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When you see the word “fake” in the name of anything, your face kind of changes and you start smirking not in a very nice and warm way. However, look at all the sites that use that word in their names: FakeHub, Fake Hospital, Fake Hostel, Fake Taxi, and many others. Of course, they are premium porn sites so you need a certain amount of cash to access them and watch those incredible movies. Today, we are taking a look at one of the deep fake sites which is something completely different from premium porn sites. Deep fake sites are the places that deal with celebrities. They show us the sex scenarios that are not true and they include the world’s best know celebrities today and from all the times. The site that we are taking a look at today is called CFake and it is one of the best. Let’s see why?

Thousands Of Celebrities Fucking

Like any other deep fake porn site, CFake offers a tremendous number of celebrities. They range from the second half of the previous century and they include the youngest and most popular actresses, singers, and performers today. So, if you liked the Brazilian model Linda from the ’90s, you will find her here. Also, if you are a Harry Potter fan, you will wank your gorilla to hundreds of pictures and videos of the gorgeous Emma Watson. This site has them all and if you type any female name in the search bar, you will get a ton of results.

The database of CFake and basically any other deep fake porn site is split into two different parts - Pictures and Videos. The pictures and videos create an essential part of the CFake porn site and there is a crazy amount of them. Test it out! Type any name in the search bar and we guarantee you that you will get many amazing results.

These guys are pros!

CFake has been around for almost more than a decade. Since then, they have steadily built and made their collection of celebrities from all over the world. Alexandra Ambrosio is such a hottie and there is a ton of content for her on this site, as well as for Monica Bellucci, the greatest MILF who ever lived. Simply, the guys running the show are pros and their artwork (we can call it like that) is simply stunning. There are many deep fake porn sites and most of them are not so professionally made. You can see the layers of the videos overlapping and the faces not being naturally placed on the celebrities. Forget about all of that on CFake. This stuff is made by professionals who know their job.

Just as an example, there is a short video clip of Natalie Portman wondering at a hard cumshot. She is laughing and playing, touching the cock, stroking it in another video, and licking it in the third. It all looks so realistic that your boner will be so happy to see it. Also, the pictures are smooth and there is a crazy amount of them, a lot more than the videos. This is understandable because to create a great deep fake video, you need a lot of skills. You will enjoy the blowjob videos of Scarlett Johansson so much that you will cum in the first ten seconds!

Site Layout Is Old-School

The official CFake website looks like today is the year 2002. It has kept that old-school style of the homepage and everything you need is there. Back in the days, websites were done like this but it wouldn’t harm anyone if they updated the content to look fresh. Everything is vintage from the color pattern to the media players that are being used for the videos. But, the important thing is that everything works perfectly.

On the homepage, you will find all your favorite celebrities. First, there is the search button that allows you to find almost any female actress or singer that has ever lived in some sexual scenario. Then, you get to see the most popular, the newest pictures and videos, slideshows, and also the top lists of celebrities, videos, and everything else that CFake has to offer. You can spend months searching through the material on this site and you will still not see everything.

Some Content Is Locked

As we entered the name of the hottest Latina that ever lived - Jennifer Lopez, we go straight to the video page. But there is a surprise. All of her videos are locked with the message “Limited Access Register Now”. Wait, wasn’t this site free and it didn’t require any subscription?! Well, half of it is true; it is free, but for some exclusive content, they want your email address. You don’t need anything else, just some of your personal information. We believe they need your registration so that they can shower you with spam and newsletters. So, it is up to you. If you don’t want to do it, you don’t need to. Without registration, this site offers a lot. On the other hand, shut up and register! It’s for free after all! You can access this site from mobile devices as well and the site will look and behave the same as on the desktop version. The registered users can upload their own fakes of the celebrities and rate the videos and pictures they find on CFake.


If you love celebrities and you regularly spend your time imagining various sexual scenarios in your head with them, you need to visit CFake as soon as possible. This site can be the answer to your everlasting need for that celebrity pussy. Hell, even if you don’t regularly imagine celebrities naked and fucking, you need to visit this site. It is just phenomenal what the guys behind this site can do. They made thousands upon thousands of pictures and videos of the hottest celebrities in the world. They all look so realistic and so spotless that it leaves other deep fake sites in the dust. If you wish to redefine sex with celebrities, CFake is the place to visit!

What We Like At Cfake:
+ Cool deepfake videos
+ A-Z search option
What We Don't Like At Cfake:
- Old school site design
- Some content is locked
- Registration for full access
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