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At one point in everyone's lives, there comes a moment when we develop a celebrity crush. It doesn't matter when it happens because we can be young, adults, and old men. Simply put, we will always have some affinities and nurture attraction towards certain TV stars and celebrities. If you ask your grandpa now about Marilyn Monroe, he will tell you that she was quite a dish. He might not admit it, but he probably had a huge crush on her because let's face it, she was amazing. What if your grandpa had the internet in his time and the endless possibilities that we have with this age of technology booming all around us? He would have been able to watch endless streams of Marilyn and all the other gorgeous celebrities from his time. It would have been a real blessing for every man and woman in the world. Today, we take the power of the internet very lightly when it comes to these things. We should celebrate sites like the one that I will show you today. It is called Scandal Planet and it brings one of the biggest databases of celebrity sex scenes and nude scenes from all over the world. Let's take this thing for a spin, shall we?

Watch A Huge Array Of Celeb Leaked Porn Videos And Sexy Pictures

Scandal Planet has earned its name one hundred percent. In the world of celebrities, it is considered a scandal if a certain girl gets seen in a slutty edition or even worse, in the leaked sex video. There are few celebrities over the world who were really recognized in their own leaked videos like Paris Hilton or Pamela Anderson. But, many others have their doppelgangers who do it for themselves. Of course, when something like this happens, it is a real Heaven for an ordinary man like myself or yourself. Just imagine watching a real sex video of Gal Gadot getting her nice French pussy banged hard as she moans loudly. There is no man in the world who wouldn't beat their monkey to this video.

This site represents every normal man's haven when it comes to celebrity porn and sexy nude videos. It includes thousands of famous celebrities around the world that have ever been sexy or provocative on the screen or in their private life. We know there are many paparazzi around the world following every celebrity's life and they take pictures of them regularly. If they have ever been in a slutty outfit, you will see it here. But that is not all. One of my personal favorite dolls is Ariana Grande and I always search for her when I come to a site like Scandal Planet. Let's see what I found.

Find Your Favourite Celeb And Enjoy A Ton Of Content

Scandal Planet is a place that holds everything that is dear to us. It holds one of the biggest repositories of celebrities in the open. These girls are always sexy and they are the fulfillment of our dreams. So, when I found Ariana Grande on this site, I was so excited to see what it has to offer. I can safely say that I wasn't disappointed...a lot. First of all, I opened her profile to read a short introduction with some personal information about this amazing American singer. That is a nice detail, but I want the real thing. And very soon, I got it.

I found many videos of this babe from her private life, from her performances around the world, and, of course, from the dark side of the internet - deep fakes. If you don't know, the fake videos and pictures are usually done using a doppelganger or using technology to paste the celebrity's face on the body of a pornstar and hence give you the real deal. I didn't find any fake videos but there are some pictures.

The pictures are downloadable and the videos are as well. For Ariana and any other celebrity, you will find a ton of content. You can spend a lot of time on that one page where there is everything important about that babe. Also, Scandal Planet has a really big database of celebrities from all over the world. So, if you love Indian babes or Russian MILFs on TV, you will get them here. However, not every point about this site is so shiny.

Longer Videos Demand A Payment And A Subscription

Scandal Planet declares itself as a completely free site with celebrity sex videos and nudes. The fact that you can download everything for free speaks for that matter. However, I found that not everything is as it seems here. When I clicked on a longer video (it was about 5 minutes long) and it came from the personal life of a pornstar (namely, she was lying in bed with her boyfriend), I was able to watch a small part of that video and then I was surprised. A big inscription saying “Get Full Video” appeared and I immediately knew what needed to be done. When you click on that link, you will get transferred to a site called Celeb Porn Archive. It is a big archive of celebrity porn and leaked sex videos (checked or not). In order to watch videos on that site, you need to pay and become its member. So, Scandal Planet has shown me that not everything is black and white all the time and I appreciate the lesson.


On Scandal Planet, a site with many sexy celebrities, you can enjoy a plethora of nude celebs, sex tapes, celeb porn, and sexy images. The majority of the celebrities come from all over the world and you may as well find someone from your own country if you are lucky. Scandal Planet is real and it offers a nice experience for free with a chance of becoming a premium member to watch everything it has to offer. If you have a celebrity crush, you will find fap-worthy material on Scandal Planet.

What We Like At ScandalPlanet:
+ Lots of real celeb videos
+ Search option
+ Some pics are high quality
What We Don't Like At ScandalPlanet:
- Some fake celeb pics
- Pay for full videos
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