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It looks like the loony folks behind CelebJihad have something against Western values on sexual freedom for women since they wage online war with thousands of popular actresses, musicians, models, and other famous female persons! But as much as they hate it, their team does good work in terms of collecting and archiving both video and photo content of many of the Hollywood A-listers being dirty in front of the camera. If you can neglect their goofy meme-based idea of a Muslim guy who criticizes all these famous babes and blackmails them online with exposing nudes until they convert to Islam, then this crazy site can be an amazing source for those who enjoy celebrity porn or at least seeing one in sexy edition! Therefore, take a ride with us and find out about the good or potentially bad sides of this unique site!

One of the main things we'll be writing about is their homepage. At first glance, the entire page is devoted entirely to showing you recent posts of celebrity selfies, sex tapes, and many more. CelebJihad has a simply designed website with two main sections for nude photos and leaked videos of celebrities of all kinds! The homepage will be filled with popular posts that are probably optimized to show you things that have recently had a lot of comments or views. You can either go for video or photo content but you can sort all celebrities out by alphabet order which means you'll be having quite a simple and successful browsing experience!

What do they offer?

As said above, there are two main sections on the site when it comes to categories: nude celebs and celeb videos. Besides going specifically for images or video files, a guest can also go to the celebrity archive page where you can view all content from selected women if they’re particularly popular on CelebJihad (doubt that you can name one that doesn't have at least something here). Some of the famous names that appear within their list are Kim Kardashian, Miley Cyrus, Emily Ratajkowski, and many more! It became kind of normal in the western world of sexy celebrities to have an X-rated scandal or two, but CelebJihad is here to catch that all up and leak for us lovers of naughty celebrities!

While browsing through the site, I noticed that some posts are quite popular and how wouldn't they because these guys surely have the guts to share things most sites won't dare! There's an interesting example of a leaked pornographic video collection of Paige from the WWE. From the very first clip of Paige masturbating and pics of her posing nakedly, to this WWE wrestling diva giving blowjobs and engaging in a nasty action with a white dude and some hung black guy banging her in a threesome! All these are followed by criticizing comments of website owner Durka Durka Mohammed! (A fake one, judging by the huge number of lawsuits or civil complaints have been filed against them but looks like these guys don't give a single damn about it!

Another great example is their collection for Jem Wolfie. Nothing can't beat this curvy fitness babe when it comes to the game of Instagram and if you're one of her devoted fans craving to see more than the usual sporty edition of Jem, but yet ain't willing to pay for the Only Fans site, CelebJihad has stored some of the sexiest pictures of her the world has seen! Besides having a nice amount of them, they're all neatly organized in a thumbnail gallery for you to enjoy! These dudes at CelebJihad are going above and beyond with their work to make sure their guests had a worth visit! 

Is everything black and white?

However, as in every review, alongside good sides, there are also some bad ones... While the guys on CelebJihad are really doing a great job in archiving all these nudes and leaked vids and keeping it simple for use, there are numerous rumors that are a lot of clickbait articles as well that some of the content seems to have fake material that does not involve the mentioned celebrity. For example, I've searched for Ariana Grande nudes and I've come upon completely fabricated pics which I immediately recognized as fake ones. Whoever decided it would be a good idea to have these clickbait posts, he is damn wrong as this can only cost them their reputation for all the work they've done in previous years. Also, the site's theme of a conservative Muslim guy from Afghanistan, who criticizes 'the evil infidel land of America', might be lame and repulsive to some, but I personally find it funny! Regarding this, there isn't any other bad thing that could be said about the work these crazy guys on CelebJihad do. 


All in all, those who were having a problem with finding a source with loads of nude photos or leaked videos of celebrity people, have solved it by getting to know for CelebJihad! With a simply designed website that is easy to use and sort out, I don't doubt you'll be needing a couple of seconds to find some nudity of your favorite singer or actress. While there is some clickbait content, most of their stuff is actually good and totally worth bookmarking it as your address for the best celeb nudity! The fact they’ve managed to stay online for so long with an unsuccessful lawsuit of hundreds of people who tried to take them down, tells about both guts and will of these guys to provide us with the biggest library of XXX Hollywood action!

What We Like At Celebjihad:
+ Lots of celebrity pics
+ Some leaked videos
+ Easy to navigate
+ Mobile friendly
What We Don't Like At Celebjihad:
- Site design
- Mobile not friendly
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