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Introduction This location has long been at the forefront of high-quality Japanese porn videos and knows the inside and outside of top-quality Nippon entertainment and offers everything free of charge. Hell, they also have uncensored scenes that prove Asian girls and Japanese beauty to be absolute perfection. You never find such a place, which provides such a wide range of Japanese quality chicks to fuck!


Japanese pornography has very strict laws and guidelines governing what creators should film and how. This is why in their videos you also see a great deal of genital censorship. It's a part of their tradition, I suppose, to fear genitals – or they are just timid like me. Who knows that. Who knows that. Luckily, VJav is here to suggest that where the porn comes from doesn't matter as long as the girls are Japanese. In this connection, there are tonnes, exclusively Japanese pornstars on the website from around the world. The way it operates, the videos that are officially made in Japan, but those filmed in other countries are totally occidentalized – this does not mean blowjobs.

Enormous amounts of content

But let's just focus on to see what it has to show us for a moment. Ok, hundreds of miles of videos are on here for one. I mean, almost one hundred thousand videos are in the Japanese category alone, which is very crazy if you think about it. I say, even though they don't respect a certain ethnic niche, some porn tubes don't cross those figures. However, does, so only Asian porn can be found on this website.

The design and layout

What about the design? What about design? Yeah, it's really simple, but it works well without hiccups. No matter what, you should expect it to run smoothly. Nothing flashes and that's not going to blow you forever, but without any breaking in the process, the work will come to an end. You're only a few clicks from a porn video that suits your exact taste and is an incredible performance. With the regular tabs at the top and no clutter anywhere, the interface is very decent too. This is an effective pro of VJav now that I think about it. It's very zero hulls, but it's pretty smooth and smooth. Colours, since it is darker than other pages, always an added advantage in my book. Nothing I hate is more than porn pages that sear my eye sockets at 2 am. This colour scheme is a welcome thing as I love the eyelid. The web receives a little more detail from the right-hand tab while searching, but it is to help you pursue the ultimate porn video.

More on content

I said this site is like Japanese porn's Wild West, and it truly felt like that. It's quite close to western websites where most videos are from consumers instead of businesses. It is not entirely a community-led forum, but the videos are always a random mesh from all over, so there is no good consistency. The same thing happens. A lot of amateur videos are found in 240p and they are so blurred that you couldn't even know if censorship is there, because the whole video looks like a potato melting. Fortunately, many people who really care about porn quality have posted videos to this platform, because they either are 720p or 1080p, and they really do have help from the video player. From the God-know-where-it comes one-time uploads, there are no different resolution choices per file, and that's ideal because a 1080p stream doesn't have much bandwidth nowadays. I also found, as if it were a paying site with the proper server, that the videos were loaded very quickly. As far as I can see, there really is no difference in inconsistency. Alas, if you don't crack it and you tear it through, you can't download videos to your machine - but I doubt VJav will be very pleased. Instead, register on the website for a free account and choose the vids that you want to see later and by the end of the day they will be there; VJav doesn't have an excuse to take them down.

Sections on the website

Top Rated part of the website with some of the sexiest scenes. offers you some of the best videos in this segment, provided as the default setting is still the best way to do so. If you like, you can change the time, but why do you do that if you have some of the sexiest videos actually on the devilish planet? You're chosen practically and placed on a tray, don't mess it up! The most viewed segment is another famous section. Normally, for people who want to follow that segment, if it's too common, then something positive must be there. I do not believe that's the case, but normally people are stupid and don't know what is right for them. So there are people like me who say what's right for them to people like that. However, apart from every joke, this tab actually has some great videos and you can adjust the filter on them according to the time limit.


Overall, offers you all hot Asian porn video fans great sites. They are not only free, but they also have a real connection with their niche. And you can be certain you can never run out of stuff to watch with so many ways to cross the web and watch all the awesome videos there. Today, you certainly can hang out at

What We Like At Vjav:
+ Ten language option
+ Responsive site design
+ Great search and filtering option
What We Don't Like At Vjav:
- Some videos are poor quality
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