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I have just the spot to settle down for you, whip your dick out and start fapping to the glorious material of r34. And Reddit is that spot. That's right, there's another NSFW subreddit we're jumping straight through. I fuckin' love it. All in one spot, being able to switch between my favourite porn subs makes for a perfect fap. And right up my lane is r/rule34. It's made of drawn and illustrated porn of the internet's hottest waifus and babes.

How Reddit works

And for your fetish fanatics, there are all sorts of different pages. BDSM subs, voyeur kinky subs, and tons more. For info on those treasure troves, you can check out my other articles. You should upvote it to give the person some karma, which is essentially brownie points that indicate how famous you are if you like a post that you see. And the reverse is true as well. If the post sucks, break the downvote button. And that is Reddit's bare-bones. Hop on to give it a try if you've got one.

Quality moderators

There is a solid moderation of r/34. I hate to see subs like this dying out because no one could be bothered to sift through busty Hentai babes' posts to keep it on track. The rules here are pretty simple, so if you're an average ass guy, you shouldn't have any trouble following them. You twisted fucks, don't upload underage garbage. Employ the rules for the title and formatting. Don't repost crap. And make sure that r34 is really your message. One particular law for the sub is that a piece of r34 must be your first post to the sub. That might seem evident. Like you've got to post r34 on the r34 sub, goddamn duh. But for the origins of photos and shit like that this sub also takes request posts. You'll be able to make requests and all that jazz until you contribute an r34 article. If you're not sure if anything qualifies as r34 or if the content is questionable, then the goddamn mods will be updated. I don't want to see your pathetic butt on r/loligotbannedforthis moaning that your furry torture porn is not appreciated by dumbass mods. Right below the rules, there is a helpful list of mods. Ask to stop a ban on them. Fucking fast, that's that.

Non-stop action the content is always there

But here, let's get into the stuff. Active as fuck, this sub is active. They are right on the cusp of over 600,000 fans. Damn, that's a lot of users, for an NSFW sub in particular. And at any given time, there'll be thousands of horny fucks going online. It's not a dead sub where you're just going to see a few people contributing. And each post has a solid system for naming. As a word, you don't get dumb shit like "Busty babe taking cock" The names of each character are mentioned in each title, who the artists are and what show/series/etc the porn is parodying. All the regular Reddit options, such as "New, Controversial, Rising, Top, and Hot, can organize content. One thing is certain all the posts are pretty damn hot." Fuck, I say. They've got some r34 quality, and the upload frequency is nuts. All the regular Reddit options, such as "New, Controversial, Rising, Top, and Hot, can organize content. One thing is certain all the posts are pretty damn hot." Fuck, I say. They've got some r34 quality, and the upload frequency is nuts.

Share awesome material

Fresh posts are out there to jerk your cock every few minutes. I saw some unbelievably hot sketches from Fire Emblem and animations of babes like D.VA from Overwatch being an exhibitionist whore or Futaba from Persona 5 getting fucked over the side of her desk just browsing through the top articles. You can exchange posts as in any other subreddit, save them for later fapping, download them to your spank bank, or comment any cringy crap about how you love the perky tits of Starfire. Much of the porn here I would say, are portraits. Every once in a while, you get a few sporadic SFM animations or cartoon style scenes, but you'll mainly be fapping your beloved anime bitches to jaw-droppingly hot videos.

Famous easy to use mobile app

Reddit is it. For all of your surfing needs, you may already know they have a kick-ass smartphone app. Some people aren't the greatest supporters of smartphone design, but I'm one of the minority fucks who really enjoys it. Without hassle, you can swipe through full-sized thumbnail photos of these hot babes. And while you're at work, you should customize NSFW pictures to blur out so that you can scroll comfortably. For handheld devices, it is well-scaled and extremely easy to use.

Very nice features.

This subreddit has some of the top quality hentai porn I've seen all over the web. It's not as descriptive as the more fetish-driven subreddits, but they've got some nice stuff on here, darn it. All the images, videos, and GIFs reported here will be of good quality. To get this amazing fucking stuff, you don't even need to have any kind of paid membership. For the taking, it's all yours. And I like the way Reddit is configured, too. It makes it easier to browse the rest of Reddit on the go without seeing huge anime titties flashing across your phone by having different locations for your hentai porn.

My favourite feature

Just fast. It's porn. Man, I think with every review on here, I might tell that. But really the goddamn R34 porn is amazing. I enjoy watching sluts go spread eagle or have a facial from my favourite series. On this sub, I really dig the moderation stage. This is typically my only reservation about a sub. Without meeting some kind of directives, they still end up being full of annoying dumbasses uploading shit. I might again be in the minority here but I favour every day to a well-kept sub with decent material to a crazy mess. It's a bush, like. When you put a little time in and cut it it's easier. I don't want to go down with a little babe and come up with a pub hanging between my teeth. The fuck.


Overall, if you love to jerk your dick to the erotic porn of hot babes from your favourite movies, you just can't go wrong. There's plenty of incredible material from thousands of different outlets online. Hell, I'm going to browse here occasionally looking for sexy sluts that I don't know and watch whatever show they're coming from. It's a known reality that a show is 10 times better for some amount of fan service. Only find out Shoot la Kill. If you think it's a popularity-driven plot? No, seriously, get on to r/rule34 and get your fucking heads out of it.

What We Like At RedditRule34:
+ Great and quality animations
+ Daily updates
+ Mobile friendly
What We Don't Like At RedditRule34:
- Still nothing
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