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The internet is filled with thousands of premium and professional porn sites that will always give you top-notch movies and fun. You will see that the stars are wearing make-up, that the setting is perfect, and, of course, the camera work is remarkable. All of this will show you the amazing work and dedication of the professionals who are creating porn. Of course, the pornstars are always gorgeous, amazing, busty, and can never get enough of the cock. This all sounds amazing. But, could you spend your entire life watching impeccable porn? It can get really dull and uninteresting after a while so what do the people do then? They find the good old amateur porn to see what the things really look like. The biggest mistake you can have is to expect that you will have sex like in porn movies. Amateur porn is the mirror of the real sex that is happening around the world. We are here today to show you one of the great amateur porn sites. Its name is SubmitYourFlicks and it will bring the best homemade porn to you. Let's take it for a quick spin, shall we?

Enjoy Thousands Of Homemade Porn Videos For Free

SubmitYourFlicks has a name that pretty much explains what you can expect on this site. Most free amateur porn sites have their content uploaded by the users. That is how the databases and libraries of these porn sites become bigger and more diverse every day. There is no way of telling about the upload rate because the users can be really active one day and then the next day really lazy. So, the number of videos on SubmitYourFlicks is on a steady rise with at least a couple of new videos every day. Right now, at the time of this review, there are over 18,000 amateur homemade videos on this site. That is a pretty nice number.

Remember, the videos are completely free on this site. You can watch them any time you want and even download them if you wish so. But, to upload them, comment, and download, you will need to create your own account. The registration is free and it will only take a couple of minutes for you to become a member of SubmitYourFlicks. Then, you will have become a member of a growing community of amateur porn lovers and their videos. The site's options and interface are pretty basic so let's take a look at that now.

Flashing White Design For Your Sensitive Pupils

I seriously don't understand the porn sites that put the white design on their background. There should be a law against that. The people should choose a dark nuance and everything below that quality should be punishable by law. I mean, take me for example. I watch porn every night. I get under my covers, turn on the light, and start browsing my favorite places or discovering new ones. Imagine how my eyes are feeling when I open SubmitYourFlicks and its flashy white background burns my pupils! Seriously, change it! It's pissing me off and blinding me!

However, despite the horrible background design, the website itself is pretty user-friendly and easy to use. When you open it for the first time, you will see the thumbnails of the videos that are the most popular and most watched on this site. Beneath that section, there are today's featured videos. I saw that there were more than thirty new videos added today which is great work. At this rate, the number of videos on this site will grow very fast. You can filter them and search for them in a couple of ways.

The options on SubmitYourFlicks allow you to filter the videos in the most usual ways. You can choose the newest, the most popular, the top-rated, and the longest. In the last category, I found some videos that were more than two hours long. You have the search option and the categories as well. There are only eight different categories which means that the site has only begun to implement them. But, it will be a nice addition since the videos on this site are numerous and you would need to sift through them a lot to find your favorite category.

Become A Member And Post Your Own Flicks

If you are the type of person who likes to be seen and commented about, you need to make an account on SubmitYourFlicks today. The registration is completely free and it will only take several minutes from your time. However, when you become a member, you can upload your own videos, post comments, choose favorites, and create your own playlist. Also, this site offers a couple of different links on the homepage that you can visit as a member of its community.

First of all, there is the Photos option that will send you to a site called MyThumbnails. It is a picture porn site with many categories and great HD pictures of sexy ladies and sexual acts. Also, there is a link to the live cam site called SubmitYourFlicksLive. It's a place where you can watch many girls in live cam shows and if you have a nice tipping hand, you can experience some amazing scenes with those hotties. Also, you can get the premium version of SubmitYourFlicks. The design of that page reminds me of Pornhub Premium which means that you will be able to enjoy premium porn videos in 4K quality and VR.


If you are in need of a break from the perfection that is called premium porn, we have a perfect place for you. SubmitYourFlicks is a completely free amateur porn site that will serve more than 18,000 homemade videos in your direction. These videos are free to download and watch whenever you want. They get updated every day and the library is becoming bigger and better by the day. So, if you wish to enjoy the best amateur porn videos from all around the world, you can visit SubmitYourFlicks today.

What We Like At Submityourflicks:
+ Regular updates
+ Easy to navigate
What We Don't Like At Submityourflicks:
- Too bright site design
- Some videos are really low quality
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