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If you're someone who doesn't have a lot of time to jack off and just looks for a short fap to ease some tension or get some shut-eye, then you're probably someone who's going to profit better from, because this website is all about that easy, porn in your face that can be accessed in just a few seconds...

Home page and first impressions

The style of this porn site is minimal and usable. There's a search box right next to the pretty black and red mark, which helps the user to find whatever he needs in seconds. Let's face it: we're all in a rush when we browse for porn, right? There's a list of the most common tags to pick from under the navigation menu, including HD videos, Amateur, Anal, Asian, and so on. In alphabetical order, they are mentioned. The most recent videos are featured under the marks. The sentence "uploaded every 10 minutes" instantly reassures me: this ensures that I can have plenty of fresh content to fulfill my cravings! You get a preview of the video by hovering on each thumbnail, which is both tempting and helpful to select which ones are better for your tastes. The date when the clip was uploaded and its length in minutes can be found under the heading. You can see the most popular studios and pornstars if you scroll down to the bottom of the list, and you can use them to filter your images. There are some of the best production houses, such as Evil Angel and Twistys, as well as Alexis Breeze and Jenna Ivory, some of the most famous porn stars.

Made for quick fapping!

That's over 50 probably enticing thumbnails that could just look nice enough to make you press and start fapping away. It's really an efficient strategy because instead of other sites like PornHub that show you about 20 videos before pressuring you to click the next page, it helps you to sift through over 50 possible choices. Here, however, since you've selected it alongside 50-60 other choices, you know that your video is really the one for you, so you have certainly deducted it from a lot of applicants to be the one deserving of your precious fap time.

The most popular section

While this platform was built to deter you from falling into the pitfall of video indecision of the popular fapper, there are still many people who might go on this site, be confronted with more than 50 choices, and still be indecisive enough not to be able to select even one. If you are an indecisive individual who spends more time searching for a hot porn video to blast your hot cum instead of masturbating, then you might want to place your faith in the hands of the local population of this site and go to the 'Common' portion. This section of the website features all the most popular videos that its own users have watched-most of them have pretty hot, click-worthy thumbnails that could catch your eye on sight very well, so if you have trouble picking out a video, this could just be the place to get rid of your troubles and fapping.

Awesome high-quality porn

If you see yourself as a perfectionist as a porn user and you're not going to compromise for anything less than 1080p because your sperm cells are too dignified, then you're just the kind of guy who wants to fap on the HD porn portion of this site, which includes an extensive database of nothing but, you guessed it, pornography of high definition. When it comes to content, any video on this portion of the website is guaranteed to be 1080 pixels, and even better, the video player can always load the video in a normal period of time because it's that amazing. So if you ever need porn so crystal-clear that you can see the sperm cells floating inside the girl's face that just got a load blasted on her face, then look no further than the 'HD Porn' portion of this blog.

The player 

The videos stream easily, and most are of decent quality. In 1080p or 720p, the HD ones can be accessible and they sure look fantastic. If you have a poor internet connection, there's even the option to view them in the 480p format. You can zoom in to open the full-screen display. Just as you can do for your favorite album, there is also the opportunity to put it on repeat, to replay it several times. The advertisements on the player side aren't too distracting, and I've got very, very good news for you: the download option is there! You don't even have to sign up to download the mp4 file with all those steamy porn clips to your computer. You do not use a separate file for your download, though.

So many categories

On this page, there are hundreds of different categories that have quite the variety when it comes to sexual intensity-there are the usual blowjob, cumshot, MILF, Doggystyle, blonde and other stuff like that, but there are also some more hardcore themes and genres such as 'Whip',' Urine',' Transgirl',' Saggy' and other, more 'out there' categories that will certainly be enjoyed by anyone.


By clicking on the thumb symbol, up or down, much as on YouPorn, you can link the videos to a queue, post them, and like or hate them. You need to sign in to make a message. There are loads of similar videos listed under the video player to watch later. Overall, SexTVX has everything a decent porn tube website needs: fantastic content, a user-friendly interface, and 8 languages are even available!

What We Like At Sextvx:
+ Good video player
+ Pornstar section
+ Ads free content
+ More than 1.5 million videos
What We Don't Like At Sextvx:
- Too short videos
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