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Hentai porn is one of the most popular porn genres in the industry. It is a clear choice for everyone who loves Japanese culture, anime, and cartoons. Usually, it involves imaginary drawn characters who are being sexy, naked, or having sex in every possible way. At the same time, it is one of the most imaginative porn genres out there because everything is possible in hentai porn. For example, you can read a hentai comic book where a hot female warrior with big boobs is fighting a lion warrior and when he defeats her, he licks her pussy and shoves his enormous veiny cock in her pussy. On top of it all, even though they are enemies, she will like it. So, if you are trying to find porn content that is unusual, unorthodox, and special, hentai is the way to go. In this review, we will take a look at one of the most famous and popular hentai sites on the internet - Sankaku Complex. If you are a hentai porn worshipper, there is no way that your search hasn't led you to this site until this moment. If it hasn't, then this is the mistake that needs to be fixed. Let's take a closer look at what this site has to offer.

Enormous Database of Hentai Pictures, GIFs, and Videos

Sankaku Complex is an amazing place. It will show you content that you have never seen before and it will blow your mind. This site has been around for more than a decade and in this time, it has gathered millions of different entertainment units. They come in the shape of pictures, GIFs, and incredible HD hentai videos that are just unbelievable. If you are familiar with this porn genre, you know that the hentai content usually comes in enormous sizes and quality. 

Of course, this is true when you have a porn site like Sankaku Complex. If you wish to experience the real quality of hentai, this is the place to be. On this site, one certain hentai sub-genre is dominant. You will notice that, instead of www., it says chan. So, it is actually This means that the site specializes in a certain type of hentai porn. In this case, we got ourselves some animal lovers. Here, you will find incredible content with cat-like ladies, animals with human characteristics, and all sorts of animal-looking sexy creatures. So, if you like it, head over to this site right now.

However, we are not here to show you the full site. We will show you what happens when you choose the tag “sex”. Let's enjoy some penetration hentai for that matter.

Incredible Movies and Other Content With The “Sex” Tag

If you are a careful reader and internet surfer, you will immediately find what the tag “sex” means on Sankaku Complex. It involves only penetration porn. It can be vaginal and anal, but it doesn't involve only oral sex. Now, I was a bit confused by that explanation because the first video that I watched on this site was from Final Fantasy. Let me tell you something. It looked freaking incredible. It felt like I was watching a 4K cutscene from the game itself. Lightning looked incredible and she was sucking this huge cock. And, that is it. The whole video was about that. Totally contrary from the explanation. But, I don't mind. I found myself a new favorite hentai video.

Every single video that you click with this tag will most likely be like this one. They are in unbelievable quality. However, they are shown in a really big video format so you will need to go full-screen to enjoy it in the best way. Another video that I watched was from Genshin Impact and it involved a busty brunette getting fucked so hard with an enormous cock that splashed whipped cream all over her. It was glorious. The only problem is that the loading time of the videos was way too slow. I get it. It is a huge quality and it needs some time. But, it can get really annoying to wait 5 minutes to watch a 2-minute scene. So, I hope you have a Godzilla of the internet.

Pictures and comic pages, on the other hand, are done differently. If a picture size is too big, the page shows you a lower resolution picture and it shows you the full thing when you click on it. When you click on the content, you cannot scroll back and forth through the pictures and videos. So, I recommend that you open everything on Sankaku Complex in a new tab. That way, the homepage is open and you are free to explore it to the tee.

To See Everything, You Will Need Some Money

We can all agree that the content on Sankaku Complex is absolutely indescribable. It is uploaded by the users and every day is very fruitful and lucrative for this site. However, you will notice a lot of unavailable content on the homepage. As you scroll down, more and more content gets loaded, but the big orange icons are still there. This means that the content is premium. You have two options on Sankaku Complex. You can choose the free registration or you can get Sankaku Plus.

If you get free registration, you will be able to edit tags, to post comments, vote, rate, upload content, and add favorites. If you take Sankaku Plus, Sankaku Complex will give you everything for just $9.99 a month. This means no ads (even though I haven't seen one ad during my time on the site), all content unlocked, no DRM, and many other conveniences. So, it is a fair price for a fantastic site such as this.


If you love hentai porn and you are familiar with Sankaku Complex, go over there now and type in the tag “sex”. It will show you one of the best repositories of hentai porn movies, pictures, and GIFs in unreal HD quality. Remember, you heard it first here!

What We Like At SankakuComplex:
+ Regular updates
+ Active community
+ Not too expensive
What We Don't Like At SankakuComplex:
- Some ads
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