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Hey folks, what's up? What are you flapping on today? I know you, porn freaks, same old routine every single day! You open your laptop or start your desktop PC, or mobile device, open a browser and your penis is already hard! But, the problem occurs when you want to find something to fap to, right? Let me help you with that! No, I won't jerk you off, I will just recommend a place that could make this easier for you! I'm pretty sure that you are already tired of the same old porn action! Superb babes with big fake boobs, asses, lips, and everything that can be fake, are acting in the high-quality videos, sucking dicks like real whores, getting their holes wrecked in various poses and locations, and you watch them and jerk! That's fine, I don't mind it! But, it can get boring! And what then? Well, then you turn to another kind of porn site - live cam site!

Man, how many times have you fapped while watching some live model fucking her little twat with her big toy? And how many different cam sites have you visited? Yeah, a lot of them, I'm sure! Today, we will be speaking about one cam site, but this one is unique! OK, almost unique, but a lot of fun is guaranteed in this place! With no further ado, I present to you SlutRoulette! Sounds interesting? Stick around to hear more about this amazing live cam site!

What is SlutRoulete all about?

This site was founded in 2010, and it looks like they popped up in direct response to ChatRoulette. If you don't remember or never heard of the original site in random nudie cams, let me refresh your memory! ChatRoulette is exactly what its name sounds like. Instead of choosing who to video chat with, you're paired with some other random. If you don't like them, you just keep clicking until you get a chat partner you like. From this perspective, this sounds really simple, but back in 2009 and 2010, this was a huge breakout idea, and many sites have tried to copy this approach! The copy is a bit of a hush word, let's say many have tried to implement the same logic into their scripts! And SlutRoulette succeeded!

The main problem with this model was that only a few people were there to actually chat, most of the time you would see some penis cams! I bet some of you did that too!  Now, here lies the key to the success of the SlutRoulette: Whoever came up with Slut Roulette just did what a lot of us were thinking. They built a site that works a lot like ChatRoulette, only instead of a series of random boners, you get to click through random sluts until you find one you like. And that approach changed everything! That's why the people behind this place are getting over 6 million views per month! This is the case where we can say that the apprentice has defeated the master! And I'm really glad that the message from the people is "We want random chicks, not dicks"

If you want to experience the full potential of SlutRoulette, you will have to create an account:

As the name implies, 'Slut Roulette' is a sex oriented chat for adult fun. It's strictly reserved for those over the age of 18 years of age because girls will frequently get naked on cam, perform, play sexual games, and pretty much embrace their inner-slut. And you know what? They do all this while random men watch and chat to them, from all over the globe. Because they love doing it! If you are one of these dudes, lucky you, but if you are not and you want to become one of them, you must create an account! This will cost you nothing, they promise it's 100% free! All you need to provide is a valid email address and the username of your choice. You can do this by clicking one of the green boxes, Create my free account now or Click here to verify age (this lets them know that you are of legal age)

What about members on SlutRoulette:

This is an interesting part! The only limitation for uses is to be legal of age, and everything else is allowed! Due to the wide reach of the site, there are literally no boundaries when it comes to the people who are members here! For all over the world, guys and girls, have their accounts here and they all want the same thing: to have fun!

The site looks modern and it is really easy to use!

This is a really simple layout, but it looks really cool! With that white background and blue, yellow, and green details, this site provides you with a pleasant look! The header contains the site logo in the left-hand side corner, browse all girls button in the middle, and login and create my free account now buttons on the right-hand side! Also, there is a language menu in that corner! The first thing that will grab your attention is the video player, showing a random girl, and the Next button if you don't like what you see! Once you create an account, you will be able to send messages and do whatever you want with models you like! But, be aware of the fact that there are some broken things here, especially if you are not logged in! Once again, to fully unlock all stuff that SlutRoulette offers, you have to create an account!


If you are bored with the regular porn, and if standard cam sites are no more interesting to you, try SlutRoulette! It will be a ride to remember! Choose babes by the offered categories, start chatting and the possibilities are limitless! It is all on you in the end! Have a nice time and give me your thoughts about this place!

What We Like At Slutroulette:
+ Nice thumbs
+ Lots of sexy cam babes
+ Modern and easy to use
What We Don't Like At Slutroulette:
- Buffering is a bit slow
- Filtering could be better
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