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The PlusOne8! Another day, another place to review for porn! The internet has a shit-ton of porn on it. Then there's a smaller load of dubious stuff inside the crap-ton of porn. Especially on dodgy porn tube sites or aggregators of porn. Come on, you know what I mean, I know. You'll be happily surfing all the videos on a site for one minute, trying to find the perfect slut to bust a nut, page after page of porn, until, unexpectedly, a video pops up that makes you pause and ask yourself: she's probably 18, right?

First impressions

They have a brief introduction to the web at the bottom of the home page: " Is Only 18 Years or Older!" Both models on the adult platform Plus One 8 are 18 years or older. All studios, models and stars respect The zero-tolerance stance of is against ILLEGAL pornography. With the RTA[Restricted to Adults], we are proudly numbered. They take this crap seriously, as you can see. As they're meant to. I hope any porn website will do. Honestly, I don't care as much for being exclusively 18+ for all users on the site (come on we all remember we looked at porn before we were 18... who are they kidding?), but I appreciate how vigilant they tend to be when it comes to copying illicit material.

Standard design with full-length videos

It looks like a pretty typical porn tube platform and a pretty well built one at that, rather than all the disclaimers and legal documentation to be found on Plusone8. On the home page, you have a lot of thumbnails to pick from with a specific subsection completely dedicated to "Exclusive Videos," which seem to be full-length 1080p scenes from top-notch porn studios. Above that, there are a couple of video ordering options: New, Most Watched, Longest, Common, and Random. And right above those options, you'll see the menu bar of the site (just below the search bar), which lets you access the site quickly. "Choose from "Read before Streaming" (another statement on the policies and legal compliance of Plusone8), "Home" (which appears to be a bit redundant given that the logo of the site doubles as a home button), "Categories," "Porn Stars," "Partners" (links to other tube sites that Plusone8 apparently considers acceptable), "DMCA" (as I mentioned earlier), and "Call Us.

PornStars section and lack of info

The "Porn Stars" portion of Plusone8 is very basic: just an alphabetized index of the models featured on the web. They do not have any kind of detail about the girls, just a list of actresses. You will be taken to a list of her videos by clicking one. Though I really appreciate it when a website goes the extra mile to provide girls with a little bit of biographical detail (it just shows the girls an additional degree of respect, for which porn will be impossible), I won't really lose any sleep over it. It's a little shocking, however, considering that the 3rd rule of Plusone8 (from their "Read before Watching" section) is "Respect stars." Not providing specifics about the girls is not exactly rude to them however I hope we would all accept that it will certainly be more polite to have a little insight into who they are as individuals, no?

The content

Yet they certainly shine when it comes to what Plusone8 has set out to do (providing high-quality porn and setting a standard for solely adhering to a code of ethics). Although being so transparently tolerant of copyright rules, I'm not sure how they do it but they still tend to have more full-length scenes than any other porn tubes out there. Maybe it is precise because Plusone8 is advocating toward a more respectful, law-abiding open online model so that big-name studios don't mind working with them and offering up any free material... doing so might potentially benefit them in the long term... leading through example and whatnot. Anyway, for us, I would say it's a win-win. Not only do we have a place where we can be worry-free and feel happy about it, but we also have a place where we can browse, free of charge and shame, a massive selection of full-length HD porn from some of our favourite studios. And as you know, we pornographers just feel so bad when we fake free porn that doesn't conform with the correct copyright laws.


One thing I wanted was against the rules, which, sadly, is not: commercials. And certainly, Plusone8 has some. Although I haven't seen any video pre-play ads or anything that's obnoxious, they're on the right side of the videos, on the right side of the thumbnails, some pop-ups here and there and when you pause a video, they show up. Ironically enough, Plusone8 is advertising heavily for Watch My GF, a website that I've always felt in their ads had some questionably young-looking girls. And with Plusone8 in mind that they are so receptive to feedback: would you please chill out with the ads? Everywhere they're fucking! To the extent that I have tarnished my experience of your website. I know you must put an ad here and there but you do not have a thumbnail everywhere in the videos themselves and in the form of pop-ups to plaster them?

My conclusion

Overall I like Plusone8, ads aside. I like to see tons of teen porn and I don't need to worry if what I see is legal or not (or, more importantly, ethical). The design of the site – minimal, clean, easy to use – makes me like it. I'm grabbing the transparency with which they want to use their site. I'm sure you can register as a user to vote and leave your video comments. They appear to be very receptive to cool feedback.

What We Like At Plusone8:
+ Easy to navigate
+ Filtering option
+ Full length videos
+ Download option
What We Don't Like At Plusone8:
- Too bright site design
- Poor pornstars section
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