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The Internet has produced many things in this world. It is still creating and setting trends, educating youngsters more than schools do, and implementing their values into the livelihood of regular people. Together with the internet, the porn industry has had a huge impact on the world’s culture and knowledge. It has created many trends and introduced many new and fresh things in our lives. One of such things is the term BBW. This abbreviation stands for big-beautiful-women and it is not only used in porn, it has traversed the ledges of the porn industry and found its lodge in the media and everyday life of regular people. Many people, which might seem shocking to ones and a completely normal thing to others, think that BBWs are hot and they like to get off to them. Today, we are showing you a great porn site for the lovers of chubby women - BBW Chan.

What Is BBW Chan About?

If you guys know the website 4Chan, then 90% of the content of this site, its style, and what it is about will be familiar to you. BBW Chan is a forum porn site. The pure purpose and the essence of its existence lay in the hands of its visitors, its content, and the activity of its community. It is dedicated solely to fatty girls and women with huge asses and boobs. There is a difference to be made here. Sometimes, a BBW is not really that huge but she has super huge boobs and a big ass. Where is the line? When does BBW become plain fat? It is not known and it is for you to decide. If big is beautiful for you, then you will have a massive amount of fun on BBW Chan.

Being a porn forum site, you can expect a massive number of threads, posts, comments, and public interactions with other active worshippers of BBWs. The style of the site resembles the style and the options of 4Chan and even the logo of the site, which is of course a BBW teasing and seducing you. However, there is easy access to any of the threads that you want to see and placing comments is also very simple.

What Can You Expect On This Site?

As on any other forum site, you can expect a ton of text, photos, comments, and interactions. Even though it might not seem like that from the first page, this site is rich in photos of BBWs in various poses, places, and lingerie. Most often, you will be able to see them naked, playing alone, masturbating, or simply posing in an enticing way.

The options on the website are many and they are all displayed on the homepage. You can easily browse through threads on BBW Chan from the first page of the site. There are a lot of individual threads that can be accessed. One of them is the Booty category. You guessed it; if you access this option, you will be shown huge asses of BBWs and these sizes vary from fairly big to enormous ones. This is probably the place on the site that most of the people will visit and stay there. As the popular song goes “I like big butts and I cannot lie…". 

The next option is BBW Real. Here, you will see the pictures of real women who are big, huge, and enormous. They like to expose themselves and their curvy squishy bodies for everyone to see. The next one is the Tits category. Also, easy to analyze, you will be able to see the biggest and the best of boobs that look natural on these BBWs. If you are a man who likes big boobs, you will definitely not be disappointed by this category. However, there is another category here which is the favourite one for the lovers of anime characters. It is called BBW Drawn and it showcases the blog posts and forum posts with hand-drawn pictures or digitally polished animations with super huge BBW girls with smooth curves, big boobs, and huge bubble asses.

Super-Sized BBWs

The last category on the homepage of BBW Chan is called Super Sized BBW. This is a special place for people who have a distinct taste in women. They love women with boobs and asses so enlarged that it is not natural in the least. Some of the babes in this category have their buttcheeks and boobs pumped to the size 100 times more than natural. It is really absurd, but the surprising fact is that many people enjoy this category. As with other categories, you will enjoy hours to end on this special side of BBW Chan.

No Need To Become A Member

Even though forum sites live and prosper because of their members, BBW Chan has decided not to include a login option to be able to upload any content. This means that you can upload your material if you want without the need to register or become a member of this site. This is perhaps one of the reasons why this website doesn’t have as many hits on the yearly level as other Chan sites or porn forum sites. The members want to feel like being part of the community and you won’t get that feeling here. All you need to do is to write your name, fill out some simple form, and upload your picture. On the other hand, BBW Chan doesn’t have any ads on its site, so kudos to them.


The Internet is a strange place. But, on the other hand, it is a strange place that will help you fulfill your fantasies and wishes. Many people are reluctant to admit that they love BBWs because they believe that society will scold them. However, the internet is there to show you the best and painless way of how to enjoy the best BBW content. BBW Chan is one of the websites that will show you an amazing amount of BBW content, posts, forum questions, answers, and comments. If big beautiful women are your thing, head over to this site today.

What We Like At Bbwchan:
+ Nice site design
+ Posting is easy
What We Don't Like At Bbwchan:
- Not active community
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