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Forums on the internet are some of the first kinds of websites that were created. First of all, people needed to know how to use their browsers, how to surf the internet, and how to use all the perks of being an internet user. Usually, they would go to a forum site where all the questions and answers about a certain topic could be found. To this day, forums are one of the most visited and used websites and people gladly use them. When it comes to the porn industry, forums are an integral part of it. People visit these sites every day in order to get information about their favorite pornstars, porn sites, or other interesting facts. One of the best porn forums that we are going to show you today is called CamCaps and it is completely free. Let’s see what this site is all about.

Find The Best Sex Cams In The World

As its name aptly implies, CamCaps is mainly a forum site dedicated to all of the people who would like to know everything about sex cams. Usually, they visit this site to find out where they can find the hottest girls in the world who would like to strip naked and dance in front of a camera for you. This site is enormous and at every moment it has hundreds or even thousands of active members. Of course, the site’s main area of expertise is camera sex, but you can enjoy many other things on CamCaps.

When you enter this site for the first time, you will get a bonus free video of a hot blonde babe explaining to you what you can expect from this site. It is pretty hard to focus on what she is saying because she is really hot, but if you wish to use CamCaps to its fullest, make sure to watch this video to the end. It is a good feature and all the forum sites should have it. This is because, usually, getting around a forum site can be quite troublesome at times, especially if you visit it for the first time. Let’s see how hard it is to get around CamCaps.

Nice Style And A Bit Confusing Interface

Every forum site should be pleasing to your eyes and this one is no exception. CamCaps has a nice blue heading with all the options on it. The background colour is white and they go together perfectly. It is all pretty bright so if you read forums at night, lower your brightness level. In any case, most of the forum sites have a bright design so this is not new. However, when you click on the Forums tab from the home page (the page with the cute blonde chick explaining this site to you), you can get pretty confused and we are here to help you with it.

Usually, forum sites, including porn forums, are split into sections. The first section on CamCaps is called General Discussion. This is where you will find most of the articles, strings, and discussions on this site. This section is divided into many smaller ones and they all represent a different choice. If you want to make a poll of any sort, you can do it there. If you wish to enter a random discussion, you can do it here. Our recommendation is to read the ReadMe tab because it contains the site’s rules, support, updates, and everything you need to know if you wish to use this site for your own purposes. But, CamCaps offers many other options as well.

Enter Many Sites And Discussion Panels

We already told you that this site is mainly dedicated to giving you information about the world’s best and cheapest sex cam sites. It does that very well. Under this General Discussion panel, you will find sections dedicated to the many sites that offer cam sex. For example, you will see a forum section for Voyeur-House, RealLifeCam, retired cam sites, and others. Every forum section has many sub-threads that you can access, read, and get the information you need.

But, this is not the only thing that CamCaps offers. In the General Discussion panel, you have sections that are called The Old Dudes Board, Comedy & Adult Humor, Worldwide Political Discussions, and Technical & Computer-Related Discussions. I mean, why would anyone come to a forum that deals with cam sex and then discuss politics is beyond all reason, but it is nice to know that you have that option. However, all of the other panels are completely understandable since the users of this site are very diverse. The older dudes will appreciate The Old Dudes Board since it is only for people over the age of 40.

Join The Community And Enjoy CamCaps

Of course, the most important part of every forum site is its community. At the time of our review, there were 512 members online (guests, anonymous, and members). This means that the articles on this site are really being read and that the new content is available every day. Still, you can easily get in contact with the members of CamCaps via the Chat option which doesn’t always work so well, but it will connect you to other members of the community. If you wish to enjoy the best benefits of CamCaps, you might think about its Premium membership. It is very cheap and it is $20.00 a year. If you take this membership, you will get instant access to Video Galleries, Image Galleries, Members Only Board, and you will also disable all ads. To be honest, I had no close encounter with any ads on this site which is also a big plus.


CamCaps is an excellent forum. It will give you all the fresh information about the world’s best sex cam sites. You will enjoy an endless stream of members who post polls, articles, discussions, and many other related and unrelated content. If you want a great forum experience, this site is your definite choice.

What We Like At Camcaps:
+ Active community
+ Quite nice page design
What We Don't Like At Camcaps:
- What to buy in store section
- Confusing interface
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