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Hey, my porn lovers! Today we will be looking at another JAV porn website, xKorean! I like Asian girls. They are mostly petite, cute girls and you just can't wait to see them doing the dirtiest things imaginable. Nothing beats a petite Asian girl with massive natural strong breasts, and you'll find plenty of them on this platform engaging in free videos for you. I've seen a lot of Japanese pornography, but not nearly as many Korean or Chinese. The girls in most of these movies are Chinese and Korean, which is rare, and they are just as attractive as the Japanese babes I'm used to seeing on other websites.

First impressions

The appearance and setup are normal. The fundamentals of 1,2,3. From what I've seen so far, xKorean has a number of videos to show, many of which are authentically Korean. Now, please forgive me if I come off as a jerk or an arrogant jerk, but I couldn't say if the girls were Korean or from other Asian countries like China or Japan. Not that it counts, but I'm only finding out that fans of Asian women would have a wonderful time watching these episodes.

The website design and navigation

The platform tends to be fairly straightforward, with only Newest, Most Viewed, Ranking, and Most Discussed on the menu. Just above the menu is a link to a photo site run by the same organization. is the website's name. When you first visit the site, it displays the most recent films, which is generally what I want to see anyway, so that's a plus. It has a simplistic interface, which is characteristic of a free video tube platform. There are 85 videos on this list. It's difficult to predict how much, if at all, the website is updated. Don't bother pressing the "More Categories" button; it only brings you to a video. When you browse this site, there are a lot of popups that appear in a new tab so you can just go about your business and watch the videos, then close the tabs later. The platform is a bit on the small side, but it's not bad, with 85 pages of free videos to keep you entertained for a long time. There are some really annoying popups that appear whenever you click on something, particularly the videos. The popups open in new tabs and can be closed at any time, but they are always irritating. There are a couple of advertisements on the web, but they are all on the side and bottom, so they don't get in the way. You can't save videos, favorite them, or do something else about them because you can't download them. Just keep an eye on them and jerk it! In most cases, this is fine.

Videos and the content

Most of the videos are amateur. Most of the time. The majority of the videos are homemade/amateur, based on the thumbnails on the homepage. This is understandable considering the lack of well-established pornography production sites in Korea. The actresses are Korean, but the production is likely to be Japanese or, in certain cases, from Western countries, helping the devil to spread his seeds, as you know. I know this because I've seen so many videos in this field that I consider myself an expert. Sure, I can't say the difference between Korean and Japanese women in terms of appearance, but in terms of production, I can. A redirection popup will appear after you reach the videos, which will irritate the hell out of you. This is precisely what happened to me. This is how the universe runs, so try to maintain your cool as I did. For a few seconds, I shattered my computer on its side and screamed at it. This, too, must pass. The videos run smoothly, are quickly buffed up, and there are no hiccups as you jump to different parts of the file. I'd like to see more sexy Asian girls like these on other pages, but most of them are Asian American girls or mixed, and they're just not the same. What's nice about the sex videos here is that, unlike some Japanese outlets, the sexual activity isn't blurred out; you can see the cock going into the pussy and the girl sucking dick without the block of pixels covering it. This kind of thing irritates me, and I hate watching videos like that because of it. You won't have that dilemma here. It's just a bunch of sexy young babes being naughty.

Some videos can be downloaded

Any of the videos on could be downloaded in QuickTime, Wmv, max HD 1080p, and smartphone quality. Sure, when you click on these links, you'll be taken to other pages that are much deeper and longer than Alice's rabbit hole. You had to click on everything, full polls, and win money for people who had nothing to do with only to get a 3-minute video of a Korean woman masturbating with her feet and moaning as she'd just had the greatest orgasm of her life. What I always wanted to say was that it's not worth it!


Yes, if you like Asian girls, this place is for you. There are a lot of Chinese and Korean girls in the film. Maybe girls from other countries, but I didn't look at all of the pages to see what was available. The girls in the videos I watched were all really attractive, and the majority of them had some seriously amazing huge natural tits and sweet bodies with little tender pussies.

What We Like At Xkorean:
+ Easy to navigate
+ Fast loading movies
What We Don't Like At Xkorean:
- Too bright site design
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