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Pornky has been around for a while, and because their traffic has tripled in 6 months, they piqued my interest. It's not easy to play this internet game, but these guys unexpectedly pull in about 10 million visitors a month. As a masturbatory arts researcher, I absolutely have to know what makes my fellow fappers so enthusiastic. Nowadays, I love how all the porn sites ask to show you updates. The same thing Pornky does. Before I even have a chance to connect with it, the moment the page loads, I get a message wondering if it's alright if some dirty sex stuff shows up on my monitor randomly from time to time.

First impressions

The site has been around since 2002, back when the Internet was taken over by sex tubes. I can not find a date on the web for the license, so who knows how long they've been delivering porn. Nothing about the layout is flashy, but it does not feel too outdated. Just a little bit. The default view at Pornky first has the Most Recent HD porn movie. I don't know if that's only a chance, but in the first two thumbnail images, the girls are taken from the very same perspective in the very same pose. Each one of them has her legs spread out wide, riding hard on a stuffed penis.

What is the content?

All here is a nice mix, but certain trends seem to emerge. I see a lot of movies from Asia and a lot of MILFs. A Japanese MILF assaulted and fucked the neighbor, a college girl disciplined, a bad mask man and a sweet defenseless girl, and one video promising nice anal action! There's a lot of rough stuff. And the normal porn norms, of course. Will you want to see teenagers get banged from behind for the first time, supposedly? Take your choice, because on Pornky there is tons of anal sex videos. There are slightly more "exotic" broads out front, Indian, Arab, and mysteriously numbered, than you normally see on a porn website. The reality that this site is wildly fucking famous in India may have to do with it.

The Categories

I scrolled the whole page of categories. They've effectively covered all their other fields. Are you involved in adultery, big tits, or double penetration? Have got it. Strap-ons, Students, and Orgies? No trouble. Gender, Solo, and Squirting Toys? Yeah, you betcha. Taboo, Incest, or Family? I'm sorry, you pervert fuckin', but this is a respectable place! For those words, the search bar will not even bring up something. The videos at least runs without difficulty. It started at 480p, but I didn't find it difficult to watch in HD after some initial buffering. In 25 minutes, a girl can teach a girl loads of stuff. The little lady's eyes roll over the back of her head as a woman with years of experience eats her pussy. It's a great thing, this generational encounter. Inspiring, really. So much so that I feel that I need to save it, so that I can show it to my boys one day. The Download button below the video provides the MP4 with a variety of characteristics, from 240p to maximum 1080p HD.

Comments are funny, its says about the community

Have a view of the comment sections below the Pornky clips. Typically from the kind of guys who comment on free sex tubes, you may expect some trashy things, but these bozos take it to another level. I have looked under this lesbian sex scene, there's exactly one guy asking a helpful and important question. Her name? Her name? "Of course, there's no solution to this. Since these are a number of blonde-haired chicks, another man is calling for "more Japanese footage." The rest of the remarks are pure gibberish. "Sex" was written by one Anonymous commenter, and "Sex yes" was written by another. "Hat" was written by a Pornky user who took the time to sign up for an account and nobody else wrote "Hot." The funniest damn thing is that, obviously, these comments are moderated. I posted one and received a message stating that my comment was submitted for approval. With my appreciation for the big curves and pussy in the clip, I hope I can sustain a high level of conversation.

What about the ads?

Spam wasn't a big problem with my ad-blocker working. No more than you'd imagine, anyway, from a free tube. Through watching dick pill commercials, you're basically paying for the tittyfuck movies you're spanking it for. I'm sorry to burst your bubble if you felt there was really something you were getting for doing nothing.

Anything else about the content?

To show every one of Pornky's smutty subgenres, the category page has nice thumbnails, but here there are no surprises other than a few hundred fudge-packing scenes filed under a grinning twink named Gay. There's a chick with massive knockers and a sexy Ebony chick showing off her twat in the 400 Black Flicks in their 2,000 Big Tits films. There are tons of blondes, group sex, and almost 2,400 scenes of fucking teenagers. My own years of playing MMOs from childhood were wasted.


Pornky's is not an awful free tube website. For most people, it would actually be nice enough, but in their categories menu and whole filing system, there are some notable errors that will bug the hell out of a lot of you. If you normally browse for Taboo or BBW movies with your free tubes, you're shit out of luck here. I'm sure there are other popular genres that they have left out, but if you're not a mommy-fucker or a chubby-chaser, it could be worth having a look.

What We Like At Pornky:
+ Login and download video
+ Easy to navigate
What We Don't Like At Pornky:
- Only 10K videos
- Categories
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