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Hello, my dear porn lovers... Today, I have something special for you all! But before I continue with the presentation of this amazing porn site, I want to ask you a few things! Have you ever heard of Porn tube aggregators sites? If you are not familiar with this term, let's get into technical details about this term... The content aggregator is a piece of software that is designed to pull data from multiple sources and to publish it in a single place. That is some standard definition of this term and I found it on Google, but let me tell you in simple words. Aggregator site, in our case, an Aggregator Porn site is a place that gathers all the porn material from free tubes and displays them to you on their own site! So, if you like watching porn smut from PornHub, Xhamster, YouJizz, and many other free tube sites, but you hate going from one to the other, an aggregator site is a place you need! This actually means that you have all the content from all these free tube sites in one place! And that place is called TubeSafari! Once you visit this place, you will be amazed by the amount of content you will find here! Sounds interesting? Let's keep revealing details about this awesome place!

First impression of TubeSafari?

When I saw this site on my task list, I was intrigued by the name! I thought this must have something to do with Africa and I was looking forward to seeing a lot of black girls here, but that's not the case here! Actually, I can easily say that if you're looking for a general smut hub that archives videos of all shapes and sizes, TubeSafari might very well be the destination that provides you with exactly that. This place looks like free porn tube sites, but as I explained in the lines above, it is not a free tube site! This is an aggregator site that gathers all the porn content and displays it for you! As a matter of fact, you will see an astonishing number of 23 million scenes once you hit the homepage of TubeSafari! Isn't that amazing? And the most stuff here is from PornHub, Xhamster, and other best free tube sites! Actually, you can find a lot of high-quality porn stuff here, and that's why I suggest you visit this place and give it a chance! You won't regret it! 

The design is simple and everything is devoted to the videos!

As soon as I landed on the homepage of TubeSafari I was pleased with the simplicity of the design! I really like when the porn sites are designed the way they should be by some unwritten rule. I hate seeing flashy and fancy designs, with a lot of colors, clickbait buttons, ads, and stuff like that! Well, TubeSafari has nothing to do with all of this! The design on this site is plain and simple, and everything is devoted to the thing we all love the most; the porn videos! So, once you visit this place, you will see a simple combination of white background and black and dark-red details. The header of this site is blank, it contains only Navigation Bar, The site logo, and the search field. When we talk about this search field, I need to mention that if you leave it empty, it will display the exact number of the videos on TubeSafari, and if you type anything in, it will show you trustworthy results. 

Regarding the navbar, you will see sections such as Categories, Recommended for you, Featured Videos, Top Porn Sites, Sex Simulator, Live Sex, Sex Cams, Fee Porn sites! I bet you have an idea how these guys earn for a living, so I won't be speaking of all these sections, just the ones you are interested in: the first three. Nonetheless, it is important to mention that this place has a lot more to offer than just regular porn clips!

What about the functionality:

When it comes to this, you will see that this site is really easy to use! You will be surprised by the fact that there are no ads here! I have opened dozens of movies on TubeSafari for the purpose of research (And some for personal purposes), and I encountered Zero ads! This fact alone is simply amazing and it is a reason why you should consider visiting this place before some other free tube sites! Let's return to functionality, shall we? Yeah, as I mentioned, TubeSafari is probably the simplest site I have ever visited. In the categories section, you will see the standard setup of categories so you can sort the content out. Then, there are Recommended to you and Featured Videos sections and in there, you will find a lot of movies! And that's about all to say about the functionality! Everything else is devoted to the videos! So, just under the site logo, you will see the Recommended for you section, and the page in front of you will display four thumbs in a line, with a lot of scrolling down possibilities. I told you, the amount of videos is insane!

Some of the best studios can be found here!

Maybe the most important fact about this place that you need to know about is the number of professional videos that can be found here! TubeSafari offers a lot of scenes from the best porn studios in the world, such as Brazzers, Reality Kings, GirlsWay, Mommy's Girl, DogFart Network, Lil Humpers, LetsDo It, and many others. Basically the entire database is made of the HD porn action, and I really like that! On top of all that, you can find the whole scenes here, not just shortened versions or trailers!

The conclusion:

If you are a porn addict who needs a lot of scenes each day, and at the same time you don't want to pay for porn, TubeSafari is probably the best place for you! Visit it now and happy wanking!

What We Like At Tubesafari:
+ Simple and responsive site design
+ Easy to use
+ No ads
+ More than 22 million videos
What We Don't Like At Tubesafari:
- Maybe dark mode option
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