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When it comes to premium porn sites, there is a great number of them that take the cake as being the creme de la creme of the porn industry. Property Sex can definitely be considered as the frosting on the cake of the adult industry. The people who make porn have to be creative and imaginative when making new content that would appeal to all kinds of users and members. We guess that a group of very imaginative persons sat together and made an idea called Property Sex. This is a premium porn site, which means that you will get nothing for free, just an opportunity to wander through many great porn videos featuring some of the hottest babes in the history of porn. Also, as a free member, you will be able to watch and drool over the big thumbnail video showing some of the best scenes in the past month on this site. This porn site is the epitome of greatness so let’s dive into it together.

What Is Property Sex?

What we didn't mention is that this site deals with the reality genre of porn. This genre is probably the biggest and widest genre in porn and it deals with, you guessed it, reality. The scenes that you can expect in this niche are so diverse and unpredictable that sometimes even the actors get baffled by the scenarios presented to them. This site approaches the reality genre differently. The movies on Property Sex are all taken in POV (point-of-view) fashion, placing you as a viewer right in the action, immersing you by having the pornstars watching you dead in the eye and pretending that you are the center of the action. Being a reality porn site, it should deal with some realistic situations, right? Yes! This site is unique in the idea of bringing reality porn on a whole other level. The videos on this website include some of the hottest real estate agents you will ever see. Imagine having Anissa Kate selling you a house! Some people would pay astronomical sums of money just to spend some time with her, forget about the house. The one thing that makes these real estate agents different from others is the fact that they do not take “no” for an answer. If you are indecisive to buy a house, they will make you do it in any way possible.

What Content Can You Expect?

After visiting this site, you will get a sudden urge to make an appointment to go watch some houses. Property Sex gives you an exclusive opportunity to tour some of the best looking houses and fuck some of the hottest pornstars such as Abella Danger. These agents are fearless and will do anything to seal the deal, even take a huge load of cum on their faces. The tour of a house turns out to be the best experience you will get since you get to watch amazing scenes in POV fashion in rooms, bedrooms, stairs, on the old furniture, and the windows. Sometimes, the real estate agents on this site take their customers to an abandoned park or the alley behind the property and “seal the deal” there. After this tour, everyone will want to buy a house. The videos that are available on this porn site are numerous and there are more than 200 reality porn scenes. In any case, you will see gorgeous women dressed professionally getting undressed and pleasing you until you say yes to their offer.

Videos On Property Sex

As we have noted, there are over 200 POV reality videos on this site. Their newest videos, starting from last year, are in 4K Ultra HD quality and they are amazing. You will get to see every crevice and pore on the hot real estate agents as they suck your cock or as they sit on it. The videos are regularly updated and you can expect new content every week. This means that you will always have fresh content and be able to tour a new house with a new real estate agent or a tenant every week.

How Much Money Do You Need For This Site?

As we have noted, Property Sex is a premium site. This means that you need to pay up if you want to experience these house tours and hottest real estate agents. We are here to help you choose the best membership option and to see whether this site is worth your time. There are four basic options for access to this site. The smallest and shortest one is trial access. If you take this option, you will get 2-days access for $1.00 a day, and you will not be able to download any videos. This option is for those who want to have a taste of this site. The next membership options are monthly membership for $29.99, next membership is for $8.33 a month, adding up to $49.99 for 6 months, and there is, of course, a 12-month membership which comes at a price of $6.66 a month, which is $79.99 a year. Seeing all of these offers, the best one seems to be the yearly access because you pay the lowest price per month. You get the download option and all the exclusive videos become available to you, but the download option costs a little more. As you can see, buying a house and having sex online has never been more possible and satisfactory.


Premium porn sites need to have fresh and imaginative concepts and content in order to attract a huge number of members. When it comes to creativity and originality, Property Sex is one of the brightest points of the adult industry. This paysite is unique since it shows us another side of the real estate business and affairs. If you are willing to pay for the subscription on this site, you will be able to enjoy the hottest scenarios with some of the best pornstars in the industry. Watch full exclusive videos on this site and enjoy the world where real estate agents will do whatever they need to seal the deal.

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