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Hello, my dear porn lovers! Today, I have one amazing live webcam site to present to you! Yeah, a live webcam site,  because I know how much fuckers love this kind of action! These sites appeared in the early 00' but with the development of technology and the high-speed internet, they have reached their peak! And we must be thankful for that! This is the only kind of porn action where you can actually interact with the models, not only watch already recorded material! So, with no further ado, I give you SkyPrivate! Let's have a look at it, shall we?! There are thousands of porn cam sites out there that let you watch sexy girls strip, masturbate and dance for you on command. And most of them have the same model of work. That model goes something like this: you click into a girl's profile, go to her room, watch her alongside hundreds of other dudes, tip to encourage her to show more, and then pay a certain number of coins in order to enter into a private show with her. But since you are reading this post, I'm sure you fuckers know the drill, right?

But, on rare occasions, some sites came up with something that will be a game-changer! I mean in a significant way. For example, one of the biggest game-changers when it comes to cam sites was the invention LovenseLush invented, a little pink Bluetooth controlled sex toy. That really rocked the world and all cam sites quickly started implementing this technology in their scripts! This allowed viewers from all around the world to control the way their model was being pleasured! The pretty big thing, right? Well, I  can't say that there have been any big changes to the online xxx camming industry since. Until now. Until SkyPrivate showed up! 

What can you find on SkyPrivate?

Well, SkyPrivate is an adult cam model site that operates solely via Skype shows. No more sitting in line with a bunch of other dudes who are jacking off and tipping, waiting to go private with her. With SkyPrivate, you go private from the start. And that's the biggest game-changer in this part of the porn industry! Once you create an account and load it with at least $25 in funds, you can begin choosing from the enormous list of girls SkyPrivate has available. Yeah, these guys have managed to use one of the most famous communication tools in the world for the purposes of porn fun! The genius idea, you have to admit! 

The library of models is phenomenal!

Watching a hot chick is the main goal of every live sex cam site user, right? Speaking of hot chicks… OMG man, SkyPrivate has so many of them. Seriously, this place offers a much higher ratio of extremely hot to average looking chicks than I have seen on any other cam site platform in my life. You have to be aware that these lovely models set their own price per minute. And they can choose anything between $1 per minute and $12 per minute. Just a quick note: as far as I can tell, it doesn't mean that the $12 model has a whole lot more to offer than the $1 model. Some of the pricier girls are insanely hot, sure, but, then again, so are some of the $1/minute girls. Mix up, search, and browse, that's the best way to find the best chicks!

Model's profile page is probably the best feature that SkyPrivate has to offer!

Man, I have never seen anything like this! You don't have to be a registered member to be able to see the profile page of the model you like! For example, I will point out one blonde goddess with big boobs, never mind the name, it is not important right now and I don't want to promote anyone here! This lovely blonde performer's profile pic popped up and I clicked it! I was really stunned! On the profile page, you can see literally everything! Her cover photo, price, start private call button, add to favorites, and a lot more! Under that first part of the page, there is About part! In there, you can see the introduction of the model, age, sex, location, sexual orientation, languages she speaks, the color of eyes, hair, breast size, height, weight, Twitter account, categories, and tags! Impressive! Also, that introduction is something special! It is pretty long and this babe got really detailed with it! She told me where she lives, what she likes, what we can do in the show, and gave her profile on Twitter! So I checked it and yeah, that really was her! An impressive way to make your customers pay for the show with you! This busty bombshell uploaded photos and videos to her profile page, so I checked that and fapped several times, without even having a private show with her or spending a penny! I can't say enough to describe how awesome this part of SkyPrivate is and how significant this profile page of the model can be to all of you! You should first check that out, and then start having live fun with the chosen model!

The way from Registration to Ejaculation is short and simple!

Now, let me walk you through the process, from signing up for SkyPrivate to finding a girl and enjoying a show. You'll go to the site, and immediately, the site will make it clear to you exactly how it works in a simple 3-step instructional statement. So, you create an account because, obviously, this site looks fucking awesome. Then, you'll load up some funds and start browsing. Then you'll find a user dashboard that tracks your use of the site. Easily view your account details, which is a nice tool to have.  And that's it, search the site, find a girl and do whatever the two of you want!


SkyPrivate is definitely a breath of fresh air when it comes to the cam sites industry! Using your own skype, a trustworthy tool to have sex chats with thousand of stunning babes is a game-changing idea and something that separates this place from all the others.

What We Like At Skyprivate:
+ More than 37K models
+ Fantastic site design
+ Mobile experience
What We Don't Like At Skyprivate:
- Nothing yet
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