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Here is the one site that will make you say “what the fuck” many times when you visit it. Therefore, its name is very appropriate. Namely, when you imagine watching a specific porn video, you already have your favourite or basic porn tubes or other sites where you watch porn. Now, in your long history of watching porn, the road to bliss might have taken you in the direction of WTFPeople and its content, but have you really returned to this site after your first visit? We are here today to see if this site is even remotely worth your time and effort or if there are better alternatives for this text link site. Let's take a thorough look at WTFPeople.

What The Hell Is A Textlink Site?!

Well, the combination of this word is text + link. Therefore, every textlink site is a place full of gates, doors, and redirections. These sites give you a huge number of links to other sites and they rarely host their own content. So, you can expect a shitload of content on WTFPeople but bear in mind that this content is not on this site. For every link that you click on this site, and there are a lot of them, you will end up on a different site every time. There is no telling about what you can expect from these random redirections, so let me share my experience with you.

I chose some articles and links that seemed the most interesting to me. The first one says “Kate Beckinsale and Jennifer Anniston have a nipple battle on the street”. When I first read it, I thought maybe this will be some deep fake video or pictures of those two gorgeous ladies where they squeeze their bonkers and show their nipples. Nope. I got transferred to another website where I could read a short article. In that article, there were three pictures of Kate and three pictures of Jen. Truth be told, their nipples were high like the midday Sun, so it was not bad.

The second link I clicked was called “Crazy night of partying ends up with a sweaty orgy at college dorm”. In it, I was redirected to a completely different site where this amateur video was being shot. Two college girls and two boys, pretty drunk, were having sexy fun in one king-sized bed. There was a lot of licking, sucking, and fucking there, with drinking alcohol in between the turns. It was really great to watch but every time I wanted to skip the video, it showed me an ad or took me to another place.

A Lot Of Links And A Lot Of Partners

That is the experience that you can expect on WTFPeople. These links usually come with no thumbnails. On the entire first page, I saw only two thumbnails. So, you have to rely on the titles of the videos to get a nice description of what you will watch. To be honest, some titles are great, while others are just not making the cut. Beneath the link, you can see the date of the publishing and the source site. So, if you are lucky, you will know the site where you are going and then there will be no surprises for you.

WTFPeople is a classic textlink site. This means that for it to function well, it will need a lot of partners. When you enter the site, on the left side, there is a space for all the partners and “Special Friends”. There are many sites there that deal with different porn so this is the way that this site works. It takes the videos from these links and places them on their website, so the people get redirected to those sites. It is a good idea and it certainly works well since WTFPeople is getting updated every day with some new videos and other material. When it comes to the design and functionality of the site, that is a whole other story.

One Of The Crappiest Designs Ever

I understand that this is not a website about beautiful porn or that it doesn't compete for the website of the year, but come on! The design of WTFPeople is just so crappy that it needs its own section. First of all, it is very narrow with a lot of unused space on the sides. I think it was made for 4:3 monitors way back in the past but today, these square boxes are not so popular. But, the guys at WTFPeople don't know about that. On this site, there is one option line, the space for the already mentioned special friends, the main space for the links, and another space for some ads for discounts and other places.

The middle part of the site is designed for the links and that is the most important part of WTFPeople for you. If you have come to watch the ads, you are in the wrong place, my friend. The links have no thumbnails and they are in different categories. For every category, they have a little icon, in the beginning, to help you know what it is all about. So, for the sex games, there is Super Mario, for busty chicks a busty naked babe, for raw sex there is a man with a balaclava on his head (!!!). So, this site has some interesting (to say the least) solutions for its design and functionality.


WTFPeople, as we have said in the beginning, will make you say WTF a lot of times. First because of the design of the site, then because of the content, and lastly because of the solutions that these people have for the website. It is a textlink site which means that it is going to show you a lot of different content. Usually, the content is amateur porn but there is some extreme porn that you can expect. You can watch celebrities, read articles, and enjoy the sex games so WTFPeople might just be the site for you.

What We Like At Wtfpeople:
+ Active community
+ Lots of free amateur videos
What We Don't Like At Wtfpeople:
- Site design could be better
- Lots of unused space
- No thumbnails on external videos
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