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Smutstone is a card game with porn themes that takes some liberties from the ever-popular Hearthstone game. It's a very similar game, so if you're familiar with that one, then you're probably going to like what it's all about. It's like hooking up with a sexier, kinkier sister of your girlfriend. They've had identical statistics. One of them lets you just cum on her forehead. But, yeah, back in 2017, this game was released, so it's still pretty fresh from the gates. But it hasn't prevented them from collecting a respectable follow-up every month of over 4 million site views.

First impressions

All is in the browser. No downloads, applications, or some other software to work with. In reality, I prefer it that way. There's nothing nearly as incriminating as someone on your computer spotting your stash of mad porn games. That history can't just be washed out and done with. Plus, browser games can be easily closed down. You should hike back up those pants that way, bang that tab closed, and try to pretend like you weren't about to cum your fucking brains out. When you get to the site, the game gets done right. You should sign up to build an account to catch up where you left off with sexy escapades. Otherwise, from the outset, you start off. This is not a game you're playing with a storyline. When the stripper gets robbed by some pig-faced imp, you're some dude at a strip club who actually gets laid more frequently than you fuck. You stop the babe who took your stripper, and through all the essential facets of the game, the imp directs you.

About the game

Perhaps best of all, when you first start playing, you can't yet access all of the cards. Via the story-based campaign, they unlock when you make progress. So you get sexy new protagonists brought to your computer every time you play, which can spark an entirely different series of roleplaying fantasy experiences in and outside the game while you explore for yourself the joys of romantic CCG. New cards are regularly published by the devs, and each has its own special drawings along with interesting gameplay acts. Dig deeper to build your own winning formula and inspire others to beat you at what is fast becoming one of the most successful CCGs of all time. The SmutStone is amazing. Your purpose is simply to explore the land and add chicks to your harem while creating your deck of hot babes. I told you it was straightforward. But they've got to make it easy to grasp this shit. When you're vigorously shaking your desk while jerking your cock, it can get hard to read. After combat, you go to war, defeating bitches and adding them to your deck. You will change the cards in your deck to increase the strength of the attack. The lineup of the cards and you just enter the war. It's relatively automatic from there. To get through any of the battles, it's not going to take a shit-ton of strategy. Every card has sexy designs of beautiful fantasy babes that when you "Seduce" lose more and more clothing or level them up in the game. Levelling the cards up gives them more strength and fitness. On the floor, each player gets three cards. Your aim is to try to beat the other three cards and then knock out the health bar of your opponent. It's that. It isn't that complicated. Generally, beating enemies awards you coins or cards. To build the best deck possible, swap cards in and out, or do as I have done and make a lineup of the hottest sluts you catch.

More content

Sexy games like SmutStone, unlike typical porn pages, are filled with awesome bonus content. You have a full deck of erotic cards in your arsenal for quality gameplay at the very beginning, and overtime as you win battles, you get plenty of bonus cards that you can still use in the campaign in your next battles while killing your opponents by making your erotic soldiers fight for you at any step of the way. SmutStone also features stunning "cut scenes" celebrating the end of each battle with an ongoing plot illustrated by award-winning photographers. Why beat the opponent and go on to the next fight when you can take a moment and see them stripped nude so that by fucking them perfectly in animated XXX action once and for all, you can make your point even deeper!

Not optimized for mobile

There is an even poorer mobile platform. You're just having the desktop site because there's no software or something. If you rotate the screen, the only way the game is nearly playable on mobile is. But even then, you have to deal with the unintentionally shifting screen and a lot of other stupid smartphone nonsense that doesn't make it fun to play this game on the go. I'd just stick with the site's desktop edition. Only a big pain in the ass on your phone is pressing buttons and signing in. It's slightly easier on a tablet, but if I were you, I really wouldn't mess with it.


SmutStone is about to become your new favourite erotic smartphone gaming title if you are into CCG gaming with titles like Magic The Gathering, Shadow Period, Pokemon, Hearthstone, Artifact or some of the other thousands of high-quality games on the market AND you are an adult over the age of 18. The mixture of XXX hardcore gameplay, quality gameplay and quick downloading of the new cards regularly published to help you create an even better deck is a persuasive option for every hardcore adult gamer looking to succeed while leaving any opponent a sticky orgasmic mess after beating her!

What We Like At Smutstone:
+ No need to pay
+ Beautiful fantasy babes
What We Don't Like At Smutstone:
- Mobile not friendly
- Missing full screen mode
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