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Nutaku proves that when it comes to immersive sex games. Project QT is the newest, best Nutaku porn game. This Nutaku title is sure to get your dick wet if you are a fan of their peculiar mix of clicking, RPG tactics and developing a harem recently going cross-platform. You are in for a hell of a treat. From their early obsession with schoolgirls to the demon babes that are all over the place in porn games in 2019, the entire idea of sexualizing innocent looking girls is a very common concept in Hentai. The task of getting hentai ever hotter has been formally taken over by Western porn game developers and Nutaku is spearheading the charge.


The core gameplay of Project QT is very similar to other Nutaku titles, but it follows the tradition of inventing some fresh ideas to mix things up. There are no two Nutaku games that are the same, but all Nutaku games have the same vibe. They call this one a clicker game themselves, but that's a bit understated. Clicker games, unless you literally click on a pair of tits, are boring and come without a challenge.

The Game

It's the kind of low-level fight anyone can get into. The fight is two-fold. You've got your girls at the top of the screen, laid out on a 2D grid, left to right. On the right, with their respective health stats and abilities, you can see the enemies. They pull off combos against your girls, and by playing Candy Crush, you need to motivate them to fight harder, faster and stronger.  During the fight, the lower portion of the screen is reserved for a match-em-up game reminiscent of Candy Crush, where you match coloured marbles in combinations to pop off a combo. The more combos you receive, the better the fight goes. But there, it doesn't stop. The game, even better than most other Nutaku titles, is extremely well designed. These guys really know how to make a layout pop, so without reading the manual, you can expect to find everything you need. The design is non-intrusive and highly colourful. But, it comes with that respect for colour mixing inspired by the web developer, where nothing is in your face and the colours are properly blended. If you see a golden coin expected to stick out, it will still be shaded around the edges in such a way that the immersion of the other assets on the screen will not break. It's very important to note that, although that one came out later, this game was obviously planned for a mobile release. There is a vertical game. It's inescapable. That doesn't mean you're not allowed to enjoy it on your PC. If it looks great on a 7-inch phone, the middle of the 27-inch monitor will surely look perfect. The general idea is that you'll have to either flip your monitor sideways or play on your phone if you want it to be full-screen. Or hell, if you're like me, you might just be able to project the whole game to your cock. Talk about graphics for the next-gen. That is at the heart of a good RPG. It's the same logic that back in the day made Pokemon so popular, and it applies here. You've got a collect-them-all attitude, except that they're chicks and babes instead of rats and birds. All the elements have pros and cons and some elements counter other elements. The entire challenge is to figure out which girl and which action is most suitable against a specific opponent, and there is no set rule as to how you will get over a particular hump. It's basically a game of rock paper scissors that is very deep and fleshed out, but all the options have giant breasts.

Play on your phone for a better experience

The ideal choice here is probably to play on your phone. As a pastime game, it's absolutely perfect between commutes, work sessions, travel, and chores. You can jack your dick clean off to the sex scenes you have unlocked when you get home at the end of the day and you get to put your feet up and rest. They're hot, explicit, and every second of your time is worth it.

Awesome porn content

Beginning off in the less bondage fetish side of Project-QT, in battle, the girls are beautiful that are roughly animated across a grid. You can't really jack off in that part of the game. On the other hand, when you browse and edit your team, you can always see the girls one at a time, and as they level up, they gradually get more naked. Right off the bat, though, they're absolutely gorgeous, and they really get you starting to wonder what they appear like under their dresses. I'm here to tell you that all these girls are absolute fucking toys beneath their clothes. This fact is well hidden by their behaviour, but eventually, you get to its creamy centre. What's really great about these girls is that they are very different from each other. There's even a bit of a rare touch here for Nutaku. Sure, they're all super cute, they're all very fuckin 'fuckin' fuckin ', but that comes with the Hentai goggles. In terms of their body shape, they're different and that's the sort of variety I can get behind. I'm promoting fucking all sorts of bitches.


Finally, like every other Nutaku gem, the game is entirely free. If you want to edge forward at breakneck speeds, you are always free to dump money into it, though. It's up to you in this game to decide how you're going to blue-ball yourself.

What We Like At Projectqt:
+ Great art
+ Amazing story
+ Lots of free games
+ Mobile is great
What We Don't Like At Projectqt:
- Nothing found
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