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Introduction is a site-beast. It's a place of the Chan type, but it looks and functions a little more than you would imagine. You get a big picture board with tags that you can browse through instead of various boards and places to share and address subjects. They're more like Imgur than they are like 4chan. And when I said a site beast, I fucking meant it. Every single month, they add upwards of 35 million horny websites to the net. Which makes them one of the fucking web's biggest hentai picture board websites. And there's a lot of nice places to get your hentai fix. But I'm going to concentrate on gifs, photographs, and short-form videos/animations for this one. I want to tell you more about today. A realm that rolls straight off the tongue, truly.

Clean and straightforward site design

It's a site of the Chan type, so I didn't expect that much from the architecture of the site. I am happy I have not boosted my expectations. It's bright white with accents of orange print. Not bad. I've probably seen even worse places. They manage at least, to keep meals arranged here. It's just a little bright, that's all. And if you can't get through that, then check out the header for their beta site choice. Now the edition of the web is elegant as hell. I love it. Nice dark style, bigger samples of pictures, and menus that are hidden away. An awesome site, all in all, except for a beta. I assume that they'll end up sticking to it. But since that shit isn't official yet for the remainder of the analysis, I'll stick to the main edition of the site to prevent confusion.

The content

At first, the homepage may look like a lot, but it is simpler to use than you expect. For "Blogs, Rankings, Notes, Tags, Pools, Wiki, Web, and Beta," the header has a few key options. Both of which have sub-options for simple organizational crap. Posts are the normal daily viewing choice that you would expect on any photo site like this. In order to browse a personalized feed, access your own uploads/comments, or simply arrange your feed by popularity, you should sign up for those posters. Except for "Pools," everything else up there is fairly simple. Pools are user-created directories that have certain themes. Such as "scenes of fellatio" or "League of Legends Vore." Shit like that. And if they have anything to add, other users can contribute content to those folders. And I'm sure you fucking do too. I know you have this additional terabyte drive set aside for all of your beloved hentai.

A very large database with lots of tags

You'll see a lot of hot ass videos of Hentai sluts doing all sorts of kinky stuff beneath all that. Any of the latest famous photographs will be seen in the first row, with the others being the most recently posted photos/videos. And if you want a quick way to search, you can endlessly click through it. All you have to do is sit on your back and fap to the slews of hentai sluts. But, if you want a more curated experience, then change the quest using the left-hand sidebar. In order to get a fucking lot of data, you should plug in basic words like "bukkake" or throw in the name of your beloved waifu. The advanced option allows you still more choices to remove those tags you don't want such as picture size, megapixels, ranking, and options. How many consequences you get is what blows my fucking mind. There are a number of photos/videos in each tag that is in that segment. For starters, BDSM has over 140 thousand outcomes.

Lots of explicit content

You get a brief preview for each picture that does not really tell you much at all. I mean, because they've got millions of photographs and videos on the goddamn web, I can't blame them. And if the mouse hovers, it will tell you what you need. The sort of file, writers, poster, etc. All the good stuff. The consistency of the material won't disappoint you. The photos are fucking huge, and almost every famous Hentai artist out there gets the art from you. Without bugs, you can save photos or videos as well. There are no bullshit memberships that prohibit you from housing your spank bank with this nice shit. And I've made videos. They aren't the full-on episodes of Hentai. There is something like a WebM-style deal going on. Quick videos of hot bitches like Ochaco Uraraka riding some cock, up to a few minutes long, which are typically fan animations, often even with audio.

Best feature

I feel like I've just scratched this site's surface. At this point, the majority of the web may be considered a favourite function. So I'm going to make this short. The very best thing was the diversity of content. Loads of videos, photographs, and gifs of amazingly nut-busting stuff. And they're not censoring uploads just as much as other blogs. Enjoy your grim, sick, Hentai fetish all in one place.

Mobile Experience

If you ditch the daily platform and smash the Beta button, the mobile site isn't worth having. This version allows you to connect the web to your screen and search with ease whenever you want. It's fucking amazing and operates just as well as the desktop Beta website did. It's elegant, ideally scaled for phones, and provides you with bottoms that are easy to use to flip through images of sexy anime sluts. There are also buttons to store content on your computer easily. And, if you want to look at SFW images when you're out and about, you can allow a protected mode on your smartphone and desktop.


Overall, you know what I'm trying to say here, I guess. This page is for sure up there among my favourites. It has everything a degenerate waifu lover might want. That is open. It has HD photos that can be downloaded. There are kinky, fetish-filled images that can be saved without any difficulties. The mobile site is awesome. I have nothing to say left. Go jerk off over at for the amazing stuff.

What We Like At SankakuChannel:
+ Free of charge
+ Community
+ Quite good mobile experience
+ Millions of pics and videos
What We Don't Like At SankakuChannel:
- Ads
- Lots of thumbs are missing
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