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Today we will be looking at XTapes. Have you ever been in search of an awesome porn tube platform that provides for completely free some of the finest high quality and high output full-length HD porn? I know I've got, and yeah, I wish I had learned about X Tapes back then. Honestly, when it comes to getting some high-end material, this website is what you would want. And the best thing is that none of it needs to be paid for. The platform is completely open, so as many videos as your heart wants can be enjoyed.

Straight up amazing site design

The design has to be one of the best designs I've ever seen in my whole life, a porn site sport. There are straight-up ballers. Look at how easily these menus work, the graphics are flawless, and the whole site doesn't look like a junkyard any more! They have all of the tabs they like and not a lot more. It's the ideal blend of looks and features, working together to make this perfect mix. And before XTapes, I saw several porn sites trying to make this awesome experience possible. Here though, I don't think I should write anything negative. Okay, that isn't real. Unfortunately, for all video sites, there is one quirk which remains. You will be taken to the website if you click on a video and you will find that there is a flaw where both the thumbnail and a culmination of thumbnails show as a video player. The bottom one never performs, so go for the one above it at all times.

Video player and viewer experience

The videos run perfectly. There are no buffering difficulties, it loads easily, and you can experience it to the fullest degree. This is of course if you don't have crappy internet, in which case you should expect all the things I've just talked about, but it's not the website's fault. Get the internet better, you Dweeb. Anyway, other than those quirks at the beginning, without any other interruptions, you'll get to watch full-length porn videos. Well, if you're the kind of person who wants to watch some pretty high-quality stuff, like Brazzers, but doesn't like paying for it then you're going to love the videos here. They are more based on this high quality, and that's why in the Category section you won't see the amateur column. They just did not want their website to be plagued by an explosion of shitty porn videos, so kudos for that.

Completely free top premium porn

Believe me when I say there are a lot more videos than you would ever watch in your whole life. There are over 34000 videos posted through the 100 networks that are featured on Now, tell me you're going to be able to go through them all. And all these are full-length HD porn material, mind you. This isn't any clusterfucks of ordinary Joe style output, so you better hope to get the benefit of your time. X Tapes' mentality towards these videos is proper and competent, but you're not going to watch some watered-down porn that your horny teenage brother can't even enjoy. And it's not that they just send you a cut version of the videos on other pages. You have the full experience here, and it's not going to cost you a penny. This is a nice bargain now if I ever had one in my life. More than this $40 hooker. I didn't take her up on it too dangerous, though.

The features

So let's take a look, while we're at it, at the functionality on this platform. Not so many tabs are open here, but that's just what we expect from a website like this. Less garbage, and more items that are useful. And supplies. The Top Networks tab is the first tab after the wretched Home button, where you'll find some of the best networks out there. Mofos, NaughtyAmerica, DDF, all your favourite videos you've had to pay for in the past, for free now.


We'll note as we turn to the next tab that there are not that many groups to go through. There are fewer types of women I've had sex with this week down here. And I'm not only saying that to brag, even though that's certainly real, but I'm also just suggesting that there's just not a lot of variety here. I don't really mind this, because we also get to watch some of the best porn videos out there completely free of charge. But I do know that because you're into some crazy shit, some of you might take issue with this lack of range.

Full-length premium movies and few more tabs

The tab for Full Movies is where all the nice things are. We're here dreaming about porn conglomerates. Wicked, Brazzers, here you can find some single full-length porn feature film studio, and I couldn't be happier about it. We're still living on the right timetable, are we not? Go ahead and watch to your heart's content all these awesome porn movies. Lastly, we have two more tabs. Porn Passwords that I'm not trying to get into so we all know what's going on. And the Best Porn Pages, of course, this is a tab that leads to, you guessed right, me. Yours really gets to occupy a spot on this awesome page, and with too little tabs to go around. You see who I'm referring to.

My final thoughts is absolutely fantastic. We can say that this is one of the better porn pages out there if we look beyond the few quirks that happen here and there and the commercials that can really muffle the experience at times. Where else can you search, and get away with viewing, quality videos like these for absolutely free? I won't tell you that much in certain places. Today find out!

What We Like At Xtapes:
+ Responsive and easy to navigate
+ Thousands of hd, full length videos
+ Completely free
What We Don't Like At Xtapes:
- Videos are loading too slow
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