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PlanetSuzy is a porn forum site. We have all visited a similar site before, maybe just not in the adult industry. Forums have always been one of the basic and oldest forms of entertainment on the internet. Ever since its first days, people got together, posted ideas, pictures, and videos on internet forums. Many interesting topics have already been explored and it is safe to say that there is nothing you can't find on an internet forum today. They all function very well and will give you a ton of information. Other than that, they will give you an incredible opportunity to contact other people, explore ideas with them, and share your opinions.

Porn forums are internet forums with a focus on the porn itself. It is not a place that offers one side of fun. You will find anything you want on a website like PlanetSuzy and your knowledge of the oldest trade will become far richer than ever. You will find thousands of links to videos, porn pictures, pornstars, celebrities, deep fakes, and discussions that will attract your attention for years and decades to come. Let's see how PlanetSuzy deals with this tremendous burden.

All the porn you can get!

This site is enormous! It offers an incredible amount of threads, categories, texts, discussions, and, of course, PORN! You will find millions of pictures, hentai, and porn videos on PlanetSuzy. It is rightfully called a "planet" because its content can be used to wrap this whole planet and more. This is a perfect place for porn lovers and nerds who love to know every little bit of information about their favorite porn genre, porn stars, and even celebrities.

The categories that are covered on PlanetSuzy are amazing in number, quality, and niche. You can find every porn genre explained in detail with the best representative porn out there. This site offers hundreds of thousands of threads with millions of links, discussions, and other opportunities for great forum fun. As far as the forum porn sites go, this place is the undisputed king when it comes to its content. It would be difficult for any other porn forum out there to be on par with PlanetSuzy. Big kudos to the moderators of the site for that!

Style and options of the PlanetSuzy

Do you know when the internet first appeared in the world how every website initially looked the same? They all had a similar style, links in the same color, the same font, and the options that they offered. PlanetSuzy is an old school website like that. It will smack you in the face with its old and still hot 90's website design. To be honest, porn forums cannot be very intuitive and innovative. After all, they all pretty much look the same. They offer different kinds of fun so don't expect to see a huge number of videos or pictures on the homepage. Words are the currency on every porn forum out there.

When you first visit PlanetSuzy, you will see many things that will make you dizzy. So many categories, instructions, texts, threads, sub-threads, and tabs that it can make you give up from the start. Don't do that! Give this place a chance! If you scratch under its thick surface, it will show you the best porn fun in the world. Not only that, you can expect every type of information served for you on a silver platter.

First of all, the categories are well placed. There is a big number of them and, going from top to bottom, they are General Forum Section, Forum Help, Entertainment, Celebrities/Supermodels, Vintage & Classic, Pornstars/Adult and Teen Models, Explicit Material, Amateur $ Voyeurism, and Hentai/Anime. As you can see, you will find anything you want on this site. These are just forums. When you click on one, you get to see the threads, and every thread has many entries. For example, if you click on the Celebrity Fakes thread, you will see all the entries on that page. When you click on one, it will open a classic forum view of the page with all the pictures available together with a number of replies, views, and other information such as ratings.

Register and become a part of the community

First of all, when you first visit this site, you will be greeted by a message written in that old 90s font saying that you are not registered. If you want to access every thread on this site, comment, and add your own threads, you need to become its member. The registration is free and it will take only a couple of minutes for you but still, some people don't like that. This means that you have to share your email address and therefore become exposed to spam.

Still, it is for free so stop bitching! PlanetSuzy is an extraordinary site with an extremely well-optimized groundwork. Its threads and posts work perfectly and every click of the mouse has a final result. However, do not expect to watch movies and pictures on this site. This site doesn't possess any of the content. All the pictures and videos are stored on other sites and by clicking them, you will get redirected to their original pages. This can be a pain in the ass sometimes, but hell, it's for free! Keep 'em coming!

Download videos first!

One of the biggest flaws of this site, if we can call it like that, happens when you want to watch a video. You cannot watch it on the website itself. First, you need to download it. That's right, it needs to be on your system and computer for you to access it. The download speeds are sometimes very low and that is why many people will find this not so appealing.


Be that as it may, PlanetSuzy is an extraordinary porn forum. If we forget the fact about the videos, it is a website that will fill your dark soul with light. You will be able to read, comment, and post threads and posts for any kind of pornographic material. Enjoy celebrity fakes, hentai, pornstars, adult models, and many porn genres on PlanetSuzy. This porn forum will give answers to any kind of question you possibly have. And it does it for free! Go and check it out now!

What We Like At Planetsuzy:
+ Clean and responsive site
+ Massive well organized content
+ Community
What We Don't Like At Planetsuzy:
- Must create an account to see some content
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