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Those who are interested in getting access to an online gallery with loads of feet related content, WikiFeet might be the place for their desires! From the very name you can see that the site is quite foot-based, but not as their name suggests, so better read this review and find out will it be appropriate amusement for you! If you hoped for photo or video content of foot jerking, you won't be surprised as WikiFeet is actually more like an image gallery site and a fairly mediocre one! Not that it's bad or something, it has a nice amount of tempting models, but most of them lack foot photos in their galleries. 

Judging by the site's name, a random guest would expect an encyclopedia of foot porn, but unfortunately, that doesn't to be the case here. In most cases, these galleries are basically photos of Instagram models that happen to have some feet visible on them. If this isn't a deal-breaker for you, keep reading to find out what you can expect and what might you not like about the WikiFeet site!

Categories are nice!

As soon as you log in on WikiFeet, you'll see a few sections on the home page such as 'Feet of the day', 'Feet of the week', or just some fresh uploads of their models. Each model has its own image gallery, which is nice, and there you can find all of their photos rather than just a particular set. However, the site is poorly designed and definitely needs some updating, but if your only crave is to view photos, galleries are simple to use while the photos are having outstanding quality. If an outdated look of the page doesn't concern you much, then you'll be surely pleased with the smooth way their galleries work.

Simple image galleries

Image galleries are a pleasure to explore through. With a simply done layout, you can surf through some beautiful images, but as mentioned above, there are a lot of non-foot images. Within their huge base of photosets and galleries, there's barely a set that could be considered as porn! You'll find a bunch of sexy random but also popular babes in various editions. From selfies, stories, posing shots, to real feet related pics in which you'll definitely have fun browsing. Moreover, some of them seem like a kind of photos that wouldn’t look out of place on Instagram, literally. It seems that WikiFeet users upload their sexy photos, which are, I believe, available to be bought by others.

As their image galleries can be a nice place for amusement, on the other hand, the rest of the site has an odd design and should be improved in the future. Being on their homepage has a bit of an incomplete feel and should be definitely worked on. There is a lot of unused space that could be filled better with a better layout of sponsored galleries. On the left side of the homepage, there are a couple of sections in which you can enjoy. From browsing through sexy pics of celebrities, or watching some feet related videos, to the 'Guild' section and becoming an active member of the site who would participate in moderating the site's comment section. Consider WikiFeet also as some kind of forum for experienced foot lovers!

One of the other important objections is surely ads! It is understandable that sites like these are interested in making money and most of them are using ads to make additional cash but here, they're doing it wrong! On most sites, you’ll find ads that are in keeping with the content which means, they won't distract the user from the topic itself and could even tickle his mind by sponsoring something which he might find interesting. For example, on a porn site, an ad for a freshly made porn scene can be expected or an ad for a porn game, dick pills, etc... but certainly not '25 forgotten cars of the past' or '20 makeup tips all older women should know'. I get the need for ads on porn sites, but at least on WikiFeet, they could work on having ads that are matched to the content!

Registration rules

As usual, upon registering, I kindly suggest you check for the site rules and get known with dos and don'ts on WikiFeet because, as I heard, they are very strict and not very forgiving, so better read them and avoid potential penalties. Encouraging thing is that there are sister sites that might be exactly what you've searched for. Mainly, there's MyWikiFeet, a place where you can register and gain a reputation of a real foot lover by purchasing models sexy pics and unlocking features such as custom orders and direct messaging to models! Then WikiFeetX, for those interested in a bit more explicit and naughtier action with main focus on feet! And last but not last, WikiFeetMen! If there are those who love seeing skinny but also muscular guys having their feet captured in various editions, their fairly big gallery of pics and vids could be exactly what you've missed in your life!


Ultimately, if your focus was on porn, WikiFeet might not be the perfect site for your naughty desires, but surely is a fine place for real foot worshipers and those who enjoy seeing feet of beautiful models from all over the globe. It would be an awesome thing if guys on WikiFeet decided to take their site on a higher level by introducing some new user features, reorganizing and updating the site design, and possibly do something about the ads, because they, alongside outdated look, are giving a bad careless picture about the site itself.

What We Like At Wikifeet:
+ Daily updates by users
+ Massive data base of pics
+ No porn just nudity
What We Don't Like At Wikifeet:
- Strict registration rules
- Unattractive site design
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