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Are you getting bored with regular porn? Wait, I'm just being rude here... Sorry! First of all, hello, my dear friends! Hello to all of you who like watching porn! Now, let's talk about that first sentence, shall we? I know, most of you will tell "hell no, what the fuck are you talking about, how porn can be boring?" and stuff like that! But, let me explain! When you watch porn a lot, like I do, trust me, it can get boring! All porn scenes look a lot alike! How? Simple! Everything you watch these days is already recorded, you don't watch live action, or real-life situations! All you get to watch is highly professional people fucking each other in various staged scenarios! And that's really nice to watch, I have to admit! For some time, at least! Once you get to the point where this kind of action starts to pisses you off, you're in trouble! You need porn, but you can't watch the same shit anymore! So, what do you do then? 

I have two solutions: First, you can watch amateur porn action, which is more realistic and close to all of us, simple people! And the second is to watch some livecam sex action, but that option can be really expensive! So, let's talk about the first solution! Amateur porn! If you have never watched amateur scenes, it's time to start, and the perfect place for such an action is named YourAmateurPorn! Stick with me to find out more!

What is YourAmateurPorn and what does it offer?

For the first time in so fucking long, I can say this: "This location is a website that offers a 100% amateur porn action"! Man, it sounds so damn nice! I have searched for this kind of site for a very long time, but no matter how long I searched, I always bump into sites claiming that their offer is fully amateur but end up with some pornstars! But, YourAmateurPorn is a totally different beast! This awesome site is really for amateur and homemade lovers. That's why I was so excited to write about this place!

What is the difference between YourAmateurPorn and all the other sites?

Having all this said, let's move on! Seriously, I think this is one of the better amateur sites out there! The design is clean and sleek and there is a lot of content here to wank off to. Let's stop here for a sec, shall we! I must say that I am a big fan of numbers, but it seems that isn't! Why? Because they don't reveal exactly how many videos they have in their archives. But, the fact that they've been in business since around 2006 should tell you that they've built up quite an impressive database of free amateur porn videos. 

The home page shows over 1000 pages with 24 videos a piece so yeah, there's more than enough content here to keep you very happy and busy. To conclude this section, I would point out that the fact that you can only watch amateur porn here, and the huge database of such movies, are the main reasons why YourAmateurPorn is the right choice! 

What about the functionality?

This is a free site that offers amateur content, so it should not look so modern or anything like that! It looks decent, and more important, it works perfectly! You will see a standard setup with the site logo in the left corner of the header, search field in the middle of it, upload button, login and signup buttons in the right corner! Just under the header, there is an easy to use navigation bar, containing sections such as Home, Porn Videos, Categories, Porn Games, Tags. 

Then, you will see some sorting and filtering options! When it comes to sorting through all those videos, YourAmateurPorn has done a few things to make your experience as painless as possible. Let's check them out!

Categories provided to check out specific types of material include pretty much all standard porn niches here, with some pretty interesting ones that you can't find everywhere, such as French anal, Russia anal, Czech in Public, and others!

Another good way to browse through this huge amateur paradise is by hitting up the popular tags. They're in the top right-hand corner by design – they're meant to catch your eye as soon as you land on YourAmateurPorn, and they are doing it, trust me. I found myself clicking on a couple just a few moments after I landed on the site!

I will mention one more thing - Top Rated section! I really had so much fun checking out the top rated content. This is the cream of the crop when it comes to all the self-submitted content on YourAmateurPorn, and you should not miss this part of the site! 

Ads are not so annoying!

Of course, you have to understand that these guys have to make a living out of this, so it is totally understandable why they allowed ads on the site! But, I really have to say that these ads are not so annoying, like they can be, and that you can close them with just one click!

Final thoughts about YourAmateurPorn?

I really like the fact that this place features amateur material only! Having that in mind, it's totally logical that the quality of the videos is not spectacular, don't take that as a downside of the site! Also, a big plus for this place is the fact that all their videos are true amateur videos, not some posed shit being passed off as homemade porn! 

You are free to browse, but if you want to upload your own porn video, you have to register for an account. Registration is pretty easy and simple. The regular updates and a massive porn library are certainly two of their biggest selling points! Because of all the above-stated, this is definitely one amateur destination I'd recommend you check out.

What We Like At Youramateurporn:
+ Nice and clean site design
+ Tons of free movies
+ Great filtering option
What We Don't Like At Youramateurporn:
- Nothing
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