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Introduction is a part of the well-known network of porn tube sites. There are nine sites in this network and we have reviewed all of them with pretty much the same passion and zeal for the content they deliver. The number of videos that these sites offer is just mind-blowing and it would need you a couple of lifetimes of sitting and watching porn to get to watch all of them. This site works as a porn aggregator site, a term which most of you understand. But, we will tend to explain everything to the laymen out there who have no idea what that means. No, an aggregator site is not the site you use when there is no electricity!

What Is An Aggregator Site?

It is pretty simple. A porn aggregator site is a website that doesn’t own any of the videos that you can find on it. It simply redirects you to other sites where the original content is stored. Now, imagine a website like Porzo. It has over 44 million straight videos and not one of them is on this website. No matter how many people they have working on this site, that is one hell of a job. I mean, when you need to upload ten thousand videos on your website, you just add them to the list and you wait for the time and speedy internet to do the work. But, to find the video on another site, take it, and link it on your site is a completely different process.

No wonder that sites like Porzo have millions of hits every month. People usually love watching a ton of porn every day and they don’t necessarily like to change websites for every movie. Those who have found Porzo and its amazing library of 44,000,000+ videos are never going to any other porn site. Well, that is not entirely true because the videos on this site are from other porn tubes and rarely do they offer premium content.

Are There Any Dangers?

The only danger that can befall you on this site is that you might get stuck on it for a long long time. Well, there are other things as well. Porzo is a tube aggregator site and with every click on a video or thumbnail, it will bring you to another porn site. Porzo doesn’t have a huge problem with ads. In fact, during our whole visit to it, we encountered just one mildly annoying ad. But, there is no telling what you will find on other sites. Being an aggregator site, it will send you to hundreds of thousands of other sites and their firewall might just break yours. However, there are no real dangers on this site. It is entirely safe and free. Our recommendation is to explore some information about the site where you are going to watch the video and just enjoy the feeling.

Is 44,000,000 The Final Number?

If you had read any of the previous reviews that we have done about the sites from this network, you would have already known the answer to this question. Of course not! Porzo offers 44 million of only straight porn videos. Next to the search bar, there is a yellow gender icon. While we are at it, this site incredibly reminds us of PornHub with its black and yellow color scheme. Well done, people at Porzo! I can watch porn at night no problem! Anyway, when you click on that icon, you will have a choice. You can choose to watch straight, gay, and trans porn movies, or to make some combinations as well. When all of these genres are put together, we get to an amazing number of 56,000,000 porn movies. Really a fantastic job!

Amazing List Of Categories

There are no limits on Porzo when it comes to the type, category, and genre of the movies you want to watch on this site. The homepage is made in a way that will give you the best porn experience. You will see the options and only about the 100+ most popular categories all the time on the main page and. Finally, there are more than fucking 500 categories. It is crazy to search all of them because this means that you can search for literally any type of porn. It is simply unreal to what extent the categories go on Porzo. If you love soft Asian porn, you will find it; hardcore porn and BDSM - you’ll find it; fetish, pissing, and bondage, together with spanking, flogging, and foot fetish, yeap, it is there! Hentai porn is also there. It is just an amazing range of porn categories.

On the main page, videos are not listed, but just the categories. In these places, you will be able to see the number of videos included. When you click on the wanted category, a new page opens with the full list of videos included there. You can spend days, weeks, and years just traversing these categories without ever watching a video. The rest of the categories are listed at the bottom of the page and it is just a vast list of porn genres and subgenres. Porzo has amazing content to offer and we are still not speaking numbers.


Sites like are really the ducats of the porn industry. They give you free access to a ton of videos and they do it really fast. It is an aggregate site which means that you have to be ready to visit a big number of sites in order to watch the best movies on the internet. The quality of the movies is good and there are many HD films on Porzo. The categories are fantastic and you can search them manually or through the search option which works perfectly. Also, the mobile version of the site is fantastic. If you love porn, there is a chance that you will find your favourite movies in the database of 56,000,000 movies on Porzo.

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What We Like At Porzo:
+ 44+ million of videos
+ lots of fetish kategories
+ clean site design
What We Don't Like At Porzo:
- nothing found
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