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Are you ready for a special treat today? I won't take too much time before announcing what the hell I'm talking about! But, I first have to ask you this: do you like live cams? Or online gaming? In a matter of fact, if you like anything that is related to these two mentioned things, today's site will be interesting to you, for sure! On the other hand, if you are not into this kind of porn, I strongly advise you to give it a try! You will be surprised by the complexity of things this type of porn consumption has to offer! So, with no further ado, I present to you a Plex Storm! I myself am a gamer and a pervert, and I really know how difficult it can be to decide what kind of live feed you're going to blow your productive hours on. And I totally support all the people who are doing their preparation properly, it is essential when it comes to cam sites! Do spend your days on OnlyFans, Instagram, and social networks, watching some hot chicks showing off with their luxury life? Do you want to fap on that? Or you rather aim your browser at a cam site to watch girls getting naked on command? Well, at Plexstorm, you don't have to choose, everything is given to you, just need to enjoy yourself!

The creators of this site call itself: "the new era of adult game streaming experience"

The original statement I found on Plexstorm attracted me a lot, so I didn't want to change any of the mentioned stuff! It goes like this: "the new era of adult game streaming and the world first who provide a high-quality adult game streaming experience.” That's their way of saying that their streamers are broadcasting a ton of live video games, explicit nudity, and full-on sex. When I first thought about it, I couldn't believe they're the first ones to roll out such a simple recipe, but they're clearly earning some big money on that "being the first on the block" approach. At the moment I was checking the site, it seemed like Plexstorm is getting around 5,000 visitors a day, which is a serious number!

Sexier Than Twitch, Gamier Than Chaturbate

I saw this subtitle somewhere and it was perfect, so I'm stealing it! It describes Plexstorm perfectly, and if you are not familiar with all the terms in it, let me help you! Twitch is the world's leading live streaming platform for gamers and the things we love, where you can watch and chat with millions of other fans from around the world. On the other hand, Chaturbate is an adult website providing live webcam shows by the hottest webcam models, typically featuring nudity and sexual activity of all kinds! Well, I hope you now understand the meaning of this subtitle! 

What about the looks?

The layout of Plexstorm resembles a lot of Twitch, but it seems like they are trying to reach that high-level that the major cam sites such as Chatrubate have already set! Actually, when you take a closer look, Plexstorm's format is even more polished and detailed than Twitch! If I had to sum everything up in one sentence, I would say that Plexstorm looks like Twitch, but designed by some of the top-notch design nerds who looked up to those flashy and expensive premium sites!

Content-wise, these guys land right in the middle between Twitch and LiveJasmin. A handful of Featured streams slide across the top of the page. They go with the picture-in-picture style common to video game streaming; only the host angles show more than just fat nerds wearing headsets and twiddling controllers and screaming while defeating some monster boss, or any kind of stuff these guys are doing! 

Let's spend a few words on the most important part of the Plexstorm community: Streamers!

Because gaming streaming is still a male-dominant job, there are some male streamers in this place but don't worry, dudes are greatly outnumbered by female streamers! As I said, most of the streamers are chicks, and I have to say that a lot of them are so fucking hot! When I checked this place, there was a stunning purple-haired tattooed bitch, with a cap and big boobs, playing Warzone and talking dirty shit in the cam! She fired me up man! That's just one example, there are a lot of superb chicks playing games naked and teasing us horny fools! 

The content is a product of a new and growing niche market!

As you might have guessed, the content offered by is something you have never seen so far! The fact is that this place doesn't have nearly the number of streamers as the webcam sites or Twitch. I must say that this is the only downside of this phenomenal and interesting place, but that's totally understandable, because of the complexity of the content! How many sex game streamers have you ever heard of? Yeah, that's my point, none! But, this niche is growing and will grow big, I can promise that! As far as I can tell, it seems that in addition to the totally pornographic webcam shows, there are also clean streams. I don't know why you'd browse Plexstorm for SFW live video games when they have something better to offer, but I'm not here to judge! 

Experience free shows with live, naked, and horny Sluts:

Do you remember that purple-hair tattooed bombshell I spoke off in the lines above? She was my choice and when I entered the room, I saw some people there! Then, when I clicked through to the live feed, I was taken to the private room, where she was lying naked on the bed, playing with her boobs and talking some shit about the game, I must confess that I had no interest in hearing anything about it! And what's the absolutely best thing about it? I didn't even sign up or log in before all of this! Actually, I would say that the fact that you can find a legit sex show for free on Plexstorm tells that they are a good cam site!

Check PlexStorm out if you like live, sexy girls and video games!

This is definitely a site for the new generations and they will love it, for sure, but I can guarantee that the old school will found its happiness also! Take a look and have fun!

What We Like At Plexstorm:
+ Hot and sexy cam girls
+ Site design is cool
+ Free shows every day
What We Don't Like At Plexstorm:
- Looking...
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