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Researching porn sites will get you to many different places and sites on the internet. We all know that every nation in the world, except the African tribes, has access to the internet and they can make their own version of a porn site. Culturally, that is a good thing. But, sometimes, when the site is being created by someone who is not native in the English language can cause some problems. This is the case with our today’s porn site called ThisAV. The AV in the name clearly points out that it was made to show Asian porn with hot Asian girls. Also, many of these sites are made by someone from another country focusing on Asian porn, but this site is made by the Chinese and Japanese experts for porn. Therefore, don’t expect it to be transparent as the sites that you usually visit. Let’s take a quick and thorough look at ThisAV.

The Original Site Is In the Chinese Language Without Support For English

Yep, this is true! ThisAV is clearly a Chinese or Japanese site with no support for English-speaking visitors. Let’s be clear. Of course, not everyone in the world is a native English speaker but it is the language of the world and everyone at least knows a little bit of it. Therefore, having a porn site that doesn’t support English is a very big risk to take. The creators of this site might have intended ThisAV to be only for the Asian continent and not for the rest of the world, but this is a mistake. The non-Asian visitors will have a hard time to figure out the options, tabs, and everything that happens on this site.

Luckily, there is that instant translation method that Google offers and it translated most of the page, showing the main content pages and options. When you enter ThisAV for the first time, you will be greeted with a red message across the screen, which is in English. It says that you should support the team of this site by disabling your AdBlocker because they earn money from those ads. So, if you wanted to make a website for the Asian continent, why make a greeting message in English? That is a really weird decision. Still, the site has good Malware and Spyware systems so even if you disable AdBlocker, you won’t get any viruses.

Thousands Of Asian And Other Porn Movies And Clips

Still, let’s focus on the videos on ThisAV. Even though its display and letters are in Chinese/Japanese, the videos speak all the languages in the world. You can expect thousands of great Asian porn videos on this site. You can see them displayed on the homepage and also if you click on the Videos tab. When you hover your mouse over the thumbnail, you get a quick slideshow of scenes from the video and that is very helpful. Still, the things with the videos are not also black and white.

Some of the videos can be really short, like a couple of seconds only. Also, there are videos that last for a couple of minutes, featuring amateur, teen, and MILF Asian women. But, the real show-stealers on ThisAV are their movies. There are, namely, some videos that last over 120 minutes. That is more than two hours of porn in a single video. Kudos to that and now I see why this site has millions of visitors every year. Also, many videos are labeled HD, but usually, the highest quality you will get is 1080p. The 4K videos are scarce on ThisAV. Also, there is a big number of videos with washed or low quality.

Also, there is another thing that is very interesting about this site. It should be about the Asian chicks and dudes fucking. But, you will see girls on this site from every ethnicity. You can watch Indian girls, Caucasians, and even ebony sluts. Therefore, this site is not created for the world but it shows all of those different girls. This is really a puzzle. Still, you can use the search option to find the kind of girls and porn that you want to watch.

The Site Offers Many Other Options For Fun

Of course, now that I have translated the page, it gets a bit easier to roam around it. There are a couple of options on ThisAV and they will all give you an individual and different feeling. First of all, there is a link to the porn game called GongkouR18, and the option on the site for that is 18 Forbidden Play. Then, you can access the videos section where all the videos on this site are stored. Following this option, there is the one called Japanese Sister Naked. It is interesting to the name and when you click on it, you will get transferred to the sex cam site called Sakura Live. This is probably the Asian version of Chaturbate or Live Jasmin. On this cam site, you can enter live shows and private shows where Asian chicks try to seduce you. Finally, your best friend on ThisAV will be the Classification option. That is actually the page for Categories. When you enter, you will see Anal Porn, Amateur Porn, Black Porn, Gay Porn, Western Porn, and many other niches of movies. Therefore, if you just cannot find your way around this site, get to the Classification page and choose your favorites.

Bottom Line On ThisAV

Many people will be repelled by the style and the language of this site. Firstly because people who are looking for porn want to get it easily and right away. Sure, you can always watch movies on ThisAV without looking at the site because they are right there on the homepage. However, if you want to delve a little deeper into the thematics and the idea of this site, it will take some additional time for most of you. Still, it has to be said, ThisAV is a great porn site that will give you many exciting and great porn videos.

What We Like At Thisav:
+ More than 2 million videos
What We Don't Like At Thisav:
- No English language support
- Poor thumb quality
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