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Forums are so 90's creation, right? If you needed to find ten people who are still using forums to watch some content or to solve some issues, it would be an extremely difficult task. While these kinds of sites were extremely popular back then, today that is not exactly the case. Everything you need to know and see can be found on a modern-looking site that has nothing to do with a forum. Still, many sites include forums in their general core and they are keeping these sites alive. But we are not going to talk about that kind of site. We will take a look at a full-fledged porn forum site that has been active for a long time and is still going very strong. The name of the site is Forumophilia and it will simply blow you away. Let's take a look together at this site and why it is so special in the eyes of this reviewer.

Going Strong For 15+ Years

Can you imagine something that lasts for 15 years and is still super popular and visited? It is certainly difficult to do so. When it comes to porn sites, many of the best ones were created and launched at the dawn of the 21st century. To this day, they are extremely popular and watched by many users. These numbers go to millions and Forumophilia is one site that can be put in the same category. This site proudly shows its numbers at the beginning of its home page. It has been going strong for 15 years now and it doesn't show any signs of slowing down or stopping what it does.

If you go to the bottom of the main page, you will see some other numbers. Namely, at the moment of this review, there are more than 10 million articles from more than 350,000 users. At the moment of this review, there were 2,000+ users active on Forumophilia. Those are some powerful and big numbers and no wonder this site is so popular. However, we will try to dissect it into smaller bits.

Time Travelling To The Mid 2000s

This site looks like a real forum site looked like 15 years ago. I honestly think that the focus, the style, and the display of this site hasn't changed from day one. It has that bright blue background with sharp edges where the strings of posts are. There is a nice logo of the Forumophilia which is a woman/succubus. It looks interesting and it brings a certain dose of dope to this site. Forumophilia can be very proud of its site design because it is very operational and user-friendly. One can find all he needs on the very first page of this site.

Beneath that proud number of 15 years online, you get all the options on this site. The options go like this: Register, Log In, Tags, Babes, Search, and Donate. All of them are very needed and many users will know how to take full advantage of them. We will talk about registering later but what you need to know is that Forumophilia is a completely free site. Everything that you can get here is for free so think about registration for a minute as an unnecessary action.

Millions Of Threads With All Sorts Of Porn

When it comes to the content of this site, this is one of the biggest porn forums if we are speaking about the number of pictures, videos, threads, and articles. There are literally millions of articles that you can search for either using the search option or by scrolling through the listed strings. The strings include Teen Babes Fanclub, Popular Models, Pornstars, and Celebrities, Entertainment Videos Megathread, Full Movies, Photos, and Chat. All of these threads contain thousands of subthreads that can offer loads of content to you. For example, if you want to find a pornstar, you can search for her or just go to the Pornstars thread and find her there. The site looks and feels super easy and it is simple to navigate.

One Option That Makes This Site Better

What is the biggest problem of the forum sites? The incessant scrolling and clicking on the forum threads in the hope to find what you are looking for or what interests you. Well, forget about that on Forumophilia. This is one of the rare porn forum sites that will let you see a preview of the content in a thread. Namely, if you hover your mouse over the thread or an article, you will see a sample picture that is waiting for you in there or a screenshot if the thread is about a video. This fantastic option saves you a lot of time and it is an absolute must for every forum site. Forumophilia, you are doing it right!

Babes Section Takes The Cake

Even though you can find everything from the porn world on Forumophilia, there is one section that stands out. It is the Babes section. If you click on this page, you will get to see the information about every porn star in the world, less known or a hall of fame. When I say information, I mean about everything. You will see how many articles there are about this girl on this site, as well as her biography, her boob size and if they are real or not, and everything you ever wanted to know about that porn star. Of course, for some people, these details are not important so steer clear from them if you like. I very much appreciate them and I add another praising point to Forumophilia.


The best thing you can do today is to visit Forumophilia and feast your eye on its vintage looks and a fantastic offer of information, photos, and videos. All content on this site is for free and downloadable. If you register, the download speed will become bigger but think about it. There is no need to spend money on something that is already free, perfect, and widely available. Forumophilia is worth every second of your time so do yourself a favor and check it out now!

What We Like At Forumophilia:
+ Great site with active users
+ Massive content data base
What We Don't Like At Forumophilia:
- If I find I'll let you know
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