. Big pervs are obviously not's target demographic, and that's cool.

Video player and viewing experience

As it seems,'s player is nothing too special, but the job is finished. Just like the website's porn, which is not so bad either way. I say we don't have to make it super complex all the time. The tips were offered to us by Avril Lavigne. We're here to just listen. It's alright if you don't get the connection, not all of us had a time when the pop-punk princess was fascinated with us. All right, then, on to the main course. First of all, I would like to note that this player loads the videos pretty darn soon, something I didn't expect to happen. I mean, it looks cheap as fuck, it doesn't give you that many choices, but you get to control the volume at least and you get to the full-screen videos as well, but it's not really a privilege, is it? The movies here do not have an "HD" option or anything like that, but they all look amazing for some reason. Is the option for "HD" the default thing here? Maybe it's for a few videos, but I'm not really positive. Call me an asshole for not being able to see if you want to, aside from 480p and 720p frames, but I'm sure most people can't do this either. This is also to demonstrate that people don't even care that much about HD porn. The fact that porn is absolutely free, nothing more, nothing less, is the one thing that matters.


We almost forgot about this section of, which really seems to be pretty god darn useless, especially on a website as dark as this one. I mean, why would a super-simple website like need a segment to vote for their favourite pornstar? You know the truth that most people don't really worry that much, do you? After a long, rough, wank, I can just see myself going over to this part of the website to relax a little. Maybe that's what they really had in mind. Perhaps I am just not clever enough to grasp's genius? Probably.

What We Like At Netfapx:
+ Everything is free
+ Long videos
+ Video player
What We Don't Like At Netfapx:
- Not many categories to chose from
- Ads
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