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When it comes to fetishes and favourite things, every single person on this planet is individual and different. What works for your neighbour or your wife will probably not work for you and vice versa. The only thing we need to do is to make sure that our fetishes and needs are not too sick. So, the site that we are presenting you with today should never be seen by your significant other or you will be sleeping alone from that day forth. The site is called U18Chan and it brings fetishes of all kinds. Let’s dig into it!

Much Ado About Nothing - The Name

Before we give in to this site and start exploring even the smallest bits of this place, we need to clear your mind of any doubt. The name of this site is very unfortunate, and many people would think that it means “under 18 chan”, which is not true. U-18 was actually a very famous submarine in the Great War or the I World War, as the people know it. Even on the main page of this site, it says “Being rammed by larger ships since 1914”. This all means that the site borrowed the name of a submarine and it is completely within the legal boundaries. This is a British website so the rules apply to that country’s law. So, forget about the police coming at your door because you visited an underaged porn site, U18Chan is not like that and you can rest free.

Fur And Hair Everywhere

U18Chan can very well be called 4Chan for animal and fur lovers. That’s right, this is the fetish that we were telling you about. Imagine your wife or girlfriend walking in on you while you are looking at the picture of two Huskey dogs fucking each other in anime or deviant art style. Well, you’d never see her repulsed face ever again! She would probably then understand the strong bond that you have with the family dog. Really, keep this place in the dark and enjoy it alone.

It is not that sick, we have to say, maybe we are too harsh. But, this site is dedicated to the furry fun and animals having sex, that is completely true. You will not find real-life animals here, only animations, artworks, and comics with furry creatures fucking or doing something else that makes you horny. Even the logo of this site is a good-looking dog with a Nazi-like strap on his arm. Later we learned that this dog is called Valkyria and it has its own page on this site. Very neat.

Style And Options On U18Chan

The main page will not show you any of the sexy stuff. It is a classic notifications page from the site itself telling you about maintenance runs being done and other stuff happening on this site. The only thing you need to focus on is the top side of the page and a thin options line. It hides everything that you want to experience on this site. The first option on it is called Furry Related and it features a dropdown menu with a lot of options. They are pretty self explanatory since they include Furries, Furry Comics, Gay Furries, Gay Furry Comics, Intersex, Request & Source, Animated, and Cute. The only category that needs explaining is the Request & Source and it is the place where you can ask the forum for some specific content and it is very useful.

When you enter any category from this tab, you will first see a bunch of places to fill out. This is if you want to add your own content to the site. All of the pictures, gifs, and comics on U18Chan are uploaded by the users and this community is huge. We had no idea there were so many furry sex lovers in the world.

Go Down To The Basement

The Basement is the name of the next option on this site. We can safely say that this is the kinkiest tab on U18Chan. It includes categories Ponies, Feral, Cub, and Gore. Ponies and Feral categories are quite regular. They will show you pictures and comics of these fantastic animals fucking, sucking cocks, or enjoying hardcore trampling. However, the Cub option is different and it shows you young animals in various scenarios. They are not so hardcore so U18Chan still has the license to publish those, although it is walking on thin legal ice. Last but not least, the Gore tab is not so gory as you would expect. Yes, there are some bestiality and killing scenes with blood, but not so much as we got to see on other gory sites. Still, if that is what gets you going, check it out.

Fap Mode And Other Options

This chan porn site features some special options that we didn’t see on other porn sites. For example, you can choose the color scheme and the theme of the site. Usually, the default one is a dark scheme with Valkyria on the top page, but if you click on the Sky theme, you will get a blue website with a unicorn instead of the dog. It is your choice after all.

Also, the site offers a Fap Mode. It sounds promising and it does a lot of useful things. It clears the database of all “macro” pictures and posts. When you turn it on, you will see images that are not tagged as “macro”. To some people, this is a useful option and they will be thankful that it is available. 


U18Chan is a perfect porn site for all animal sex lovers, furry beasts lovers, and animated pictures and comics of sex. On this site, you will find an amazing number of pictures, comics, and fan art of furry animals having sex, playing games, or being in a gory scenario. There is something for everyone here and you can select from the many categories on this site. The pictures are HD and downloadable so there is no stopping the furry fun. Now, the choice is yours! Dogs or Unicorns?

What We Like At U18chan:
+ Clean site design
+ Lots of categories
+ Dark and sky mode option
What We Don't Like At U18chan:
- Still looking
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