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I've started spending the better part of the past month searching hundreds of websites for the best adult games around and to be honest with you, in terms of its initial appeal and general design approach to its website, really reached the right spots. Flash games are still going strong, believe it or not. With complex gameplay and even sexier animations, they've gotten more complex. New games are coming out almost every damn day with the massive increase in popularity for 3D and SFM porn.

First impressions

So you'll see a list of recommended erotic games and almost nothing else when you land on the homepage of this site. For a lot of different purposes, while certain websites have additional places to go, Play Force One is all about giving you the games and nothing else. Actually, I struggled to find something else to talk about here, but I can go over some categories, so that's probably the best thing to look at before we sample the goods. To check out these tasty looking names, I'm champing at the bit, but I have to be an honest reviewer and consider all aspects of the web before I deliver my verdict!

You have five main categories

At Play Force One, there are five main types, which are: dating sim, adventure, arcade, logical and tease. There are at least a dozen available titles for all categories, although some are more evolved than others. For example, take the category of dating games: I counted just under 90 games here, a pretty decent chunk! Nevertheless, that's still a long way from the 200+ available in the adventure region of we're talking about big boy numbers. All right, that's enough of the website you've been dreaming about for now: how about we hop in and really try out some of these titles for size? Everyone knows that the only thing that counts is how good the content is when it comes to great game websites.

What games can you play?

Since the text here often blends in with the context, it can be easy to miss, but there's a shortlist of categories up at the top right of the "Dating Sim, Adventure, Arcade, Logical, and Tease" tab. Arcade games are usually what you think of when someone brings up flash games. Quick games with a minimal story where you fuck your brains out with some bitches before you cum. They're plain, but man. I get such a literal boner of nostalgia when I play these games. I would bust nuts to flash games back all the fucking time when they became famous for the first time. The tease games are close, except that you don't normally get the complete game. From other pages, such as The Zone Folder, you get teaser portions of premium games. For puzzle-based flash games, the logical portion is Fuck, like assembling some hot bitch's puzzle and jerking off when you're done. Easy strategy games such as strip chess or anything along those lines are also covered. If you like long games with lots of various features, dating sim and adventure are the categories you'll want to hit up. Both sections are similar, with dating sim concentrating more on connecting with large titted sluts, and exploration is more focused on an adventure so you can find large titted sluts.

More about the content and the website

One of the best qualities this platform has is that not all games by one developer or artist are going for it. In my life, I need the spice of variety. I wouldn't settle for a platform with only one person's material, just like I would never settle for one pussy to fuck for the rest of my life. There's a huge array of different types of art and games in this area. You could be engaged in a complex dating sim for one second where one wrong line means you miss the opportunity to fuck your favourite whore, while the next you could play a fast-paced game where you fuck a bunch of Amazonian sluts. They don't have much, but the game previews are also good. You get a preview photo, a rating of 100, and the category in which they fall. I wouldn't bother trying to make the mobile site work out. For handheld devices, it's not formatted at all, so you'd have to zoom in and out of any game that you play to see what the fuck is going on. And that's if you even have a flash-supported unit. Most of your phone browsers don't. And if you have a flash to run because the site is pretty unusable, it isn't worth the effort. But anyway, that's not their market. For this one, stick to the desktop site. Either way, you'll want to lean back and have a free hand for most of these games.

My Conclusion

Overall, a decent site is It's one of the best websites for flash games that I had the pleasure of checking out. All the junk here is free to play and amazingly sexy. They have games from all the porn game studios of the bigger name, well, at least those with games worth fapping to. There are several different games with diverse art styles that vary widely, so even picky fucks like me can find some decent games to bust a nut. You don't have to deal with commercials here or paying memberships. If you like any form of flash games, then do yourself a favour and visit

What We Like At Playforceone:
+ Lots of kinky games
+ Sexy site design
+ Great stories to play
What We Don't Like At Playforceone:
- Poor mobile experience
- Flash required
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