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PalmTube is a place where lots of awesome porn scenes can be found. Today, most of PalmTube's porn scenes come from some of the company's most popular pornstars, and many of them are also from the biggest porn companies around. Now, I don't know what else you want, if that wasn't enough to make you go to the site and try it out. What if I told you that the amount of videos on this website is just big. You can easily click through page after page and never hit the limit of all these awesome footage. It's like they keep showing up and as much as you can, you get to love them. And yeah, I can't emphasize that enough, and it's totally open.

First impressions

I found the lovely style and colouring of it instantly when I first arrived at PalmTube. This porn platform looks gorgeous. It's a pretty basic template for a site, but with that, there's nothing wrong. It's a nice and tidy style that makes this web look genuinely sleek and nice to explore (when you are scrolling, at least). So, well, I can't complain about the PalmTube styling at all. It's a crisp, sleek, sexy site with a nice choice of colour and a lovely style. I may, however, lament about PalmTube's backend problems, as I am going to do now.

Quality porn from the most famous studio names

I don't know how much premium porn content they can get hold of and yet sell it for free, so I don't really want to get into it. The incredible content of those videos is what I want to dig into. You will also remember some of the porn stars and actresses who are in these videos automatically. There are also models from studios such as Brazzers here, so you know we're looking at high gun stuff over here. I might also dare to suggest that, because it has material from many studios, the Palm Tube is even better. Not just that, nor do you know how much to pay to watch footage of the Brazzers? It's a shit load of money, but if you had the opportunity to save all of that money, wouldn't you do that? I realize I'm trying to save as much money as I can, because if I can get the same stuff totally free of charge, then there's a spot like that that has my name all over it. Here I come to PalmTube, get ready for me to drain much of your server resources!

Videos tab

If you want to go over the other parts of the page, you'll find that as operates much like every other porn tube site, there's not much to it. You have the Videos tab, which also has a drop-down menu to pick what is the most relevant sorting parameter. As I assume that what viewers usually want to see is the thing that will get the most views and is also the one that will be of the best quality, I usually aim for the most famous videos. If you're the kind of person who wants to see the latest updates to the web no matter what, then you can sort the videos like that as well. You will also sort them by their ranking and the voting system that is unique to this website and is not something that porn pages normally have in their arsenal of navigation resources.

How is the navigation?

When it comes to going through the images, you'll find that this site is pretty limited. The only thing you can do is scroll through the pages, and scrolling all the way to the last page and starting at the back is not even an option. No, what you can do is skip a few pages, so it's all like that. This doesn't help us to know what we are dealing with here, and whether in the midst of all the material there is any good content anywhere. When you think about it, this lack of navigation is pretty serious because it does not encourage you to explore any of the content that is posted to All the videos that simply never make it to the first few pages on every parameter will still lose out on you. Some would argue this is beneficial so it is easy for only the best videos to emerge. But what if those other videos are much more fun for you? Because there's no way to get to them on, I think you'll never know.

Pornstars tab

Pornstars tab, where all the hot girls featured on can be seen. Like Mia Khalifa in all her beauty, there are some familiar faces here. You will be redirected to a website by clicking on each of these models where there are nothing but porn videos that the model featured in. If you are trying to see a particular pornstar and don't intend to see anything else on this platform, it's a pretty useful thing. The Categories tab is still open, and this is perhaps the best way to access all the content on that gets moved to the back of the pages. There are several types to pick from, so no matter how strange your style might be, you'll certainly find something that fits your palate.

My final thoughts

In general, is a wonderful platform that delivers excellent quality content for almost no money whatsoever, even the few faults it has. You're not going to be able to get enough of all this great premium free stuff, so you're only going to end up watching it day in and day out. Honestly, I don't judge you for the fact that has some of the best premium videos you can picture from all the major porn studios.

What We Like At Palmtube:
+ Easy to navigate
+ Great pornstar section
+ Lots of categories
What We Don't Like At Palmtube:
- Ads
- Updates
- Night mode switch
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