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How's it going guys, today my journey through hentai world continues and what website will I be reviewing today? I think it's one of the best in the web world. It goes by the name of Rule 34 Hentai, and yes: it's all about giving you access to XXX animated goodness and fun in Rule 34, as the name implies. Law 34 is simply "if it happens, there's porn of it" for those who don't know, which means that this location features fan-made adult lewds with characters from TV shows, film, video games and the like. Right now for a thorough review, I'm going to drill into this website-keep reading while I discover what's on sale!

Hope page and first impressions

First experiences count, and I'm pretty satisfied with what I find on the homepage at Rule 34 Hentai. First off, I'm going to let you know in advance that this website has HTTPS allowed and the load speeds are very speedy, so everything here is fantastic from a meta-perspective. You have a big search bar at the top in terms of functionality, a lot of helpful header connections, and then, ultimately, a spotlight of the new uploads to the site. Scrolling down to the bottom can give you a pagination-style guide to moving back in time, and indeed, that's pretty much it, except for the sidebar links that are quite useful. makes it easy and I give them my two thumbs up because of that!

The best features of Rule34Hentai

The search engine, which is one of the best engines I've ever used since I got used to it is the key feature of Rule34 Hentai. In all its content, Rule34Hentai uses a number of tags that make it easy to find that particular nasty shit you want to see your characters do. When you type a word and press Enter, you can find that you just end up verifying the tag regardless of the search you are going through. In your quest, invites you to use many tags, sure that it will turn up anything you want to throw at it. The Refine Search table is another amazing feature. Rule34Hentai advises that you pair a series of tags with what you have looked if you look for something and get lots of results. As you get the most common tags that lead to even better porn, the algorithm they use for this is awesome.

Header links

A segment where you can go to upload your own hentai entertainment is the first choice alongside the homepage. You must have an account and there are a few guidelines for downloading, but generally, there are not so many limitations in place that not only boost the website's overall efficiency. If you intend to turn into more of an anime porn power user, this may just be the location you want to visit next to the main website, Rule34Hentai has a Wiki that you may want to check out where they go in-depth with downloading, marking, and bumping.

Picture tags is the strongest library

You have a row with photo tags next to it which is essentially the most important part of the library for me here. If you're searching for a certain hentai genre, this is going to be the perfect way to find exactly that for you. Note that Rule 34 Hentai sorts items by default based on alphabetical order, but on the left-hand side of the page there are easy links so that you can search them out by prominence instead. They cluster the posts based on log10 of N (the number of posts connected with each tag), so you have 11 different segments in total to check out The gang behind this project seems to be pretty nerdy. For Rule34Hentai goodness below, I will look at some of the broader groups here-you will enjoy what they have, I'm sure of it!

The Content

It goes almost without saying that Overwatch's porn videos starring characters are pretty darn common in the Rule 34 culture. On this particular website, the Overwatch hentai group currently has over 18,000 pieces of content tagged: that's a hell of a lot of porn! You'll see 3D cartoon Meis' likes, Mercy bent over to show off her perfect tits, and Pharah taking it in her bikini on the beach in her cunt. I also saw Widowmaker getting doggy style fucked by an actual dog (really, guys? Come on now!) so if that's your kind of thing, go for it There's a lot of different art types here and niches too. I believe you know as well as I do that Rule 34 addicts always come up with the weirdest tastes when it comes to their adult entertainment style, Akali titty fucking in her KDA getup, Xayah getting fucked by Sion and even Tristana getting impaled on Soraka's Unicorn penis. Anyway, all of the tags here seem to be essentially character-dependent and series-I was unable to locate simple genres like anal, schoolgirl, and so on.


I've actually been looking around Rule 34 Hentai for the better part of an hour now and to be honest with you, I had a whale of a time. It is highly recommended that you check out this place: it has minimal ads and I think it's completely awesome in terms of architecture, well worth looking at if you do not find some great hentai hubs for your needs. There is also a great deal of 3D CGI porn, especially when it comes to Overwatch. About 100,000 3D photographs are on Rule34Hentai. You'll even find western-style porn like Jessica Rabbit or thousands of Marvel superheroes. However I'm going to say it's heavily concentrated on Hentai video games: I don't know whether that's a positive thing for you or a negative thing, but either way, at least you know!

What We Like At Rule34hentai:
+ Lots of content
+ Active community
+ Search is great
+ Quality images
What We Don't Like At Rule34hentai:
- Some ads
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