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Hello, porn lovers! We have another exceptional porn site for you today! Well, we shall see if it is exceptional because of its content or because of its quality. Anyway, exploring porn is what we love the most and we are always happy to show you fresh new reviews every time. Today, we are taking a look at that fetish type of porn sites. There is one place where all of you fetish-loving fuckers can go and feast your eyes on the sexy animated pregnant ladies. I mean, people are so different. Some find this topic exciting while others find it appalling. Pregnant babes? No, no, animated pregnant babes? Come on! That is some fetish shit! But, we understand the need of some people for that kind of content. We are not here to judge but to show you where you can drench your thirst for some animated pregnant girls who do all kinds of shit. The place you should visit if you recognize yourself in the previous lines is called PregChan. We are here to show you what this site is all about.

Simple equation: Pregnant + Chan = PregChan

As you can see, PregChan is a mixture of those two words but even without us to enlighten you, most of you have already figured that out on your own. So, this is a porn site that deals with animated pictures and videos of pregnant girls. After 4Chan, every chan porn site should be easy to understand and use. However, we are here to give you a deep insight into the content, options, and all the perks of this porn site for fetish lovers of pregnant girls.

Chan means that the site has only animated content so finding the real-life pregnant babes can be a little tricky. However, it is not impossible. The animation is the key to PregChan and you will be able to enjoy an amazing number of pictures and videos. It is an old-school porn site that has changed many moderators and admins. It started its business a while ago and it encountered some problems on the way. Now, the new admin has put the site on the right course once again and it can be one of the best chan porn sites.

However, for those of you who don’t know how to get around the porn chan sites, PregChan can still seem confusing like hell. When we explain how this site works, you will see that there is actual logic to how things are done here. Usually, on porn sites, you search for the newest content, top-rated, or most popular content. Well, on this site, you will find only some letters and no explanation close to them. You are lucky because we are going to show you a tutorial on how to use PregChan.

Tutorial on The Site and All The Letters

If you take a look at the left top side of the website, you will see a bunch of letters that don’t make much sense to the untrained eye. You can see them in this order: b, c, d, f, q, r. You will see that they all represent some special categories. First of all, the letter “b” is for Random posts. So, if you don’t really care about the content you see, click on this letter and you will see the best things on PregChan in no real order.

The next letter is "c" and it stands for Chat. Yes, you can enter the site’s chat section where you can contact the many users of this site and chat with them. You can start a new thread or enter any of the ones that already exist and chat with people on PregChan. The next letter is “d” and it stands for Drawn. Here, you will find countless free content of animated pregnant babes. Sometimes, it is not only that, but we will get to it later. The next letter is “f” and, as many of you already expect, this section is for the lovers of Furry content. You can see many furry beasts and girls who are pregnant or have just swallowed another person.

The last two letters are "s" and "r". The letter S is for Site Feedback. This is the place where you can ask any question, place your own request, or say what you like or don’t like about the site. The last letter is R for the Real section. This is the only place on PregChan where you can see content with real-life girls who are pregnant. Watch their big bubble bellies and stroke your cock, you sick twisted person! So, now you know how chan porn sites work and this should make your life much easier when watching for fetish content in an animated style.

Amazing Choice Of Free Content

PregChan is one of those places where you just cannot watch everything. It has so much content and it gets updated every day with new pictures that it makes for a huge database of pregnant chicks. However, not all of the content is about pregnant babes with big bellies. Some of the videos and pictures here are really different. For example, there is a lot of content about people who swallow other people. There are science fiction posts where girls get pregnant from a shot and they give birth to all kinds of monstrosities. Some people find this extremely sexy and there is no reason why they shouldn’t use PregChan to fulfill their sexual fantasies.


When it comes to animated content, chan porn sites are one of the best sources of animated porn. If you love watching hentai or anime, porn chan sites will be the fulfillment of your dreams. Today, we put PregChan under the looking glass and we can say that it is definitely worth your attention. For those of you who know how to use these sites and who love pregnant fetish, you will find this site extremely satisfying. The content here is free and the site has excellent functionality! What are you waiting for! Go and rub some pregnant bellies!

What We Like At Pregchan:
+ Everything is free
+ Quite active community
+ No adds at all
What We Don't Like At Pregchan:
- Site design could be better
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