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Reading comics is considered an outdated hobby and fewer people do it every day. This form of entertainment was popular before the expansion of television, video games, and porn, of course. So, if you wanted to watch hot girls or hot animated girls, you could have tried and succeeded in that in your local comic book store. In the earlier days, getting a comic book out was a real process. You needed to have a publisher who would agree to publish your comic book and then you needed to sign a bunch of contracts. Today, the situation is pretty different. Everyone with access to the internet can publish their own comic book and there is no need for any big paperwork. We are here today to show you a comic porn site that did just that. Its name is Oglaf and it will prove to be a great source of fun. Let’s take a look at what this site has to offer.

Is Oglaf A Real Porn Comics Site?

From the welcome page, you can see that Oglaf is something special. It is a site that nurtures its own style, and you can see that from the very first contact with this site. On the introduction page, you will see a blonde elf in a tight leather uniform asking you for your age. Also, there is a quite long explanation about the origins and the true nature of this site today. It is completely made by two people called Trudy and Doug. In their own words, this site originated as a sex comics site but it quickly degenerated into funny and humorous comics. The word “degenerated” was used by the creators of the site so don’t think that the author of this review degrades its value.

Every moment that you spend on Oglaf will be filled with joy because the site and the style of the comics are real eye candy. When you click on that button that confirms that you are over 18 years of age, you enter this site and you can see its latest comic book. These comic books are published every Sunday so it means that you can enjoy new content every week. The comics are not long and they usually have one or two pages and up to 10 pictures on one page. The style is fantastic and I don’t know which of the two is responsible for it, but, Trudy and Doug - well done! Now, let’s see what the content is all about.

Sexy Comics Mixed With Mild Jokes And Humour

Trudy and Doug weren’t lying, they told you right from the start what you can expect on their comics site. There are some comics that include pornographic material drawn in an amazing and witty style like the best cartoons that you can watch on TV. But, most of these comics don’t really have anything sexual in them. For example, there is a comic where a knight kills a dragon and then flashes back to the festival where the dragon skin is being used. Every comic book ends on a witty answer, a joke, or it solves a riddle. Therefore, Oglaf is a really fun site that focuses on many different ways of fun.

You will find all of the comics that this duo published on the Archive option. They are all put where you can see the title of the comic, the number of pages, and the cover image for every comic. Also, there is another option stated there which tells you that the given comic book is safe for work or not. That is very useful, especially if you wish to read these comics in your work. You won’t need to explain why that serpent has such big boobies and why it wants to fuck a random dude because, thanks to the SAFE detail, you won’t click on that comic book.

Enjoy The Store And The Patreon Page of Oglaf

Trudy and Doug are the real creators of Oglaf and they have done a fantastic job with this site. The comic books that they make have an amazing style of drawing, witty humor, and sometimes real scenes of sex. The site works very well, and you can search the archive of these comic books or navigate from the last one to the older ones. Also, you can get to the Store page and order some nice little trinkets. You can order T-shirts, cups, books, notebooks, stickers, and many other things from the Oglaf store page. Also, there is a link to the Patreon page which is called Trudy and Doug. Here is where you can support your favorite comic book pair with some humble monthly donations. They are really humble because they say that you can support them and you don’t have to. They only ask for $1.00 a month and they are definitely not getting rich from this page so you can think about supporting them.

Mobile Version Is Cool Only Very Small

Of course, you can access Oglaf on any mobile device that you have. We recommend the devices with bigger screens because that way you won’t have to squint at the content. If you enter this site from your mobile phone, you will need to enlarge the pictures or decide to squint at the comics and the texts there. All in all, the PC version and the tablet versions of Oglaf are the best.


Oglaf is one of the cutest and most stylish comic book sites that I have ever visited and enjoyed. It is made by two people called Trudy and Doug and they make excellent comics. We have to say that people who come to this site looking for hardcore sex in comic book style will get disappointed a little bit because the site has a lot of SFW content. This content is also awesome and it will show you some great jokes, humor, and funny situations. If you love good comic book fun that is sprinkled with a touch of porn, you will absolutely love Oglaf.

What We Like At Oglaf:
+ Completely free
+ No ads no spam
+ Regular updates
What We Don't Like At Oglaf:
- Missing search and home button
- Cool mobile version but too small
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