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Living in this day and age might be hard, but finding an awesome live cam site might be as easy as it ever was. Today we will be looking at Rampant, an awesome sexy girl cam site with models you will get hard in no time. Join me in this review as I will explain why Rampant has banging girls you will want to wank to as soon as possible. offers live streaming of hot girls all day every day, with a special promise that there are free girls that will fulfill your fetishes and commands. There are several channels, a bright and modern musical tour, with all kinds of things to check out, with free registration.

Why it's so good! is not like every other site or any kind of regular stuff you watch daily. Rampant is a website with some of the hottest banging models I have ever seen on any type of adult content websites. Having a strong visit every day, Rampant is going strong in the live cam section of adult content. When you arrive at the website you will immediately see that it's not like any other. With a clean and modern look, you will feel really good browsing here. The central screen comes with thumping background music that will give you a nice strip-joint atmosphere, with lots of ways to watch and get involved with the live shows.

Free Content for reals is genuinely free, with free sex cam shows. All cam sites claim free content, but on some of the smaller websites, free shows are usually with some boring chick who just sits there and does nothing. Right away you will see a chat window with guys telling hot models what to do, and also being able to turn on her vibrator or any other toys she might be using. I clicked on a brown-haired beauty aiming her round ass at the camera and dropped me into her show. The British babe was fully naked, showing off her tan lines and big jugs. I know she’s British because as soon as I tuned in, she was rambling into a handheld microphone about getting the show started.

Channels and Pricing

There were 14 channels open to me and these included: Lexie Diamond, Studio 66, Babestation daytime, Playboy, Red Light Central, Thai chat, and Live TV Dating. Click the one you are interested in and you will see the central screen change. Beneath this is a list of comments and posts and you can instantly write in your own comments and see them appear. To get more involved though you will need to use your phone, and that’s where the money side of things starts to come in. You can ‘call by credit card’ in which case it costs you 1.5 credits per minute, and each credit costs £1.00 (note that the prices here are in British sterling). Or you can pay by phone in which case you pay £1.53 per minute from a landline and £2.00 per minute from a mobile. When you have paid you can then chat live, by phone or microphone with the girls you are watching. The instant online-text chat is always free.

More Features

As well as the live chat channels, I found a Videos area. This took me into Rampant Tube. Here there was page after page of clips and solo scenes as recorded and uploaded by members. There were over 46460 of these movies and clips when I was looking at Rampant TV, runtimes varied from five minutes upwards and they all streamed online on a screen around 640 x 420 in size. There are various ways to search these clips, and you can arrange them by newest, top-rated, and most viewed. You can also take a look by channel, to see them arranged according to which channel they appeared on, and you can view them by porn star name as well. As you view these videos you can rate them and make comments and you are going to find this site very interactive in that respect.

Best Selling point

As I have mentioned before, the biggest selling point of is their quality of babes. Not too many of them, just a dozen of them live when I visit, but what you see is really hot and quality babes with banging looks and amazing curves. Usually, when you visit the website, the front page will be stacked up with top-shelf babes. There is also a section with pre recorded videos, guessing it is for when your favorite babe is not online, you can just watch her pre recorded videos and enjoy it.

Weakest Point

My weakest point about Rampant has got to be the fact that people can listen to you have phone sex. The whole phone-in thing just seems like a gimmick to me, but I can tell it’s popular because the girls are always talking to someone I can’t hear. I do think it’d be better if they just rolled the voice chat into the site.

My final thoughts on is offering us something unique and different, free live streaming shows where you pay to talk or get intimate, from a selection of lots of different channels and all streaming, into one member's area. Next to amazing live shows, you have awesome recordings to watch and wank to, and an awesome community with a big forum to use. Overall, I am highly impressed by A website with awesome design and some of the sexiest cam girls I have seen in recent times. You don't even have to do registration to enjoy it, don't wait, go check it out right now!

What We Like At Rampant:
+ Thousands of sexy girls
+ Create an account and chat
+ Site design is likable
+ Active forum
What We Don't Like At Rampant:
- Others can hear you having phone sex
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