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This site is really cool. You're going to want to at least head over and check the web out of over 11,000 full-length movies, certainly, you'll see some of your favourite porn sluts doing what they do best. Any pop ups and commercials are the only negative thing, but not bad enough to recommend not going to the web to get any decent porn watching fun. Premium HD Porn Free is the tagline under the badge, so let's have a look at what we've got here. The menu has a home button, then a link to another website, HD Porn, Categories, Porn Studios, Pornstars, Segment. It says under the Todays Free Videos menu when the site opens first, then there is an advertisement and below that are some thumbnails to videos along with the running time for the film, which is a good function to see. So I clicked on a video and there were some pop ups, closed them and it said I had to wait 21 seconds before skipping the ad while watching the clip.

First impressions

There's certainly a lot of good material on this website. The primary thing is that the clips are full length and downloadable. It is really cool because you can make full-screen movies without missing any quality. Each pornstar's bio is pretty good. As they are pro movies from porn studios and not amateur style, the videos are super high quality. On the right side of the home tab, I like the text groups. They tell you how many videos there are in each genre, which is cool if you just want to try out stuff like First Porn Scene. 


One of the things I almost instantly found about the categories of this website is that they show how many videos they include, which should be a popular no-brainer for all XXX tubes, but sadly, this helpful pattern is not yet caught by the online XXX industry. The second thing I found is that on every other XXX tube, there are some pretty strange categories I've never seen before. Then there's another strange, vaguely-titled 'Hot Porn Videos' type, which appears to be just plain-old porn videos that are already hot by chance. I have also found that all of the divisions are put on virtually any video, so there might not be any real difference and organization between the content on this website at all, so I get almost the same videos from 'Pretty Ladies' as I do from 'Hot Porn Videos.' All of this website's general categories are good, even though some popular ones are absent and some are just plain odd.

Viewing experience

The video loads easily and, while limited in scale, has very good HD content. The good news is that to make it go full-screen, you can press the button on the bottom left of the video and the output is just as good. Skipping ahead further in the film triggered another popup, but without any loading or buffering, it went further easily. The text below the film indicates the date that it was inserted, so that's wonderful. Currently, it was added today. Clicking on HD Porn loads up a list of 39 movie thumbnails and it tells us that there are 291 pages if you look at the bottom. So that's a huge amount of full-length films! At the time of this study, 11,193. Definitely enough, for a very long time, to keep me occupied. You are provided with thumbnails of each category as you go through categories and how many videos are in each category, so it is a really useful thing. With thumbnails, there are 82 groups. They are listed in text format on the right side of the web as well. There are 118 thumbnails with the name of the channel and the number of videos they have for each site when you click on Porn Studios.

Pornstar section

When you click on Pornstars, a tab is filled with the name of each girl and a thumbnail below, but there is no description of how many videos each girl has. It loads up a page with a bio of her showing where they come from when you press the girl's thumbnail when they were born and birthday, along with weight, height and eye colour and a description of her. There is also a button called the Segment, but the Porn Studios button seems to have the same or identical effects. The search function works easily and very well. I put gangbangs in and got some good and detailed outcomes.

Things I would want to see improved

The only negative thing I found was the popups, but they were not daunting and it would be a breeze to access and find some pretty good jerking content if you had a popup blocker on the web. You can't watch movies, but well, that's cool, the web is free and you can bookmark it whenever you want to access them.


A platform that is really easy to browse and get what you want to watch pretty easily, well put together. Very good features such as the profile for each pornstar, HD quality full-length videos, very comprehensive categories indicating how many films are in each segment. In case you want to go over and check out the real site itself, a fun list of all the porn pages that the movies are from. I've bookmarked this page already and recommend you do the same thing. It's well worth the time to have a look at it.

What We Like At Xkeezmovies:
+ Great HD premium content
+ Easy to navigate
What We Don't Like At Xkeezmovies:
- Too many ads
- No regular updates
- No pornstar section
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