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Straight men can be easily divided into two categories - those who love big boobs and those who love big butts. Of course, the majority of us love all of the big curves on a female body and we love the rule - the bigger the better! On premium porn sites and free porn tubes, you can watch millions of porn videos featuring the most gorgeous pornstars with big curves. But, what about amateurs? They can also be found on these sites and their curves can amount to life-size ones. We have a special porn site that we want to show you and it is all about the curves. Its name says it all - PrimeCurves. This is a place where you will enjoy the biggest curves on perfect female bodies. Don’t get us wrong, this is not a site about BBWs. Even though some people love huge and chubby babes, the women on this site are all in perfect proportions with huge titties and big bubble butts. I know you are excited so let’s continue.

Huge Boobs And Bubble Butts For The Masses

PrimeCurves is not your regular porn site. First of all, it covers a specific niche which is about women with huge beautiful curves. Don’t expect to watch hardcore porn where these boobs get fucked and the big asses spanked. This is a softcore porn site that will deliver exactly what the people want from it - amateur babes with amazing curves. Of course, this doesn’t mean that there are no porn stars to be found here. If you dig deep enough, you can find great pictures and articles about some pornstars with huge boobs like Angela White and Lisa Ann. Once again, don’t expect to watch porn with them because that is something that this site lacks.

PrimeCurves is a porn site dedicated to pictures and softcore movies. What does that mean? It means that, if you came here to look for hardcore poundings where huge boobs are jumping around, you just might not get it. This site is a blog-post-driven site with thousands of articles filled with amazing pictures of big boobs and flashy curves. For example, if you have found Angela White in one of the articles, when you click on it, you will get to see a full picture gallery of the scene where she shows her PrimeCurves. The one scene I found was from Brazzers and it included a dryer in the game. You know those big curves can easily get stuck in a dryer and a helping hand (or cock) is needed to unhinge them. But, to watch the full video, you need to go to Brazzers and become a member. Tough luck, my friends!

Simple Style Of The Site Makes Everything Easier

This is a really simple site to use. It is, as I mentioned,a blog-post site about all the babes and MILFs with huge boobs. Majority of them are not huge pornstars and they are unknown to the masses. Therefore, PrimeCurves is an excellent opportunity for all of them to become known to people who love curves. Even if you didn’t acknowledge yourself as a boob lover or an ass lover, you will make your personal preferences after you have seen these galleries on this site. The posts and galleries are updated daily and you will always have new content to watch and jerk off to.

The site is easy to use and you will never have problems with navigation. On its white background, you will see plenty of picture and video galleries to choose from. If you are not sure whether it is a picture or a video, you can always choose those categories on the options tab. You can also choose Free Sex Doll, Sex Simulator, and Meet&Fuck. So, PrimeCurves is a porn site that can offer a lot more than it meets the eye. Still, picture galleries are its #1 asset. They are shown on the homepage and you can choose whichever you want to watch. Some of them are on the servers of this site but most of them will transfer you to another site where you can enjoy them. Everything is free and you won’t have to worry about tedious ads because I haven’t encountered any of them during my visit to PrimeCurves.

This Site Offers Excellent Softcore Videos

If you thought that pictures were the only selling point of PrimeCurves, you were wrong. This site is filled with videos where those big boobs and asses get shown in various ways. There is a Videos section of the site or you can just find them on the homepage. The only issue with the videos is that they don’t usually involve sex. They are softcore and they will not satisfy those people who came to the site to enjoy hardcore pounding of big asses and tits. The videos usually show amateur girls and MILFs being naked, stripping, seducing their viewers, and caressing their curves. 

For example, I saw a video of a busty blonde amateur MILF cooking. She was naked and her enormous boobs were visible with only an apron that covered her belly. It was arousing just to watch her go around that kitchen and I begged for a guy to enter and fuck her hard. But it didn’t happen. So, as you can see, if you love hardcore banging action, PrimeCurves will not deliver on that field.


PrimeCurves is an excellent porn site. It is not your regular site where you can explore the categories and enjoy many types of hardcore porn. This is a niche driven site that will show you amazing amateurs and pornstars with huge boobs and even bigger asses. These curves have hypnotized people for centuries and they are usually the culprits for a pretimed ejaculation. But, splashing your sperm on a pair of huge bouncy titties might just be the sexiest thing you will ever do. Therefore, if you are a guy who loves curves, visit PrimeCurves and your wishes will be fulfilled.

What We Like At Primecurves:
+ Daily updates
+ Lots of sexy booty babes
+ Clean and easy to navigate
+ Great softcore videos
What We Don't Like At Primecurves:
- Too bright site design
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