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When it comes to porn, you can satisfy your desires in many ways. Most people would visit a site with porn movies, free or premium. If you can afford premium porn, you are considered a king in our books my friend. However, there is nothing bad about visiting a free porn tube. These sites can show you some great movies, directed or amateur. That is how many people satisfy their needs when they feel horny. Next, you can watch hentai, but that is another video fun. What if you are sick of watching videos and you want something that doesn’t move? Well, you can watch pictures and, even better, porn comics. That’s where we are waiting for you today! We are going to do a review of one elderly comics porn site. Its name is Palcomix, and you will see what you can find on it.

It Is Like The 2000s All Over Again!

The first thing that will wait for you when you enter this site is the age check. Yes, it will ask you if you are old enough to watch the content of the site. First of all, am I the only one who thinks that this is preposterous? I mean, you are given a choice and you can click on both choices. However, find me one person who said to himself “man, I am underage, I better not enter this super hot site with awesome free porn!” Yeah right! But, we click on Enter and let’s see what other surprises Palcomix has in stock for us.

The next surprise was the biggest of all. This site looks like it got stuck in the year 2004 when it first came out. Seriously, the site looks like you woke up on a September morning in 2004. It has a white background, a mix of many bright colors that encircle the options on the site, and a lot of freaking letters, and ads. I mean, the design was awesome back then, but the guys behind Palcomix need to step this thing up a notch. However the style, I like the two foxy figures lying on the Palcomix sign at the top of the page. Don’t change them!

“Home Of The Adult Comic Cartoon Parody”

This is the inscription that you will see beneath the Palcomix logo. This is the site that specializes in comic porn parodies of the world’s best games, animes, and movies in general. If you start scrolling down the page, you will see that they mean business because every step of the way is thoughtfully made. First of all, you get an options line which we will cover later. There are some confusing things on there.

As you scroll down on the Palcomix website, you get the idea why this site has a couple of millions of visits a month. It is very illustrative and very imaginative. First, you will see the featured comics. During this review, there were four comics with sexy rabbits, foxes, and leopards. Really, top-notch stuff. Next, you have the Free Comics and Stories in Progress. Wait a minute! Free comics? Does that mean that there is some content that needs to be paid for? Well, yes. Palcomix offers a premium subscription in order to access all of its content. But hey, no one will make you do it and you can still access a bunch of comics as a free user.

Scrolling down a bit more, we come to the essence of Palcomix - its table of contents. We can see every comic parody available on this site in an A-Z order. You can see what is the parody of, who is the author, and what content you can expect. I saw many “rape” tags in these comics so they must be pretty hardcore. There are hundreds of these comics and they are all yours to watch.

Reading Comics on Palcomix Is Fun

As we have told you, those hundreds of comics can be accessed and watched. When you click on any of them, you will get transferred to a page with a huge ad across the whole screen. Simply, scroll down to the bottom and you will see the link to the comic. Some very positive people must be behind Palcomix because they always put a smiley (:D) at the end of their dialogues. Pretty neat and sweet.

Anyways, the comics page opens and you get to choose any page of the comic that you want to read. When you click on a picture, it opens with options to turn the pages on the go which is really neat. However, you cannot go back to the homepage from the comics page. You have to click the “back” button because there is no home button available. Really? Is this 1999?!

Other Site Options Are Shady And Unclear

So, reading comics is covered, let’s talk more about other options of the Palcomix site. It has one line with options and many of them seem enticing until you actually click on them. The first option is comics. It is a homepage and it is only found on the homepage so what is the point of it!? The next card is the Gallery. When you click on it, get past the huge ad, you get to two galleries dated from 2015 and 2017. It’s not enough to keep the enthusiasm high. If you are feeling nerdy, visit the Forum section of the site and read about the best comics and parodies there. The last two options will make you become a VIP member and access the full Mobius network. It is a pretty big network so you might want to think about it.


Palcomix turned out to be a porn site that can really send many different emotions your way. If you are here only to read comics, stick to the homepage and browse them from there. If you are here to explore additional content of the site, good luck! It is bound that you will lose your cool at some point due to the site’s unclear and strange options. However, Palcomix has a big number of excellent comic parodies and you should check it out because of that.

What We Like At Palcomix:
+ Large community
What We Don't Like At Palcomix:
- Mobile site is...?
- Site design from 1995
- Navigation is bitch
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