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A tall order is a free porn tube with nothing but 8K clips. There are at least a couple of standard ol 'HD movies on most of the pages, but they're mixed into a massive stack of regular and trash-def vids. I was doubtful that it can really produce PornHD8k, and today we are going to check that out ourselves.

Frontpage and first impressions

The site's front page looks pretty decent. With plain text on a black backdrop, it's your typical porn-tube style, sleek and simple. There is a Night Mode button, but, besides updating the tab, it doesn't seem to do much. PornHD8k is not a place that is flashy, but it's safe. If you are the sort of chucklehead who browses porn websites without some kind of ad-blocker, that may not be the case. Mine says 4 bits of spam have been knocked down already, and I just came in. On every free platform, of course, some amount of spam is expected. How much you would be able to put up with will differ. If they have top-shelf bitches in world-class smut, most of us are able to wait through more nonsense. Do they, then? PornHD8k looks from the front as if it has the goods. When you mouse over it, the thumbnails don't move, which is lame, but they're all crisp as hell. Each clip has an HD sticker, just in case, someone gets confused. At the top is the newest material, and it seems like they're adding two clips a day.


When I'm gripping my dick in both hands and furiously masturbating to internet porn, what those advertisements want to do is persuade me to waste the little money I have. I hate to be interrupted by irritating neoliberal advertisements. There are no commercials for PornHD8K here, which is not only convenient but also interesting because they post some of the best premium videos I've ever seen on a free porn platform.

Content from different porn houses

As I said, from a few different XXX networks and productions that are possibly common to those of you who want to visit sites like PornHub, this site sources its content. While this website does not have footage of girls changing the diapers of guys and cuddling them while making them suck on their breasts, it does feature some of the best premium films directly from productions such as Bang Bros, RealityKings, Mofos, NaughtyAmerica, Brazzers, Blacked, etc. It may not be my go-to porn, but when I need to "avert my gaze" from my normal items and kick back for a more relaxed, easygoing masturbation session, it does the job.


Strangely enough, the categories on this platform are not necessarily associated with generalized kinks and fetishes of sexual tropes that mostly feature in vanilla porn. In reality, the categories here are themes that are repeatedly shot by the aforementioned porn studios and productions - for instance, Brazzers has a running video theme named 'Brazzers Exxxtra' on this page, which is also a category. With categories such as 'Stranded Teenagers',' Don't Break Me',' Pervs on Patrol',' Day With a Pornstar',' Hot and Mean',' Teens Like it Huge',' Moms Bang Teens' and others, the same goes for any other major porn studio and/or development whose works and titles are featured on this web. Such as 'Anal',' Threesome',' POV',' Milf' and so on take the place of the normal go-to vanilla porn types. This categorization approach does not include all the individual kinks and fetishes it should have, but it does a better job at categorizing all the running themes that exist in the videos created by some of the more successful XXX commercial studios and productions.

Only top high-quality content here

If you visited this site thinking that it was going to have some of your favorite homemade amateur videos that show a man having sex on a sofa with his girlfriend while filming it poorly with a handheld smartphone, so not only did you find you were mistaken, but your porn taste is also dubious. While I love pornography for the fantastic service it does to all humanity by delivering free of charge the next best thing after real sex, I hate all sorts of genuine amateur pornography. I mean, you can see it's only loved by people having sex in amateur videos, which infuriates me because most porn enthusiasts (including myself) have never even been able to have true sexual intercourse, let alone enjoy it. I say it's an affront to all that makes pornography sweet, and I'm never going to be a fan of the low-definition flicks that can normally be found within a page's resident 'amateur' segment. Fortunately, this website contains nothing that even remotely resembles genuine amateur pornography - everything on this website has been shot by experts, paying actors, a production crew, and all that. And all is for free.

Mobile experience

Yeah, I'm already a devoted fighter who battles capitalism's hold by relying on my mother for a meager $50 weekly paycheck - but that doesn't mean I can't enjoy the advantages of new technology and finally buy a smartphone for myself (which is what I finally did back in late 2017). My little Samsung doesn't really equate to a new iPhone today, but one thing it can do is view pornography when linked to Wi-Fi through its web browser.


PornHD8k isn't a horrible place. It has a limited yet increasing range of premium full-length scenes, all free with an ad-blocker interface that cleans up well. In the name of the site, they lied about the video content, however. If that doesn't piss you off and you're good with 720p, you can certainly destroy PornHD8k with a couple of boxes of tissues.

What We Like At Pornhd8k:
+ Responsive and easy to navigate
+ Lots of categories
What We Don't Like At Pornhd8k:
- Not that many 8K videos
- Lots of ads
- No download button
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