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Amateur homemade porn movies have always been one of the most wanted and interesting genres of porn. They give us an insight into the homes of the regular people who enjoy sex and they let us take a peek behind those closed private doors. The modern society is well-acquainted with the need to share the content online and what better thing to do than to enjoy the hot girls masturbating or fucking at their homes. One of the amateur porn sites that have been around for more than two decades showing us the best homemade porn is Watchersweb. Today, we are taking a look at this porn site dedicated to all of you kinky girls out there.

History and Content Of Watchersweb

This porn site has been around for more than two decades. It originated in the year 1998, at the turn of the century. We all remember those times. Dial-up internet connection prevailed and you could enjoy watching some porn content until your father comes into the room infuriated because he needs the phone. This site came at a perfect time for people who liked to watch and download porn and today, more than two decades after, it is still going pretty strong.

When it comes to the content of this site, it offers the options and opportunities like not so many other amateur porn sites out there. Its library numbers a fantastic number of movies and pictures that were made by an unsteady amateur hand or with a camcorder placed on the shelf of a bedroom or a living room. The number is over 8,000,000 right now. The pictures and videos on this site are all amateur-made and you will not see any esteemed porn stars showing their smuts here. The content updates daily and its database is growing at a surprising rate.

What Does Watchersweb Offer?

First of all, the design of the website screams about the ‘90s. A not so pleasant brown color and the style of the site takes us back when this was popular, and that is the late 90s and early 2000s. Still, it does the trick and you will find everything you need on the homepage and the options tab. When you first enter the site, you will see some of the content that was updated not too long ago, mostly from that very day If you like what you see, you can click on that gallery and you will get access to the videos that were uploaded under that section.

Still, the options on this site are the real champions. Above these updated videos, you will see a big number of options, tabs, and choices. The first one is the Homemade Pictures tab. When you click on it, you will get all the porn galleries available on Watchersweb. They don’t come on pages but you can endlessly scroll down and watch them. You can access them for free mostly and when you hover your mouse on them, they give you the information about the star of the video and how many votes it has. The more the votes the better the picture. You can really spend a lot of time watching these smuts.

The next option is the Homemade Videos tab. Compared with the pictures, the videos cannot be seen if you are not a member of the website. Becoming a member is easy and completely free so if you want to watch these movies, spend a couple of minutes and become a member of this site. The videos also show information such as the location of the video and the rating from the members who have watched the movie.

Sex Stories And Trending Tabs

This site offers a breath of fresh air when it comes to porn content. The most creative tab that you can access on this site is the Sex Stories tab. On it, you can read many sexy and kinky stories that were published by the users. It is a shame that not many sites have this tab because it helps us improve our imagination and bring the fresh experience into our porn world. After that, another interesting tab is a Trending tab. Unlike 99% of the porn sites who show the latest popular movies in these tabs, Watchersweb shows us memes, funny pictures, and hilarious content here. It is something that is not really necessary but it is a nice break from all the pornographic content on the web.

Welcome To The Clubhouse!

Another interesting and original idea that this site has implemented is the access to the Clubhouse. This is a sort of porn social network where the members of this site can exchange movies and pictures, and it also includes private chat rooms. This is excellent for meeting new people and sharing your kink.

Membership And Contests On Watchersweb

This is mostly a free amateur porn site. This means that making your account can be for free and when you do that, you can access most of the content of this site. However, if you want to access all of the features and the perks of this site, you can become a premium member at the price of $39.95 a year, no rebilling, or for $99.95 for a lifetime membership which is a pretty awesome deal. The account on this site will allow you to access all of its content, enter live chats and live sex, enter the community VIP forums, leave votes, and most importantly, publish videos and pictures.

This whole site is made of private videos that were published by the members themselves. That is why Watchersweb has one more amazing feature - the contests. Every month, they choose the best member and the content that was published by that member. So, if you want, you can enter this contest and earn some nice prizes. You can also purchase merchandise from the site’s merch store.

Watchersweb Is One Helluva Site!

If you haven’t been to this site until now, I don’t know what you are waiting for! It has amazing videos and pictures of hot amateurs all around the world. It has great sex stories, a trending page with funny content, monthly contests for their members, and a live community with chat rooms, sex rooms, and forums. Watchersweb is just fantastic and it is a recommendation for everyone who loves good porn and excellent fun!

What We Like At Watchersweb:
+ The site has tons of content, because it's online since 1998
+ Hot amateur models
What We Don't Like At Watchersweb:
- Some thumbs are poor quality
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